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Lunch Downtown San Diego?

I've started a new job in Downtown San Diego. I'm hoping fellow hounders can recommend some good eats within walking distance (I'm in the financial district on 4th Ave / B St). Thanks in advance!

Sep 08, 2008
eatslowly in California

Arroyo Chop House on Friday - any advice?

I was hosted in December, and I have to say it wasn't worth it (and it was free to me!). Lot's of "good" items on the menu, but execution was poor. Although the place continues to be popular, but if you look at the demographics inside, lot's of WASP ol'timers. My feeling is they've lost their taste buds, and it's become more of a social thing. I'd prefer Bistro 45, or even Houston's/Ruth Chris. If you're going nonetheless, then just lower your expectations and hopefully that will help you enjoy your experience.

Apr 16, 2008
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area

rotisserie chicken san diego

i'm a fan at el pollo loco, but each location is different. You want to go to the locations that have a big grill and lots of turnover, otherwise the chicken is dry when served. In SD, we go to the El Pollo in Carmel Valley, even though there is one just down the street from us.

Apr 13, 2008
eatslowly in California

Mama's Fish House - how much?

Ate at Mama's last week. Total price for our dinner for two was $200 (incl tip), which consisted of the two cocktails, sashimi app, poke app, fish of the day (silver snapper) and their signature stuffed mahi mahi. Too full for desert. Overall, was a bit disappointed in the flavor of the fish, not so much the freshness (which is important too). The silver snapper (uku?) was very bland and the stuffed mahi mahi got a bit dry in the middle (maybe its a curse for any stuffed dish). Our waiter did notice our displeasure, and brought out some red sea salt for the snapper and more sauce for the mahi mahi. So I give the place some credit for service, given that its so touristy.
The tuna sashimi is hyped very well at the restaurant. It does look like a jewel, very ruby red, clear and clean. The fresh wasabi is a nice touch also. However, if you're a fan of premium toro, I'd save your money (tuna sashimi was $20) and try a different app, because the tuna is too clean tasting, if you know what I mean. Just my 2 cents.

Maui Chow: Sugarcane & Pineapple Pancakes

Can anybody give location or landmark's for Yee's Market on Kihei Rd?

Lefty's (deep dish) wasn't that great

I unfortunately have to agree with the opinion that Lefty's is not very good. I went in last night and ordered a sausage pie. I had I hopes for the place, but really can't find a reason to ever go back. It's basically a slab of thick dough, lots of cheese and bland sauce. The "homemade" sausage really didn't mean much because it had no taste or spice to it. I understand there's really no other deep dish places around (outside of Uno's), so it's hard to criticize. The only positive thing to remember was that their fries were surprisingly good, althought a bit on the saltier side. So the search continues..

May 19, 2007
eatslowly in California

Village Pizza on Larchmont (on Huell last night)

For slices, I like Lamonica's better. But I do enjoy a XL Village Works from time to time. The crust is chewy and the meatball slices are yum.

Apr 30, 2007
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area

BOA Steakhouse

I've been to both SM and Hollywood, as well as the LV location and have had great experiences. I believe the food quality is top notch and preparation's are more unique than the traditional chop houses. I feel that people should realize when dining at BOA or Sushi Roku, is that you paying also for an experience too (ie can be sceney). When I go, I often avoid the traditional peak times (Fri/Sat night) and I feel I'm rewarded for better service (more attention) with hints of a scene, but not overwhelmed. I know of handful of places that can serve a better cut of beef (ie Jar), but I would recommend BOA for a good dining experience to any of my friends.

Mar 13, 2007
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area

good ribeye steak and sides

I second Jar. Its our favorite, particularly for the ribeye. Well marbled. I think there known for their potroast, but stick with the ribeye and purple yams.

Feb 28, 2007
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area

Korean Style Fried Chicken...NY Times

The Prince
3198 W Seventh St (Cross Street: Catalina Street)

Feb 09, 2007
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area

Bouchee in Carmel

has anyone been to Boucee recently given the chef changes? I have a trip planned in Feb and would like some recs if Bouchee is not up to par. Thanks.

Feb 07, 2007
eatslowly in California

San Diego restaurants are bad

I think as a whole, SD is just a giant suburb and the food reflects that. I really do enjoy Sushi Ota and have found some acceptable food places, but would rather eat the ethnic foods in LA.

I recently read that the chef at El Bizcocho at the Rancho Bernardo Inn was selected for the Bocuse d'Or competition to represent the U.S this year. What are peoples opinion of this place?

Feb 07, 2007
eatslowly in San Diego

Korean Style Fried Chicken...NY Times

I second Prince for the fried chicken (tohn dak). They also have the chicken wings which are really spicy/garlicy. Overall I think the only reason Prince survives is because they cook good food, because their ambience is not the most appealing (could be very nostaligic if they cleaned up the place). My other fav for bar food is Dan Sung Sa also (looks like you were on the set of MASH), not too sure about the tohn dak tho.

Feb 07, 2007
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area

Gyro meat - mid-Wilshire area only please

Papa Cristos on Pico/Normandie. $10.99/lb (cooked)

Feb 01, 2007
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area

T-Bones Chophouse at Red Rock Resort (casino) Las Vegas

Had a business dinner at T-Bones mon night. I concur with the both of you folks. I wish I had checked this post prior to reserving, but was curious nonetheless.

I had the bone-in ribeye and my client had the filet. Prior to ordering, I asked the waiter how it would be prepared. He mentioned that they marinated the meat (compared with just salt/pepper). Given that it was my first time there, I let them run with it. I have to say that the meat quality was just not there, very bland and not well marbled. Maybe that's why they marinate to force flavor for a poor meat quality. Although, it was a pretty big hunk of meat.
Overall, very disappointed, particularly since I drove all the way over there to eat.

My favorites continue to be Delmonicos (Venetian), BOA (Forum Shops) and Craftsteak (MGM).

Feb 01, 2007
eatslowly in Southwest

Big Island Eats

I'll be staying in Kona this Holiday. Any must eats on the Big Island (hole-in-wall to fancy)?


Mere Mortals' Ultimate LA Restaurants 2006

1. Din Tai Fung
2. Langers (#19)
3. Pho 97
4. Fisherman's Outlet
5. YongSusan (Lunch special)

Dec 18, 2006
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area

Soup as a Meal

hello? can we say Pho.
I'm partial to Pho 97 in chinatown.

Aug 04, 2006
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area

What's good in Koreatown---besides Korean food?

El taurino is nearby k-town off of hoover. Pizza at Village Pizza in Larchmont is excellent.

Aug 04, 2006
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area

Lunch Spots in/near Downtown LA, weekends

I concur with the Langers rec. Also, there's great fresh (reasonably inexpensive) seafood at Fisherman's Outlet on Central/5th. Both are only open on Sat.

Both are very casual places.

Aug 02, 2006
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area

Where can I find Chinese hand pulled noodles in the South Bay?

in general, who has the best hand-pulled noodles in LA?

Jul 27, 2006
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area

Top 10 Tastes of California [L.A. Area]

if you're going to be in the Pasadena area, i second the Din Tai Fung rec in Arcadia. There Juicy Pork soup dumplings and pork buns are faboulous, and I found them to be better than Shanghai Joe's in NYC.

Langer's is a definite must. The #19 sandwich is the most popular and there's a reason.

I don't think you need to waste your time at Phillipe's. The sandwiches are ok (imho). Same goes for Tommies, Pinks, and Titos. Long lines, lots of nostalgia. But food is ok.

Korean restaurants are a must in LA as well as the Vietnamese Pho restaurants (and i second the banh mi sandwiches!).

If you must go to In-n-Out, make sure to get your double double "animal style".

Jul 27, 2006
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area

Mastro's Steakhouse Beverly Hills Opinions

My favorite right now is the ribeye at Jar. I admit PL makes a tasty porterhouse, but I feel its overated.

Jul 26, 2006
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area

Why doesn't LA have any good Greek restaurants??

what about Papa Cristos? excellent gyros.

Jul 26, 2006
eatslowly in Los Angeles Area