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Heads up: Canele is now serving ramen

We went to Wild several weeks ago, and, unfortunately, were not impressed. There was no ramen on the menu. I had the duck adobo tartine which lacked needed acid (sherry wine vinegar?) or something green to cut the richness. My husband had a special, pork belly over a Korean pancake. He hated it. We will still patronize Canele which we like a whole lot. We wish Wild well, but never again!

Why no discussion on Adana Persian/Armenian in Glendale?

They are open for lunch. (10 am I think!). Elena's is in South Glendale, Adana's North near the Burbank border,
so not that close.

Why no discussion on Adana Persian/Armenian in Glendale?

Don't be discouraged! They are in the kitchen in the rear and will be glad to help you! That happened to us as well but we persisted

Why no discussion on Adana Persian/Armenian in Glendale?

Have been several times based on recommendations of friends. This place is really good. And reasonable. Do not be discouraged by the ambience. We live in Glendale and have eaten in numerous Armenian/Persian/Lebanese (etc.) restaurants. This chef can really cook. Try a few of the specialty rice dishes (Shirin and Baghali).

Thanksgiving Takeout for 2?

Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock. Their Thanksgiving menu is on their website now. $35 per person plus you can add extra sides or dessert.(the chipotle pumpkin soup is awfully good as are the pumpkin cupcakes) We had it several years ago and the portions are extremely generous. We had food for two for two days!

Moving to Atwater Village

Atwater Farmers tomorrow--Big Mista's BBQ!

Second Canele.

Cacao Mexicatessen is good but the prices have risen..substantially!

Auntie Em"s in Eagle Rock for breakfast, sandwiches, salads.

There is a bakery across from India Sweets (Village Bakery?) run by a former Auntie Em's person. Have only taken out bread and pastry once, but they were very good!

Skaf's on Chevy Chase in Glendale is a small family run Lebanese restaurant....really good! And reasonable.

jitlada question

I think that's Plaa Pear...fried red snapper fillets with dried coconut and curry coating and fried basil on top.

Jitlada suggestions

The menu you posted is from circa 2008. It has changed several times since then. The cuisine is different from other Thai restaurants. Not too many specializing in Southern or with Tui's talent. I would hope they have not priced themselves out of business because we find the food wonderful and unique.

Jitlada suggestions

You are correct. Tui instituted a new menu around the holidays. The food is still wonderful and he's added some interesting dishes....but it is expensive! We were there for lunch today as well. We are much more careful with our menu choices! So be forewarned!

Miang Kham in LA?

Jitlada does have it on the Southern menu...Miang Khum. It was #80 but the menu has been undergoing revisions so ask for it by name. But do consult with Jazz...they can probably make it to your specifications, and do explore more of the Southern menu.

New Menu at Jitlada - 2010

We went to Jitlada today for lunch from the Southern menu, and Jazz presented us with an impressive new menu! We were overwhelmed. It looked like the Southern menu remains the same, but the rest of the menu has been revamped/enlarged with additional dishes, many containing Southern ingredients (sator beans, dry curry, lots of seafood).

Can't comment on any of the new dishes...we stuck to our original choices from the Southern menu. We will start exploring next week. The menu should be posted on their website soon ( Take a look! Have fun!

Jitlada suggestions

Just two suggestions: make sure you make a reservation, and talk to Jazz for recommendations. The Southern menu has expanded considerably since the original forty items! And there are many wonderful new dishes including the Crispy Morning Glory salad, the pumpkin/dry curry dishes, the sator bean dishes.........but don't forget the original green mussels (regular menu).

New at BigMista's BBQ (Atwater)...or at least new to us!

We've been focused on the same (along with beans and greens), and were very pleasantly surprised by the chicken. (Our doctors would prefer we focus on the chicken!) Neil is nervous about the smoke ring on the chicken...that if customers see pink, they will think that the chicken's not cooked. It is........

New at BigMista's BBQ (Atwater)...or at least new to us!

BigMista Offered "Super Sunday Specials" at Atwater yesterday. And they were very special:

1. Brisket Chili - made with his smoked brisket (no beans). Spicy. rich, full of flavor. Truly inspired. We just scarfed it for lunch today.
2. Beef Ribs - these ribs are LARGE. (At least 1/2 lb of meat per bone) Juicy, tender, big beefy, smokey rub flavor.
3, Smoked Chicken - we tried this last week. The white meat was juicy and delicious.

We hope he keeps these items in the rotation. Give them a try if you haven't already!

PLEASE POST YOUR VOTES HERE: Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants 2009

Monte Alban
Mariscos Chente

2005 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

5233 1/2 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Monte Alban
11927 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Where do you go grocery shop?

Costco: pet supplies, cleaning & laundry stuff, La Brea Bakery bread, some meat and chicken breasts, canned tuna...
Pasadena Farmers' (Saturday) every week
Fish King (Glendale): fish and seafood
Asian Products: HK Market (Glendale), Seafood City (Eagle Rock)
TJ: dairy, cereal, chicken broth, oils, wine, chicken broth, some canned stuff, tortillas, nuts,
sometimes chicken.....if they discontinue those hand rolled tortillas I will be really pissed!!!!
Marios (Glendale): pasta, san marzano tomatoes, "cold cuts"
Target: pet stuff, cleaning, paper products...

Glendale Restaurant Recs- PLEASE!

oops! Forgot, you can catch BigMista's Barbeque at the Atwater Farmers' Market Sunday 10am-2pm, and at Eagle Rock Friday, I think 5pm to 8pm. Far surpasses Zeke's!!!!

Glendale Restaurant Recs- PLEASE!

Second most of the recs above. Close by in Eagle Rock you have Oinkster and Senor Fish. Also in Glendale on Colorado a tiny Korean family run restaurant called Kim's Kitchen.

Kyochon Glendale

According to the Glendale News Press, it was to open last Friday. Was there today and it was NOT open.....just an opening soon sign with no date. It will be in the Galleria's food court (if it ever opens!)

Big Mista's - Atwater Village 05/21

I think you were right ahead of us on line!!! Anyway, BigMista sometimes has Pig Candy at Atwater...just ask. We love everything he (and the rest of the family) makes. Our doctors are not very happy, but we keep taking the statins........and enjoying.......

What is the best place for Thai curries in Thaitown?

re: Jitlada. If you try the curries from the original Southern menu, they are priced mostly $8.95 - $9.95. We are currently addicted to the #5 Spicy turmeric curry with catfish and pickled bamboo shoots. Also #3 the spicy curry with beef and pickled cassia buds. (I guess we're into pickles!) But there are so many. Just ask Jazz, she can guide you. It's not all dry curry or jungle curry, although they are wonderful.

Larkin's, Hungry Cat, or Grace

Have unfortunately never been to Grace or Hungry Cat..but they are on the list! Have been to Larkin's several times, granted only for lunch, and would suggest the other two. We've had service issues there (slow......) - even if you're only one of two or three tables, and the food is uneven. The venue is charming, but overall not worth it.

Big Mista's BBQ at your local farmer's markets

Finally made it to Big Mista's at Atwater today. And a big thank you to Chowhound. Wow!!! He was late in setting up because there was a problem on the 5. We were first in line and our food order kept getting larger with the wait. It was worth it and then some. Ribs, brisket, beans, greens, mac and cheese (which is normally not my thing), red velvet cupcake, peach cobbler....... everything is wonderful....the best BBQ we've had in years!!! We'll be back. Thank you all again!!!!!!

Tlapazola or Monte Alban? Or El Cholo?

Haven't tried it... but they have a chicken burrito with mole negro.

Are good strawberries to be had yet?

Harry's has Seascapes now. Got a 3-pack at Pasadena on Saturday. They are pricey, look a little funny, but taste INCREDIBLE! Understand they're to be found at Santa Monica also.

What's the spiciest (yet still edible) Dish you've had in LA?

Jitlada once again. The fish kidney curry with minced shrimp (and all of other stuff hidden in the murky - in a good way - curry) blew the top of my head off. More so than the dry curry. There have been other milestones over the years, some in NYC, but that is the most recent and memorable.

El Morfi

We've been going to El Morfi for years (we live in Glendale). It's a really nice, family run, Argentine/Italian restaurant. Many of the specials (lunch and dinner) are really good and reasonable. On the regular menu the entrana and the pechuga a la parrilla are excellent. (+real mashed potatoes! and steamed vegies that are tasty that I can actually enjoy)..and the empanadas and chimichurri also. The earth doesn't move after a meal there...but it is comfortable and yummy. (and affordable!)

Eagle Rock lunch places?

Senor Fish, Oinkster, Spitz (those are just off the top of my head, so to speak, and are "tasty")

2005 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Senor Fish
4803 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

2506 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Sea Harbour - The Best Dim Sum in L.A.! [Review] w/ Pics

To concur. We were at Elite last week. (Thursday, I think) It was Elite. We overate per usual. Everything was from very good to excellent. And love those "snow buns"!!! And Macau pork.

Jitlada - Expanded Southern Menu

We dropped by Jitlada today for lunch, as we've been doing once a week for months in order to explore the Southern menu.
Jazz excitedly showed us the NEW Southern menu - now 145 (?!) items. Overwhelming. We ordered #100 the Morning Glory/Shrimp salad (batter-fried morning glories with shrimp, red onion, cilantro and a spicy dressing). Crunchy and delicious. We also had the sator bean/pork belly stir fry (#142) at Jazz's urging. It's similar to the sator bean/soft shell crab stir fry, but with the tender (unctuous?) pork belly it reaches a whole new dimension.
Sorry no pix - we will learn to use the camera soon. Jitlada fans, give the new menu a try!