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Berkeley: Lagosia – Stylish, modern, upscale British and Nigerian cuisine … go, please, go

I am not familiar with Nigerian food. However, I don't think that means my opinion is not valid here. I know when food tastes bad, and when it just tastes different, a flavor I need to try again to appreciate. The other thing I didn't mention in my post is that we specifically asked the server to recommend everything we ordered, and if those are their specialties then I am singularly unimpressed.

Berkeley: Lagosia – Stylish, modern, upscale British and Nigerian cuisine … go, please, go

I didn't notice this post over the summer but I saw the thread and I had to post because I vehemently disagree! For the amount that this place cost me for dinner (3 of us, 1 appetizer, 2 entrees) I would rather have handed my money to the drugstore because 2 of the 3 of us had some serious digestive issues after the meal. It was such a disappointment that I've been actively encouraging people not to go there, and usually if I'm unimpressed I just don't say anything at all.

I'll mention the good first. The space is really lovely, and they have a nice bar. The front of the restaurant is lined with booths and the large windows bring in a lot of light. The servers are friendly and they are good about keeping water glasses full. The scotch egg appetizer is good, especially because it was served warm and the sausage wasn't overpowering.

Now the bad. We waited almost an hour for our food, and we went in at 5:20 when there was only one other table filled. The ground nut stew tasted like peanuts boiled with ketchup. The cassava was so foul that we spat it out. I tried it again with a bit of the stew since it was supposed to be eaten together, and it was as if the combination made both taste even worse. I drank a full glass of water to get the taste out of my mouth. The last entree we had was the jollof rice, which wasn't terrible but had almost no flavor. Imagine a plate of supermarket mix mexican rice and dried out rotisserie chicken.
We're a group that will order dessert anywhere but with the disappointing entrees and sides, we couldn't bear to take the chance. Maybe that's the part of the menu that is edible.
No no no never again!

Edited to add some comments about decor and service.

Chinese-ish bride going mad seeking moderately priced Chinese banquet in SF for reception.

If you plug the original poster's name into the search window, you find the wedding reception post right away.

Richmond – Pacific East Mall - 99 Ranch Market … strawberry macarons & $2 congee

You used to have to get the VIP card but for the last year or so I don't think it's been necessary...each register seems to have a dummy card that the cashier will scan automatically.

Beck's Steaks & Seafood, Newark

I went there with a group of friends last weekend. We'd intended to go to Claim Jumper (a chain, the horror! But we like the cake) which just opened in Fremont but the wait at 6:00 pm for this cavernous new place was 3 hours. Someone suggested Beck's and we drove over and were seated right away, with hot french bread and butter on our table within seconds of sitting down. I shared the "Truck Driver" with a friend, a 2 pound top sirloin cooked to the requested medium rare with a nice char on the outside. The server split everything in the kitchen, including the special (on Fridays) clam chowder (a less creamy brothy version with a nice taste of celery as well as clams) and we were charged a splitting fee of $2, extremely insignificant considering the whole dinner was only $21.99. Others at the table had chicken marsala, prime rib, & New York steak. We also tried the fried zucchini (fresh spears instead of the "coin" slices) & fried calamari (rubbery forgettable rings).
Well drinks from the bar are only $3.50, and bottled beer is the same price. We didn't look at the wine list. Total for six people was $114 before tip with five entrees, two appetizers, one beer, one drink, and one soda. Service was great, very friendly. Bread, water refills, butter, horseradish, etc. were all brought promptly before we even asked for them.
You might not be getting the best steak there, but the quality overall is pretty good and we enjoyed our meal there. I'll definitely go back.

Where to go for a Birthday in Oakland?

I've been to Luka's twice recently (liked the 1st time a lot, didn't like the 2nd time quite as much) would like to have something a little different. Your posts on Pizzaiolo have been inspiring me to try more there (only been once and with just one other person, so didn't try too much on the menu). Thanks!

Where to go for a Birthday in Oakland?

It's my birthday this week and about ten of us would like to have dinner at a good place that isn't too expensive (entrees between 15-20 at most). It doesn't have to be fancy, but around the East Bay Oakland/Berkeley area would be good. I like trying new places, but even after skimming the board I'm blanking on restaurants that might work (need to take reservations). Previous years and other birthdays have been at Venezia, A Cote, Zax, Adagia, 6 Degrees...
Would Pizzaiolo take a large group reservation? I don't think we can all get there by 5:15...

Solano Grill and Bar, or 6 Degrees for Business lunch

I went to 6 Degrees last month for lunch and it was very nice. They weren't too busy and it was a very peaceful dining room without much noise, which I imagine would be ideal for business purposes. The food was quite good and service was fine as well.

Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen (Tuesday night report) - long

I went there tonight for dinner. We tried the hot pepper jack cornbread (muffin style, a bit dry but good with butter)and hushpuppies, both $2.95, the gumbo $5.95, jambalaya$13.50, and shrimp po'boy $10.95. Everything fried was greaseless and perfectly could taste the freshness of the shrimp in the sandwich. We liked the food and had plenty to eat...we couldn't finish most of the jambalaya and bread. My friend also noted that the gumbo wasn't very spicy, but there was a bottle of Tabasco on every table for self-seasoning.
Two sour notes in a mostly pleasant evening:
1. When we were ordering, the server offered a taste of the jambalaya when I wasn't sure if I wanted it or not (It's only offered as a bowl on the menu). I accepted the taste, but then he said he could bring us a cup of it versus a bowl, so I took that offer. We also ordered a bowl of gumbo. Later he brought us a bowl of jambalaya, and when we questioned the serving size, we were told it was a bowl. We briefly explained what we had been led to believe, and a chef talked with the server about it...loud enough that we could hear most of it from about ten feet away. The server came over and told us that the jambalaya was offered in just the bowl, contradicting what he had offered us, and to make things easier we just kept the bowl of jambalaya and changed our order to a cup of the gumbo, which they comped us. That was a little odd, but resolved all right in the end.
2. The po'boy is on the menu with choice of hushpuppies, Zapp's chips, or something else I can't remember. When we ordered, the server offered to bring the hushpuppies with the cornbread as an appetizer, so we did that. Then before they brought out the entrees, he asked us if we wanted chips with the po'boy. I told him that I thought the side order of hushpuppies had already been given to us, and he said not to worry about that (implication that they'd be comped) and that we should try the Zapp's chips. Again, I accepted. However, when we received the check, the hushpuppies were on there as an appetizer. Rather than cause a fuss, we paid the bill ($40 for two people including a 20% tip) and left.

It's a pleasant dining room and I understand they're still working out the kinks, but I just didn't feel like the service was very smooth. When the dining room got busy we were ignored for water and everything seemed like an ordeal, with three different servers swooping by but not really seeming to take notice of us except in passing (i.e. it took us three passes by two waiters to get the leftovers boxed up). I also felt like communication was a factor.

I might go back in a couple of months after Angeline's settles in, but not soon.

Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen

I went there tonight and they had a dipping sauce for the hushpuppies. It was a remoulade? style I believe...with some chopped relish for texture.