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Dallas Labor Day weekend

I'll be in Dallas Friday to Monday of Labor Day weekend. I've never been and while I've done some searching on this board and Yelp I'll admit I'm a bit lost. Some of the threads are quite old and a few of the places I looked up from older threads were closed.

Some background - visiting (from NYC) my boyfriend who is staying at a hotel in North Dallas for a couple months for training. He's not picky about food at all but I'm always looking for the best eats in any place I visit. We like all kinds of food and prefer a laid back atmosphere. We will not have a car but I'm assuming we won't have an issue taking a taxi or using Uber.

One night we'd like to do cocktails/dinner somewhere nice (FT33 looks great but is a bit over our budget- Gemma looks good), otherwise we're just looking for relatively inexpensive, tasty food. Anywhere within a cab ride of North Dallas would be fine but some options close to our hotel would be great. Coming from NYC I'd love some Tex-Mex and BBQ (getting better here but still...)

Sorry this post is so vague. Just looking for someone to give me some direction. Thanks!

Aug 11, 2015
ukitali in Dallas - Fort Worth

Charleston Trip report

Just got back from a trip to Charleston with a friend to check out a few concerts at Spoleto, tour the town and of course eat. Due to lack of time, our itinerary and my friend's food preferences there are a few places we didn't get to, but we had a lot of great meals. Here's my list (minus a couple unmemorable places):

Prohibition- We had brunch here our first day. We really liked sitting in the sunny, open back area. The steak and eggs, shrimp and grits and $15 carafe of mimosas were a perfect start to our vacation. The service, like in most of Charleston, was very friendly.

King of Pops- The blueberry lemonade and mimosa pops we picked up a stand in Marion Square were a refreshing snack on a sunny afternoon.

Warehouse- After a concert we sat at the bar at Warehouse for some snacks and cocktails. The roasted beets and fried cauliflower as well as a beer cocktail, the Shandy Shakedown, were great.

Bin 152- Another good snack option. The bartender made some helpful recommendations and we enjoyed a glass of rose, a sheep's cheese and salami and huge stack of bread. The portions (in comparison to most cheese/meat boards in NYC) were enormous.

Callie's Hot Biscuit- A yummy grab-and-go option for breakfast - I had two mini buttermilk biscuits with egg, cheese and roasted tomatoes. It was pretty busy but they kept the line going quickly.

S.N.O.B.- We nabbed a couple of seats (w/o a reservation) for lunch at the chef's table. Upbeat atmosphere with a varied menu. The corn bread basket was great. Also liked the asparagus soup. My deviled shrimp sandwich was just ok and way too large to actually pick and eat. Their salads and some other entrees looked promising.

Gin Joint- Cocktails were complex, strong and flavorful - service moved at a glacial pace though. They have a neat option to give the bartender a couple of descriptors (spicy, fruity, refreshing and so on) and they'll create a custom cocktail.

Stars Rooftop- A nice bar to grab a few drinks and hang with some friends. No view per se but a cool, chill atmosphere.

Hominy Grill- I think this place had been way too hyped in my mind so the actual meal was a bit of a let down. My ribs were good but nothing wow. The starters and sides were ok. I guess traditional Southern food in general doesn't wow me. Service was friendly but a bit harried.

Pearlz- We were staying a bit outside of the peninsula so we drove over to the location in West Ashley (they have one downtown as well). Had a really interesting beet cocktail and half a dozen oysters at happy hour. Didn't stay for a meal but happy hour is a good bet.

Edmund's Oast- Best meal hands down of the trip. We made a reservation for this restaurant (a bit of a drive outside of downtown). They have a really cool looking outdoor area and an expansive indoor space with a bar area and chef's table and both booths and raised tables (lots of seating options). We were unsure of which wine to order so our waitress brought over a few tastes for us. The carrot, potato and egg salad, veggie griddle cakes, braised meatballs and charred broccoli were excellent and nice portions to share between two people. The chocolate mousse dessert was melt-in-your-mouth amazing. Surprisingly the meal, plus two glasses of wine, tax and tip only came out to $105 total.

Cru Cafe- This place was mobbed at lunch but we had reservations so we were seated within a few minutes. I had calamari and the turkey brie sandwich with mash potato and all were excellent.

Black Tap Coffee- Very much a hangout for nearby college students but the coffee was great, especially the coffee "cocktail" with espresso, crushed ice, honey and mint. So refreshing!

Fuel- We needed a break from all of the Southern food so we hit up this former gas station turned restaurant/bar for a snack. Happy hour drinks were reasonably priced and pretty good. Tacos and chips w/salsa hit the spot (nothing extraordinary though)'s all about the outdoor space here.

Sorry, that was long. In conclusion, Charleston is a great town for food and drinks. I could have used a couple more days to try some more places.

May 29, 2015
ukitali in Southeast

best chicken soup

I like the one at Westerly Market. The chicken is soft and the noodles aren't too mushy.

May 04, 2015
ukitali in Manhattan

Birthday dinner help

Commerce looks a little too loud and busy. L'Artusi and Osteria Morini look great but I'm realizing I may have overestimated my budget. Il Buco and Rubirosa look a little too casual. Bianca prices and atmosphere are what I'm looking for but I wasn't a huge fan of their food when I was there a few years ago. I guess you get what you pay for though.

Thanks for the suggestions. I did some searching and I'm thinking Piadina for it's laid back vibe and reasonable prices. I may save Bar Pitti for a warmer day and the others for my birthday.

Mar 13, 2015
ukitali in Manhattan

Birthday dinner help

I'm struggling to pick a place to eat for my boyfriend's birthday next Thursday. We're seeing a play on Barrow St. so we'll be in the West Village and are looking to eat around 9ish. We don't mind walking and eventually have to head back home to the Union Square area so we're ok eating anywhere between Houston and 14th, on the west or east side.

While I'd have no problem picking a place I'd like to go, it's a bit trickier finding a place he'll be comfortable in. He eats everything but is not crazy about high-end, fancy places with tiny plates and over-the-top service. He's a fan of neighborhood type places with friendly service. In the past we've enjoyed Malatesta, Cafecito and Traif.

Budget tops out at $40-50 a person for food. Leaning more towards American, Italian or Latin American but that's flexible.

And any pre-theater drink suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

Mar 12, 2015
ukitali in Manhattan

solo breakfast/lunch this Saturday

I'm visiting this Friday-Sunday from NYC and while my boyfriend is working I have a free morning/afternoon to explore the city. I did some research on here but the options are a bit overwhelming.

I was thinking of heading over to the Ferry Building Marketplace and noshing on some things there but am open to other suggestions. I'm staying at a hotel near the airport but am open to traveling anywhere by public transportation. I don't really want to do a sit down meal but bars and counters are ok. I like all kinds of food but would prefer snacking on smaller items versus one big meal. Ideally I'd love for someone to suggest an itinerary for a self-guided food walking tour. Thanks!

Xmas Eve downtown

Starting my planning a little late but I'm looking for recommendations for an Xmas Eve dinner for 4 (my parents from Boston, an aunt from Prague and myself) at 8pm. Some criteria:
Cuisine is open (We eat everything but don't want to be limited by exclusively pre-fixe or tasting menus)
Below 34th St (I live near Union Sq but we don't mind traveling)
Service must be great but not stuffy or overbearing. We don't want to be rushed through our meal.
Reasonably priced - sub $30 entrees... Let's say around $50-60 a person for food only.
A good wine list
Nice ambience (not insanely loud).

If such a place exists that is open Xmas Eve and still has availability I'd love to know about it. Nothing stood out for me on OT so I appreciate the help. Thanks!

Dec 09, 2013
ukitali in Manhattan

Seafood towns close to NYC?

Mystic, CT. I don't have any personal suggestions but a friend went recently and had a good time.

Best EV Sushi for 5?

Looking for a sushi place on the east side between Houston and 23rd that can accommodate 5 people for dinner around 6pm this Saturday. We were thinking Kanoyama but we've already been and were wondering if there was some other place in the area worth trying. Trying to keep it in the moderate price range...really looking for the best quality sushi we can get for a good value. The group is not really into anything too unusual...just standard sushi, sashimi and rolls. Thanks.

May 02, 2013
ukitali in Manhattan

Best laid back place for Tiki Drinks in Manhattan.


Apr 15, 2013
ukitali in Manhattan

Nice Tapas place for a first date?

I think Pipa is closed. I believe they are remodeling/renaming the restaurant.

I like Pata Negra and Nai (was actually at Nai for a first date last week). Nai has actual tables but it brighter and louder, while Pata Negra has only high top tables but is a bit smaller and darker.

Feb 21, 2013
ukitali in Manhattan

Recommendations 18th street and First Avenue

Posto Pizza on 18th and 2nd is a good option.

Dec 10, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

Impressive Dessert in downtown manhattan

I'm a fan of Black Hound, especially their chocolate mousse cake.

Nov 20, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

Veselka Ukrainian Diner

I see you're looking for a peaceful morning meal which you'll be hard pressed to find at Cafe Orlin or Veselka (I prefer the food at Orlin but the lines at brunch can be very long). I haven't been for brunch but the Bowery locale of Veselka seems much calmer. Virage has a pretty decent brunch and there usually isn't a wait.

Nov 08, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

Grocery Shopping Chelsea in Sandy Aftermath

After going to several markets below 23rd on both the east and west side, Whole Foods at Union Square was the only one that seemed fully stocked with fresh veggies, dairy and meat/fish this weekend. I think starting today most markets should have a fresh supply.

Nov 05, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

Solo bar dining near Lincoln Center

Any place in the area (within 10 blocks) where I can get a good early (pre-8pm) dinner at a bar/counter? I'd prefer something not super formal or expensive...under $30 for food only. When I'm in the area I usually grab a bite at Epicerie Boulud but I'd prefer a place where I can actually sit down. Any kind of cuisine is ok.

Oct 02, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

Dad's 60th [Hudson Valley area]

I don't think the restaurants are open on Sunday and my parents have already been. Good idea though.

Dad's 60th [Hudson Valley area]

So I have a bit of a challenge regarding my Dad's 60th birthday. My parents live in Boston while my brother and I live in NYC. We're all going to a wedding in the New Paltz area the day before his birthday and I would like to celebrate Sunday, October 21st. We'll probably do a fancier dinner in Manhattan or Boston later but I wanted to do something fun, causal but special the actual weekend of his birthday.

Location wise anywhere along the Hudson in the New Paltz, Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Rhinebeck area. It would be a brunch/lunch. We all have to get home so sticking around for dinner is not an option. In terms of food he is pretty open to all cuisines. He brews his own beer and makes wine so a focus on quality beers/wines is a plus. Atmosphere should be unique...not something we'd find in Boston or NYC...maybe more rustic? Tying lunch in with some kind of local activity would be a plus.

I was thinking of stopping at Keegan Ales for a tour and beer and then maybe eating there or somewhere nearby? I'm really not familiar with area restaurants except for a few places in New Paltz (Gilded Otter, Main Street Bisto) so any suggestions are welcome.

Looking for great pasta in East Village/Gramercy area

John's of 12th Street would be a good option. Classic Italian American food.

Aug 27, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

Does anyone know any cool restaurants for teenagers in NYC?

For a group of 17 year olds I would suggest:
Nai Tapas (flamenco on Thursdays and Saturdays)
Thai Terminal (thai food in a modern space)
The Redhead (yummy American comfort food)
Hill Country (decent bbq with live music)
Malatesta (Italian with outdoor seating)

Aug 15, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

Italian restaurant in Manhattan with TV star chefs

If you get to Babbo early, like 15 mins before it opens you can probably snag a table. Also if you follow them on twitter they post available reservations every day.

Jul 05, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

salads/healthy options

Meeting a friend for dinner tomorrow and she has requested an inexpensive place with salads and healthy options. I'm kind of stumped because I rarely order salads as an entree in restaurants. I also love Italian food and she does not. Maybe Asian, American or Mediterranean? Westville East any good? I think we want to keep it under $20ish for food each and within a 10 block radius of Union Square. Thanks!

Jun 19, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

Help Find Russian Restaurant NYC

I'd suggest Anyway Cafe. I haven't had any of the food but the vodka and cocktails are very good. It's very cozy and all the waiters are Russian. They even have live music some nights but it's definitely not touristy.

Jun 05, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

Nutella from Italy

Buon Italia in Chelsea Market.

May 22, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

South Street Seaport

I've only been to one place for brunch down there...Meade's Restaurant. Decent food, outdoor seating and unlimited drink special. Nothing special but I think option are sort of limited in the area.

May 11, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

Belated Mother's Day dinner

Thanks, I have a 5:30 reservation for ABC right now.

May 08, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

Belated Mother's Day dinner

My brother and I can't be with my mom on Mother's Day so we're going to celebrate with a dinner a few weeks later on 6/3. Would like to keep it around $40 a person for food only. Preferably Union Square, Flatiron, EV, Greenwich Village locale (Chelsea or W. Village is ok too).

Her preferences: likes Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, Tapas, plenty of veggie/fish options (she eats meat but not often), cozy, lively space (nothing too formal), wine/cocktails

I was thinking ABC Kitchen or Empellon Cocina? She/We tend to go to a lot of tapas places (small, sharable portions appeal to her) and she's liked Casa Mono, Alta, Tia Pol, Las Ramblas, Oleana (Boston) and Estadio (DC).

May 07, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

6 day food itinerary - please advise.

I work in the area and the Halal cart is fine for a weekday lunch or dinner but I certainly wouldn't take anyone, certainly not my in-laws out of the way for this cart. Is your hotel nearby? If so then I guess it's an ok late night option.

May 07, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

Tuscan Station at Wedding

I feel that sometimes people try to make their wedding food too "elegant" and guests go home hungry. Key is to strike the right balance between tasty food and something you and your guests will enjoy. Is this for cocktail hour? What other station are you thinking of having (besides sushi)?

May 03, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan

Torrisi's Newest Chef's Tasting Menu: Review + Photos

I agree. My "interesting" comment was sarcastic though I can't knock the place since I haven't tried it.

May 03, 2012
ukitali in Manhattan