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Any interesting, unusual restaurants in Denver or Boulder?

The Sherpa House Restaurant and Museum in Golden has very different and quite good food as well as interesting decor. I like the momo's; the stew with big noodles; the Tibetan bread; lentil soup that comes with main courses and my husband likes both the Yak meat and lamb.

I agree that Domo Restaurant in Denver has good Japanese food and interesting decor.

Jaya Asian Grill on South Colorado Blvd in Denver has a nice mix of dishes from Malasia, Singapore, Thailand and China. The decor is simple but the place has a good feel. The have interesting spicing in their more exotic dishes.

1365 Osage St, Denver, CO 80204

Jaya Asian Grill
1699 S Colorado Blvd Unit B, Denver, CO 80222

Udon in Denver?

I like the Udon at Sushi Tazu in Cherry Creek at 3rd and Fillmore. I think their sushi is so-so, but really enjoy their Udon in the winter.

granby colorado....anything to eat?

This past winter we found a wonderful place to eat in the Grand Lake area. Caroline's Cuisine has burgers as well as fine dining items on the menu. Our meals were all excellent. The also have an interesting wine list, including specials on wine.

Hwy 50 to I-70: NV, UT, CO

This past winter we found a wonderful place to eat in the Grand Lake area. Caroline's Cuisine has burgers as well as fine dining items on the menu. Our meals were all excellent. The also have an interesting wine list, including specials on wine. From the specials list we ordered an incredible bottle of wine, nearing the end of its drinkable life, for a really inexpensive price.


I would choose Luca D'Italia over Fruition, Barolo Grill, Deluxe and Mizuna. The food at Rioja and Luca D'Italia excites us more. The service at Luca is excellent too.

DEN: Osteria Marco's must-orders

We were there on a Sunday in February. My husband had the Roast Suckling Pig that is served Sundays only. He said it was fantastic. I had the wild mushroom and robiola cheese pizza that was really incredibly good. The teenager tried the pizza Margherita that was dull and boring and in another league than our two wonderful meals. For appetizers I had the lovely ricotta cheese. The teenager picked wrong on all counts and had the weird ciabatta bread with pesto and balsamic vinegar and olive oil all mixed together. The adults would return in a heartbeat. The teenager was thoroughly unimpressed. Be careful to order wisely!

Any urban eats in and around Golden, CO?

I was at Sushi Tazu in Cherry Creek in Denver last night and saw Ankimo on the menu. I didn't ask if they normally had it available. Tazu is not my favorite sushi place in Denver.

Need a variety of recs in Colorado, very last minute....

US Thai Cafe in Edgewater (near Sloans Lake, west of Sheridan Blvd.) has pretty good Thai food but no ambiance. Their Thai HOT is really hot.

5228 W 25th Ave
Edgewater, CO 80214
(303) 233-3345

May 28, 2009
former minnesotan in Southwest

Any urban eats in and around Golden, CO?

A good place in "suburban" Golden is Ali Baba Grill for Lebanese/Persian food. They added a fancy second room to add more space to the plain Jane initial restaurant room. The food is wonderful and the service is slow. Friends often order carry out via phone to avoid the wait for food.
Ali Baba Grill
(303) 279-2228
109 Rubey Drive F
Golden, CO 80403

Any urban eats in and around Golden, CO?

Friends in Golden have been raving about the restaurant the Sherpa's opened in Golden. They enjoyed Tandoori Yak meat among other things.

Sherpa House
Restaurant & Culture Center LLC
1518 Washington Ave.
Golden CO 80401 USA
Tel: (303) 278-7939

Good eats near Loew's (Cherry Creek area) and Grand Hyatt?

The lovely bakery on Leetsdale moved to a different space a few months back. They have more parking in the new location at the far end of a strip mall south of Leetsdale. The croissants and baguettes and tarts are wonderful. I think they sell out of some baked goods much earlier at the new location.

Les Delices de Paris
600 South Holly St.
Denver, CO


May 12, 2009
former minnesotan in Southwest

iso, "real" chocolate milkshake near st. joe's hospital (denver)

If Liks makes milkshakes, I'd go there, since it is the closest shop making and selling ice cream only and I like their ice cream. They're at 13th Ave and Vine Street, so it is less than 2 miles away. Perk Hill at 22nd and Kearney sells their ice cream and I know they make milkshakes.

May 10, 2009
former minnesotan in Southwest

Middle Eastern in Denver/Boulder

We went to Phoenician Kabob last night and had an excellent meal. We especially enjoyed the spinach mini pastry appetizers; the dolmas/grape leaves; the tabbouleh and the lamb shank. My husband said that he had the best lamb shank he's ever eaten in the US and he eats lamb nearly every time he sees it on a menu. The lamb came with a taste of garlic dip that was a lovely creamy texture and quite excellent. The tabbouleh reminded him of the kofta balls made by a Turkish friend in Germany decades ago and was very green, very fresh (made for each order placed) and a perfect blend of flavors. The stuffed grape leaves were made from scratch an hour before we ate there, with the grape leaves coming from a garden in the neighborhood. The owners are really friendly and the chef brought out a free dessert for us to try that wasn't in their dessert case. The dessert was excellent with a hint of rosewater, a honey bath and a mix of flaky crisp wheat flakes on top and a soft white pillowy creamy center. Did I use the word excellent more than 5 times to describe our meal?? We've eaten at Jerusalem's, Pita Jungle, Ya Hala, Felafel King, Ali Baba in Golden, and a now closed restaurant in Wheat Ridge formerly owned by the man who owns Damascus Grill in Littleton and last nights meal was definitely the best middle eastern food we've had in Denver. We do need to check out the Damascus Grill since we used to frequent his grocery store and his former restaurant in Wheat Ridge (he has long since sold both places to others and both may now be closed.) I am still dreaming about the grape leaves and tabbouleh, they were that wonderful! They are trying to get a liquor license, which may add to their appeal for some diners.

New Sunflower Market - Denver Burbs

I used to work in the natural foods world - both retail and wholesale. On the produce side of the business, there are definitely quality grades. My impression of the produce at Sunflower is they buy #2 quality produce, so it does go bad quickly. The key is to buy exactly what you need in the few days after you shop, refrigerate everything, and realize you are getting a good deal for the quantity you do consume.

Sep 16, 2008
former minnesotan in Southwest

Wanted: downtown denver, good eats, good chocolate, good wine.

If you get wine at Argonaut, Belvedere Chocolate's is just down the street.

Sep 09, 2008
former minnesotan in Southwest

Chocolates in Denver? [Moved from Midwest Board]

There's a Belvedere Chocolates that just opened up and Colfax and Grant St in Denver.
229 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80206
Tel. 303-771-0758

Sep 08, 2008
former minnesotan in Southwest

denver airport restaurant

I actually had a really good meal at DIA in July. I ate at the New Belgium Brewing Co. Restaurant at the end of Concourse B (before that last newer section with regional gates that veers off to the right from the main concourse B). My meal was somewhat expensive, but the portions were large and I enjoyed everything on my plate. I had fish and chips with cole slaw and salad. My server was excellent, but other staff were not so good.