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Chinese food in Southeastern CT/RI Border

I agree, most of the places in the area serve typical mall food-court style Chinese food.

The only place that I would recommend which is really fantastic is Taste of China down in Clinton. All of my Asian colleagues go there because it is authentic Szechuan. I believe the owner is a husband and wife duo where the husband is American and the wife is Chinese. I have eaten there once a few months ago and I really enjoyed everything I had. It if was closer I would definitely eat there a few times a month. If you have not been, it is worth the drive down to Clinton.

Recommendations in and around Mystic,Ct

I second Anthony J's as well but you may also want to consider the Daniel Packer Inn (basement bar/pub area) or AZU - both of which are just across the Mystic bridge. For a slightly more expensive but delicious meal, I highly recommend Bravo Bravo.

In the Stonington Borough, Water Street Cafe is always great. The mexican place across the street, Milago's, is very authentic and not your typical tex-mex place. The margaritas are fantastic and they do high quality food (e.g. guacamole with lump crab meat).

Sea Swirl is fine for what it offers. It might be a good place for a quick outdoor lunch or an ice cream. Kitchen Little has been very inconsistent since the Rachel Ray show but there is a little place in Westerly that is funky and a good option - Van Ghent's.

If you want a lobster dinner in a casual setting, Abbott's is pretty much all there is within reasonable driving distance. While their lobster salad sandwich and chowder are sometimes inconsistent, it is pretty hard to mess up lobster and steamers so bring along a bottle of wine, get the lobster and enjoy the great view.

South County, Rhode Island / Mystic, CT

I've asked a ton of people but all I can find out is that it will be a wine bar and they will do small plates as well. It is a good idea but I question the location. In my mind, it has two big negatives - it is north of the highway, albeit not by much, and it neighbors a Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. I will still try it out though. I'm hoping they do small tasting menus paired with wines.

Ancient Mariner - Mystic, CT

Has anybody been to the newest Mystic restaurant? I haven't heard anything about it yet, which probably isn't a good thing. I thought it was owned by the same people who own AJ's, but I could be wrong. In a town saturated with contrived seafood-by-the-water restaurants, I'm hoping this place is a little more unique.

Dog Watch, Stonington, CT

Dogwatch has been tastefully renovated and now boasts a very modern and clean interior. While I think it is a good addition to the restaurant scene it doesn't really offer anything different. You could easily be sitting in any waterside restaurant from CT to ME which can be taken as a good and bad thing. The predictable menu has the typical seafood, chicken and beef dishes which are all competently prepared and satisfactory. Clam chowder, fried oysters, calamari, various salads, grilled swordfish, sirloins, etc. A positive was that I found the prices to be very reasonable but have heard that they will most likely raise their prices in the coming months once they are a little more established. While I wouldn't shy anyone away from Dogwatch, there are many other restaurants on my favorites list ahead of this place. I guess if I wanted to stay in the Borough and Water Street Café and Milagro's was full, I would probably head there. Otherwise, Up the River, Bravo Bravo, AZU and DPI are all ahead of it in my mind.

New London CT

Wow, I whole-heartedly agree with all of those suggestions. You can't go wrong with any of those places. In the Borough, I would also suggest Milagro's, which is the smaller, nicer and more expensive branch of Zavala's. It is right across the street from Water Street Cafe.

South County, Rhode Island / Mystic, CT

I used to eat at Kitchen Little twice a week for years and always loved the food and down-home service but have noticed a decline as well over the past few years. Now, I hardly go. Perhaps, a $40-a-day Rachel Ray curse turned "K Little" into "K Big Let-down". Coincidentally, I ate breakfast there the 3rd week in July and was very disappointed as well. Everything was served on plasticware, the service was pretty cold and the food was very ordinary. I had to keep on apologizing to my out-of-town guest who is a fellow foodie. Thank God I took him there several years ago so he knew how good it used to be. Hopefully, these are isolated incidents and it will get back its former glory once the busy summer season dies down.

I also have to eat gluten-free so thank you for the tip about Blue Wave as I have been craving for a pizza. That is on my list now and I will post a review after I go.

Liv's Oyster Bar

Another positive review here. I have been to Liv's about a half a dozen times over the past year and a half and have always walked away pleased. The regular menu items are reliable and the specials have been delicious. Tasty drinks & desserts and professional service make this one of my favorite restaurants in SE CT.