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very late dinner or snack near Amtrak in New Haven?

Most places in the 9th square area close at about 10. 116 Crown is a great bar in that area and their kitchen is open til midnight or so. Other than that, there are some places right around Yale that would be open that late, but a little further from the station.

Good chinese in the albany area?

Has anyone tried Shining Rainbow, a few doors down from CCK? The menu looks like interesting:

Diabetic-Friendly Restaurants?

Am type 2 diabetic, and have to second the sauce-on-the-side plan. Many salad dressings and sauces are surprisingly high in carbs, and those that aren't, are high in fat - when it's on the side, you can portion it out for yourself.
I don't have any suggestions for specific restaurants, but I do tend to find meat-centric restaurants easiest to eat out in without checking the menu first. Most important, probably, is an understanding of what foods are preferable for you and looking at the menu beforehand!

May 05, 2009
kilercow in Mid-Atlantic


recently, I made tacos with it - marinated diced tempeh with sofrito and lime juice, then used it like any other filling.
Also recently made chili - I used roughly equal parts ground turkey and chopped tempeh because I didn't have quite enough of either of them, and it came out great.
Basically, I use tempeh in place of ground meat. i try to use it in dishes that have fairly strong flavors, since it stands up for itself quite well, and that make good use of its textures. i really don't like big chunks of tempeh, but after grinding/chopping it to a finer texture, I love it.

Apr 21, 2009
kilercow in Home Cooking

last meal cooked

my ingredients-of-the-week are tempeh and cabbage. Last night was grad school-style taco night - cilantro-lime tempeh, TJ's salsa, julienned cabbage, plain yogurt instead of sour cream. Tonight is leftover turkey/tempeh chili and garlic/anchovy/butter braised cabbage.

Apr 20, 2009
kilercow in Home Cooking

Safari DC (Kenyan) experiences?

Visited a few months ago with my boyfriend and some friends (all kenyan) - we were there late and only got samosas and drinks, so my personal experience is limited, but hearsay is that it's quite solid for kenyan food.

Do you crave strong flavours?

I'm the same way - love vinegary, fishy, strong flavors - assam laksa (Malaysian sour fish soup) is one of my favorite foods hands down. But I tend to think it's to my detriment as a chowhound, as i often have trouble discerning more subtle flavors in foods. I wonder which came first, though - do I like strong flavors because i can taste them clearly and perhaps don't experience them as strongly as others might?

Apr 13, 2009
kilercow in General Topics

Everyone knows it's ebli...or Name That Grain!

any chance it could be this?

Apr 10, 2009
kilercow in General Topics

drinks suggestions with no sweetener

Usually I'm a beer drinker (brown ales and anchor steam/liberty ale are my go-to) but there are occasions when I'd like a cocktail instead and I have no idea what to order. To make it more complicated, I need to avoid sugar, so any drink with fruit, simple syrup, etc. is out. The only drink I've found so far that I like is vodka and soda with lime. Martinis and manhattans are a bit too much for me (maybe I can work my way up to them?) but I am learning to appreciate whisky on the rocks. Suggestions appreciated!

Mar 24, 2009
kilercow in Spirits

Good chinese in the albany area?

I've been to My Linh once or twice and enjoyed it very much - great for a night out. Van's, a few doors down from CCK on Central, is quite possibly just as good, but the atmosphere's a lot more casual (and it's a lot cheaper). Van's is my go-to place for Vietnamese in the area- their sour fish soup is delicious.

Miso soup recipe

Just miso paste and hot water isn't bad if you're in a hurry and want something hot, but I think miso soup made with dashi is a whole lot more flavorful/complex/etc. and only takes about 5 -8 minutes longer. I have a high opinion of South River miso pastes, they're maybe a little more expensive than most others, but i find them to have a deeper, more complex flavor than some other brands i've tried.

Mar 05, 2009
kilercow in Home Cooking

Miso soup recipe

I do it basically the same way. Miso shouldn't be boiled, as lenox mentioned, so I usually make the stock then simmer the scallions, mushrooms, and whatever else i'm using for a while before turning down the heat and adding the miso paste. In terms of storage, dashi should keep for a few days at least (not that it usually lasts that long around here) bu i would suggest doing the rest right when you want it.

Mar 05, 2009
kilercow in Home Cooking


Patel Bros in Jackson Heights is great. Kalustyans also has some good stuff, but more expensive generally speaking. Regarding what type of curries work best, people tend to have very specific preferences, so I suggest trying a few to see what you like. a quick search turned this up, to give you some suggestions: .

Mar 04, 2009
kilercow in Manhattan

Good chinese in the albany area?

I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have brown rice, but CCK on Central is very good - see the Times Union's review here:
I've been eating there and at Ocean Palace (the owners' old restaurant) for years and years - surprisingly solid dim sum and a pretty wide range of offerings.

first trip to NYC

You might try Telepan, it's not the fanciest restaurant, but very good food and good atmosphere. Also, it has a $64 4-course tasting menu, which ought just about fit your budget. It's on w 69th, street, and is indeed open on Sundays.

Oct 21, 2008
kilercow in Manhattan

Diabetic halloween help

do you know if the son is type 1 or type 2 diabetic? From your post I got the idea that he is young and therefore more likely to be type 1 and insulin dependent, statistically speaking. If he is indeed insulin dependent, it's likely that he and his parents know how to adjust his dose to allow him to have controlled amounts of treats. If you really want to make sure that whatever you make is appropriate for him, though, I would suggest contacting the family and getting their input. Less surprise, but I would guess they would appreciate your efforts to ensure the whole family can enjoy your cauldron o' treats.

Oct 14, 2008
kilercow in Home Cooking

Best Ginger Ale?

I'm a fan of Hansen's - strong up front ginger, with a little vanilla in there as well, utterly drinkable, and naturally flavored (they list "African ginger, Mexican limes, Californian lemons and Madagascan vanilla" on the ingredients). Caveat: I've only had the diet variety.

Aug 20, 2008
kilercow in General Topics

collards suggestions? around the world?

here's a recipe for sukuma wiki - east african dish that can be made with collards or kale or any similar green:
Try eating it with ugali or chapatis (recipes available on the same site)..

Aug 20, 2008
kilercow in Home Cooking

Is there a brand of stevia that actually tastes good?

I use the sweetleaf flavored liquids - i.e. lemon juice + a couple drops of "lemon drop" stevia = lemonade, or seltzer + chocolate raspberry (which really just tastes like raspberry to me) for tasty pseudo-soda. I do think that the liquid is preferable to powder, just because it mixes more thoroughly, and the flavored ones might cover up the stevia flavor enough for you to enjoy it.
Also worth noting: I find that I get used to the flavor of stevia after a couple of days - whenever I start using it again after not touching it for a couple of weeks, it does taste a little off, but I get used to it after a few days and don't mind it at all.

Aug 18, 2008
kilercow in General Topics

Tea &/or Coffee and a good book

Housing Works on Crosby St. (right by the Broadway-Lafayette stop) is a volunteer-run used book store/cafe that does very decent coffee/tea/baked goods. I've stayed there for hours nursing a coffee and never had anyone look at me funny. And all the profits go to providing health care/advocacy/housing/etc. for new yorkers with HIV/AIDS.

Aug 15, 2008
kilercow in Manhattan

how is the Indian restaurant s. of Rhinebeck with the new management?

I went for their grand opening (free dinner!) and I thought it was totally solid with a lot of potential, especially considering that they were doing buffet-style dinner for several hundred people. Nothing too unusual but a fair bit of variety, especially compared to the other options in the area.

What to do with Ostrich Eggs? [moved from Manhattan board]

Saw this when I was trolling for ostrich egg recipes -

Aug 12, 2008
kilercow in Home Cooking

ideas for 'doctoring' peanut-butter

I love peanut butter and cook with it a lot, but I usually do savory dishes. These are two of my favorites (sorry I have no measurements for you, but these are extremely forgiving in terms of ingredient proportions).
peanut butter sauce - great over cold noodles or cooked veg, or as a dip for raw veg - stir to combine:
peanut butter,
a dash of soy sauce or Bragg's,
minced garlic,
a tiny bit of vinegar (i like rice vinegar)
and enough water to smooth it out.
Also good with a minced hot pepper and/or cilantro thrown in. Some people like it with a bit of sugar added.

peanut butter stew - very rich and can be made with any veg or meat you want - I've done it with various combinations of fish, chicken, beef, lamb, spinach, tomato, kale, broccoli, etc.
saute garlic and diced onion
If using meat, throw it in to sear for a minute before adding any veg you want,
then stir in 1/2 - 3/4 cup natural peanut butter, 1/2-1 cup buttermilk and maybe a little bit of water, add salt and seasonings (cilantro is tasty) to taste, and simmer 'til meat and veg are cooked through.

Aug 12, 2008
kilercow in Home Cooking

What to do with Ostrich Eggs? [moved from Manhattan board]

A friend brought me one as a housewarming gift recently - we wound up trying out Gordon Ramsay's scrambled egg technique, and it was absolutely delicious, though not notably different from chicken eggs.
Supposedly, one ostrich egg is the equivalent of somewhere around 20-22 chicken eggs, and that one egg provided hefty servings for me and 4 friends, which seems about right.

Aug 11, 2008
kilercow in Home Cooking