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Some Cape highlights

I have to add my positive recommendation on the Lost Dog. I live nearby so it gets bonus points for proximity but I think the food is pretty darned good, especially their pizza. The menu has the regular assortment but they do a daily pizza special that is out of the ordinary. Met a friend there for dinner a few weeks ago and we had the special which that day was a white pizza with lots of garlic, artichoke hearts and capers. An interesting (some might say strange) combination but we both thought it was delicious. Especially when washed down with a few cold beers.....

Aug 05, 2011
caperose in Southern New England

Cape Cod Chowhounds: Dennis versus Harwich

Since i have a Gina's license plate holder on my Jeep, I agree with the Gina's lovers out there!
Ember is new this spring to Harwichport - on the corner of Bank St and 28, where the old Bank St Grill and for you old-timers, the Rexford used to be many moons ago. It's owned by the same folks as the Port which I thought might be off-putting as I find the Port a little pretentious. But my first trip to Ember was very promising and we'll surely be back. Wood-fired pizza oven so super crispy with decent sauce and lots of choices for toppings.
Also tried the fried calamari app...husband thinks that's a good test, and if so they passed with flying colors. I should mention that they batter their calamari in cornmeal which all might not like, I thought it made them more crispy than usual and very tasty.
My guess is it will be pretty busy with families/kids so if you're looking for an adult dinner, the height of summer might not work. But if you don't mind the kids running around I definitely give it a vote.

Jun 30, 2010
caperose in Southern New England

Hilton Head Recommendations

just noticed that this weekend has already passed but for anyone reading, I can vouch for the donuts at Flamingo - they are incredible! Made my first trip there this am and had to restrain myself and only order 6. Some of the toppings are too dessert-like for me but kids would love it.
Fresh, hot made-to-order, YUM!

Feb 26, 2010
caperose in Southeast

HHI - Robert Irvine's EAT

If you're in the HHI area a must-stop is Robert Irvine's EAT restaurant. Its located in the Village of Wexford Shopping Plaza on 278. My husband and I ate there two nights in a row - we sampled 12 items, both tapas and an entree - all were exceptional.
Top 2 favorites were she crab bisque (a special) - best of the island
Salt-crusted ahi tuna - thin slices of tuna stacked in a line on top of a semi-sweet coconut/orange glaze which offset the salt of the tuna.
Others sampled were coconut shrimp, tempura calamari steak with 2 great aioli sauces and fried green tomatoes.
The entree was the grilled snapper served over a red pepper coulis and the most amazing grits.
Tapas were in the $7-$12 range, entrees $22 and up.
Service was excellent - manager (Nate) couldn't have been nicer - he stopped by our table several times over our two visits.
Robert Irvine (he's the food network chef on the show Dinner Impossible) also stopped by and chatted with us on both nights.
Atmosphere was very stylish with comfortable seating and upscale decor.

Dec 25, 2009
caperose in Southeast

Wimpy's, Osterville

Yes, have been to the Riverway twice in the past few months. Sat at the bar both times - they had conch fritters as a special one night - they were quite good. Chewy but not doughy in a nice batter. Not sure what the sauce was, maybe a mixture of mayo and thai chili but whatever it was, it was a nice accompaniment. Second time had a pizza which was a good "bar pizza". Great service from the bartenders who were very busy but still attentive to those eating. Not fine dining by any stretch but good food and nice people.

Riverway Lobster House
1328 Route 28 South, Yarmouth, MA

Lyric in Yarmouthport - review

Went to Lyric to celebrate a birthday a few weeks ago and am tardy in posting a review.
Sunday evening, no reservation (1st choice was overflowing) so called to see if anything was available at around 7:45 - the hostess said "sure.come on over".
Having enjoyed the older and renovaved Abbicci several times, we were disappointed to see that the beautiful marble bar had been removed and replaced with a grand piano, but having heard later that the owner is a singer and entertains often, that softened the loss of such a beautiful piece.

We were seated in the room on the left, at a table for 2 in the corner so off to a good start. The room was a little more than half full, and a little loud at first. Unfortunately the table of 4 across from us were several drinks into their evening and felt the need to have an unbearably loud conversation about something that cost $25K (I cared not to know) - thankfully our waiter noticed the pained look on my face when they broke out in yet another bout of loud laughter and asked if we wanted to move. We promptly agreed and were whisked off to the other side of the room (just a wall apart, but a world's difference) where we could sit an enjoy a delightful meal.
We both ordered special appetizers - husband had a yellowfin sashimi with a crab/ponzue salad. The sashimi was paper thing and arranged on the plate in a circle like a flower, with the crab ponzu salad in the center - very unusual and delicious.
I had the zucchini flowers, stuffed with an herbed ricotta mix and fried in a tempura batter, served over an arugula salad with mango - it was a perfect way to start a meal, delicious!
Main courses were pan roasted halibut with blue peruvian potatoes for DH - the potatoes were just ok but the fish was perfectly cooked.
I had another special - grilled bluefish served over a corn, fingerling potato and bacon saute - this was a match made in heaven. The strong bluefish with the sweet corn, just tender fingerlings and super smoky bacon were a delight.

Our server was thoughful (I think we would have been in and out in 45 minutes if we stayed at our original table) and attentive.
All in all a pleasant surprise - I had viewed the menu online and wasn't overly blown away by it so thought we were taking a chance on this Sunday special dinner. But we'd both recommend and return to Lyric, and will hopefully get to hear some of that piano!

Cape Cod Must Eats

Had an excellent meal at Pisces in late June - Highlights were a fantastic grilled calamari salad - warm, smoky squid with an arugula based salad. Their house bread with a white bean spread is a mini feast in itself. Lobster ravioli is served as both a starter and main - rich, creamy and delicious.
Service was excellent. It is small and busy so a reservation is a must. They're open 7 days in high season but not sure what happens after Labor Day.

Ginas By the Sea

They're open Thurs-Sun now through late October. Went last night for dinner - it was a little more crowded than I would have thought, but at 7:15 on a thurs walked right in. Service was terrific as always. The linguine with white clam seemed a little different than years past but was still tasty (and even better today for lunch). Husband had 2 apps - clams casino which were good but non-traditional in that they had cheese (and pricey I thought at $14.95 for 6) and a fantastic wild mushroom ravioli with a pancetta/cream sauce.
Nothing's changed which makes it great to go back - I look forward to their reopening each year.

Cape Cod Oysters close to the source

E Dennis Oyster Farm oysters are fantastic and have beaten out Wellfleets in a couple of tastings. They were sold weekends at a raw bar at Chapin's in E. Dennis, not sure when that ends for the season though. I do know they will also be sold at the Sand Dollar (primarily a beach bar, but fun for Happy Hour) in Dennisport during Happy Hour on the weekends in the summer. Oysters, littlenecks and shrimp all $1 per - a bargain and delicious!

Heather Restaurant Mashpee - No Heather?

Went to Heather yesterday afternoon - sat at the bar and had three great appetizers and some wine. Lobster/scallop ravioli was excellent - very rich wtih cream sauce and a loose green ravioli - almost like a manicotti. Husband had the crab cake which although not as hot as we'd like, was very good. Had a mustard-y sauce under the cake which was a different take. Shared an order of the crispy fried asparagus - delicious and piping hot! I didn't care for the sauce as it was olive-based but would definitely order all three again.
No sign of Heather but didn't think to ask. Menu was very similar to our last visit over the summer.
Offering a 3-course prix fixe for $23 from 4-6. too much food for us yesterday but plan to go back and give that a try.

Feb 16, 2009
caperose in Southern New England

Places no one posts about on the Cape

Agro Dolce - went there twice last summer with mixed results. First visit was very good, we ordered 3 or 4 appetizers including a grilled clam dish that was terrific. Great waiter, college student living in Brewster who knew the menu inside and out and wasn't afraid to give his opinions. Based on that we went back in late Aug/early September and were disappointed. Can't even remember what we had but the service was slow and the dining room was very loud.

On a better note - can higly recommend the Cape Sea Grille. Celebrated birthdays there for 3 years running with memorable meals each time. Excellent waitstaff. If you go, ask to be seated "on the porch" - its a renovated porch in the front of the restaurant that is very charming (great round table if you have a large party). Avoid the back room at all costs, it's like a dungeon back there.

Falmouth on Monday Evening, August 11th

Here's a great spot in W. Falmouth - Chapoquoit Grill. Excellent pizza

Good butcher near Harwich Port, Cape Cod?

Dennis Public Market on Rt 6A in Dennis Village is terrific. All kinds of beef, in-house ground beef (and pork and veal), house-made sausages, B&E chicken and more.
Used to be owned by the same family as Peterson's Market below but has since gone on their own. Also beer, wine, small produce section and grocery.