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Planning trip to OR - need recs!!

I always try and get to Caprial's Westmoreland Kitchen in SE Portland. Food is not pretentious, is always delicious. An italian restaurant that always makes me think I am in NYC is Caffe Mingo in the trendy NW side of Portland. Service, alas, is sometimes reminiscent of NYC too, but the food has always been great. Have fun wherever you go!

Watermelon Juice with Fleur de Sel

I tried this both ways, table salt and Fleur de Sel. For those of you who can't tell the difference, just try substituting cube steak for tenderloin of beef the next time you have company. I agree the Skyy helps, but not necessary just to enjoy.

Sep 04, 2008
Jayne Sprinkle in Recipes

Stone ground grits (SEA)?

I second that request! I have been looking all over. WF, PCC, Metropolitan, Souk, everywhere I can think of and can't find them. We will probably have to order them from Penzey's or someplace down south.