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Manhattan on the cheap

Where can I find the best food cheap? We are coming down for the weekend and looking for really good food, but can't break the bank (the hotel room already did that). We don't like tourist traps. We like small spots for locals. Suggestions?

May 31, 2010
bostonrich1234 in Manhattan

The best (non-tourist) seafood restaurants in Boston proper, please.

Try Lineage in Brookline

Best Reuben in town?

My friends and I are in search for the best reuben in the Boston Area. We have tried a variety all over. What do you all think?

Best Sandwiches in Boston

My friend and I have been in search for the best traditional reuben in the City. What we have found so far is that the edge goes to Sam La Grassa. Mike's in Brookline comes close. The beef at Mikes may be a bit better, but not quite good enough.

Thoughts, comments, recomendations?

Piedmontese Beef?

Heritage Foods from New Jersey

Oct 07, 2009
bostonrich1234 in General Topics

Hudson/Marlborough Area Dining?

I had one meal at Chloe. Really wasn't bad, for the area probably the best "bistro".

Try Shiro in Berlin for Sushi/Japanese food. My wife is Japanese and I've been to JP many times. Shiro is the only place I have found where the food (not sushi) tastes like it does in Japan. Rt 62 exit off 495

Other than that, I hope you like the 99

Coming to Paris in May

Looking for back alley bistros, cafes, and boulangeries. I'm also looking for a 1 star, or possibly 2, that are a great value. Any suggestions would be great. I'm looking for interesting places, that are not touristy.


Dec 24, 2008
bostonrich1234 in France

Your Top 5

1. Clio (Elliot Hotel), fine dining, decent service, really good desserts
2. Men Tie (Herriford between Boylston and Newburry) Japanese noodle shop
3. Santarpios (East Boston) Pizza, old school boxing bar
4. Brown Sugar (Comonwealth) Tia food
5. O-sushi (Westin Copley) Sushi

Lumiere West Newton

I honestly feel that it might be, pound for pound,one of the best restaurant in the city. I know, but hear me out...

1. The service and atmosphere is upscale, but not stuffy.
2. There is always ample parking
3. The food is outstanding and extremely seasonal
4. The wine list is ample with some really good finds as well as easy to navigate
5. The menu is extremely reasonable. $40 tasting, $55 with wine

Let me know what you think. I've been 5 times and I am always impressed.

Michel Bras

Ok, so I'm pretty sure it is a go. How do we get there? I appears as though Rodez is the closest rail station. Is that true? Should we try to rent a car at Tellouse?

Oct 30, 2008
bostonrich1234 in France

Michel Bras

Who has been? My wife and I are thinking of stopping on a trip from Barcelona to Paris. I like his idea of what food should be. I would love to here about anyone's experience there.

Oct 28, 2008
bostonrich1234 in France

3 star

Well, as I stated before I am in the industry. I love adventurous food and outstanding service. We would also like to dine in a restaurant with a waiter that can speak english.

Some of our best meals were at Daniel in NYC, Gordon Ramsey's in London, and Kikunoi in Kyoto. All very different. Daniel was slightly "cutting edge" at the time, Ramsey was cooked to perfection, and Kikunoi was a perfectly delicate, seasonal experience.

I'm sure that we will have a good experience at anyone of these restaurants, but with this being our first trip to Paris, we would like to experience the best and have as much fun as possible.

Oct 26, 2008
bostonrich1234 in France

3 star

We like everything. We were going to go to El Bulli, but couldn't get a reservation. I am a chef in the US and will try pretty much anything. We not only like good food, but service is paramount. We are open to any and all suggestions.


Oct 25, 2008
bostonrich1234 in France

3 star

My wife and I are going to Paris this coming spring. We were looking for a 3 star, we were thinking Alain Ducase or Pierre Gagnaire . Any recommendations or reviews would be great.

Oct 24, 2008
bostonrich1234 in France

Best Hole in the Wall Little Italy

I like Antico Forno on Salem next to the hardware store. Not the most romantic, but really good food. Try pretty much anything from the wood fired brick oven.

Chicago for a day

Some friends, all chefs, are traveling to Chicago for a day to eat in the kitchen at Charlie Trotter's. We are looking to fill up the rest of out day and night. We are landing at noon and not eating diner until 9:15 so we have lots of time before and some time after diner. Any suggestions would be great. We are looking for good places to go and experience real Chicago.

Sep 15, 2008
bostonrich1234 in Chicago Area

Best spot no one knows about....

I'm talking off the beaten path. What is it and what do they do best?

I'll start with Waverley Market, Framingham with Porchetta sandwiches

Shiro Japanese restaurant in Berlin for oshinko (pickled vegetables)

fine dining in Boston?

As a traveler and a person who enjoys fine food and is not afraid to pay for it, I think the answer is.... maybe. The 3 best meals I have ever had were at Daniel in NY, Jamn in Paris and Kinkinoi in Kyoto. All very good, but for completly different reasons. But the common thread in all of them was not only the level of refinment, but also the willingness of the guests to let go and put their evening in the hands of the establishment.

I think the closest to being there are L'Espalier, Clio, and Craige St.

In Boston and New England in general I feel that people aren't willing to do this. They want it their way and not the way the restaurant want to present it. As a native of MA it took me a long time and a lot of insulting of foreign cultures to realize what we do.

These are just my thoughts. let me know what you think.

Aug 15, 2008
bostonrich1234 in Not About Food

British Beer Company

I think the food at the BBC is fair at best, but the Bar room is very comfortable and the beer selection is great.

Paparazzi - Framingham - Needs Time

This place needs more than time. I had such a bad experience there is was shocked.

As soon as we sat down we ordered a bottle of wine and a bottle of sparkling. It took over 15 minutes to get our wine and when it did come IT WAS ALREADY OPEN! I couldm't believe it. And to top it off they didn't pour my taste, they just poured out the bottle in our glasses.

Shocked already, we ordered our salads, panzanella, ceasar, and the others with balsamic. The first two salads weren't bad, but the ones with balsamic were so acidic it was abrasive in our mouths.

30 minutes later we got out main courses. Linguini with clam sauce, clams way over cooked while the pasta way under cooked. Risotto with absolutely no flavor. It was like they cooked it in water with no seasoning what so ever. A pizza that came out cold, tasting like nothing but capers and about 5 minutes before everything else and a veal special that was reminiscent of Cardboard.

The desserts we go were actually decent though. The one with grilled fruit and a blueberry crisp.

4 people $200. Crappy food and crappy service. I really hope they get it together, because this area needs more good food! Sel de la Terre is the best restaurant with in a couple miles if you ask me, but you can only eat at one place so often.