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Cremaillere - can we just get the ice cream?

I think I have seen it at Food Mart in Old Greenwich.

where can i buy really good lox and appetizing near rye?

old fashioned smoking, like in commercial whitefish salad or acme smoked salmon(traditional "lox",) is usually heavier on salt and lighter on smoke, but not too salty. new smoke is very smoke forward, i am not really a big fan. but i love a good hot smoked salmon(baked salmon,) from either place. sturgeon seems to be not worth the price no matter where i get it from. but i must say, and i really don't care for the customer service, fjord fisheries has a smoked marlin salad that can't be beat, but its ridiculously overpriced.

where can i buy really good lox and appetizing near rye?

i always have them order special for me, so it has been nothing but good things with them. i didn't say mt. kisco was bad, just higher priced and not old fashioned smoking.

where can i buy really good lox and appetizing near rye?

i just noticed you put la maree. this is 100% true story, the last time we bought stuff from them it was about one day from completely and utterly spoiled. thank goodness i used my credit card because he wouldn't even refund our money after tasting the stuff himself. never again would i use them, for smoked fish, or anything else.

where can i buy really good lox and appetizing near rye?

the smoke house in mt. kisco is just OK. very new style smoking. paganos seafood in norwalk has ordered stuff for me before, and its always great. i believe they actually use mt. kisco, as well as ACME in brooklyn, but if you want to buy whole sides, they have some other options for smoked salmon as well that are really, really good. their retail store is right off exit 14 on 95 north. but call like a day or two in advance. FYI they are also much more reasonably priced than mt kisco. good luck!!

Ole Mole Stamford going downhill fast...

maybe there losing their touch, or bit off more they could chew with all the new locations. but i heard they already sold the fairfield location to garden catering. but, that being said, mrs. special and i ate there(stamford) last month, and it was less than good, and a little pricey, and basically empty.

Jfoods visit F.I.S.H. (Port Chester) - Very Good Potential

i was just talking about a local restaurant that people seem to be enchanted with. but again, i agree artie's is very good. just a little bit of a haul for me.

Sabatiellos Stamford sold?

Looks like they are opening in Riverside. Anyone see that?

Jfoods visit F.I.S.H. (Port Chester) - Very Good Potential

no, the food at tarry lodge is just okay. the food at FISH is very good to excellent. but, thats just my opinion.

Jfoods visit F.I.S.H. (Port Chester) - Very Good Potential

who's running to city island??? i'll take FISH any day of the week. but, FYI, i have eaten at arties and the food is really good.

Jfoods visit F.I.S.H. (Port Chester) - Very Good Potential

jfood i find it so interesting that you are just getting to FISH. it has been one of mrs. special and my faves for years. the pizzas are incredible, flatbread included. and the salads never miss, although the beets and goat cheese is a little small. but the mussels and fin fish and all the other seafood selections are always fresh as can be, and always on point. i urge you to go back again soon, i'd like to read your real review. another plus of FISH is that the fish is all harvested from eco friendly sustainable sources, and thats just good to know that there are owners out there that care about where their product is coming from.

Lower Westchester Middle East Grocery Source?

yaranush is the best!!! so many great middle eastern products, and the dried fruit selection is unmatched.

Old Heidelberg - Bethel, CT

that kind of stinks. i really wanted to try that place, and there are no worthwhile bavarian restaurants around here. have any other ideas??

McMenamin's Grill in New Rochelle?

the place is done. do you guys read the papers??

Crumb's Bakery did it open yet and Stamford CT

hey guys, just came back with 4. you have to kidding with this place. these cupcakes are right out of a duncan hines box. except for the lola la crumb, which should have been called lola la cardboard, way too dry to be duncan hines. at 3.75 you would think that they would at least make them from scratch.

Searching for the Best Hot Chocolate in Fairfield

i tasted that hot chocolate at the paleteria, and although the frozen fruit bars are quite delicious, the hot chocolate can be chalked up, in my book anyway, as one of the worst cups i have ever had. for goodness sakes, it had chunks of lumped cornstarch in it!!

Best French Fries in Westchester County

isn't that place gone??

Best Pizza (SLICE) in Westchester

nicky's(white plains,) white pizza is the best!!!

Lunch in Fairfield

beach cafe is very good, and very well priced. the menu is fairly diverse. we had a great meal there like 3 weeks ago. the desserts are passable though, just have coffee.

Mario Batali at Tarry Lodge: Is this for real?

all the pasta we had was undercooked to too. and there was not a speck of salt in any of the pasta dishes. but my life still liked the crazy bastard fusilli, and the pizza we had was ridiculously good. i'll wait a few more weeks before i go back, and let them work out the kinks.

Best Hamburger in Fairfield County

i love burgers!!!!!! i was just wondering, because you always seem to want to try these places, but never do. i eat as many as i can, from anywhere i can get my hands on them. some are good, some are not, but i still try them all, i never know where i'll find the next great one, but i'll try anyplace at least once.

Best Hamburger in Fairfield County

have you eaten at any of these places???

Matsuri in Darien - Any recent thoughts?

i went there with my wife and daughter about a month ago, and i must tell you, it was probably the best eating out experience, food and service, that we've had in a while. i can't wait to go back. the homemade dumplings are delicious, as was the steak my daughter ate, and the udon stir fry. don't listen to the naysayers, that place is really good.

New Stamford Bar and Grill: Mackenzie's

i was there last night, and although i had a very nice experience, i would have to disagree with you on the salad. it was hardly huge by any stretch, and i didn't much appreciate the cubed cold cut turkey on the cobb salad. but i will definitely return as our server was very, very pleasant.

Sunset Grill - White Plains

i have to agree. there is more talk about this place now that it is gone than there was when it was open. restaurants close for a reason. if it was so good, why is it gone, seriously.

Iced Coffee

i have to disagree. i find david's coffee over roasted with a slightly bitter taste.

Iced Coffee

there is a little place in larchmont on east ave, i don't remember the name, but a friend of mine used to live right across the street. they have killer ice coffee.

Frank Pepe to add new locations, as per the Westchester Business Journal

anything has to be better than ricky's. i wish they would open a pepe's in stamford, the white clam pie is the best!!!

Dona Maria Mexican in Suffern: Terrible Lunch

hate to tell you, but dark meat makes the best enchiladas. coffee lab does have a great cup of jo though, so i have to agree with you there.

Burrata cheese in Westchester: where to buy...

oddly enough, costco sells very good burrata, and its quite reasonably priced. hope that helps.