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What's your favorite thing to do with the leftovers from roasting a whole chicken?

So many recipes using leftover chicken are Tex-Mexish, but why fight it? This is my favorite recipe using leftover or rotisserie chicken, I made it tonight using corn instead of flour tortillas.

Sep 18, 2012
KitchenBee in Home Cooking

May 2012 COTM: Food of Spain and Moro The Soups, Vegetables, Starches, and Legumes Thread

This looks wonderful. I have had the Moro cookbook for years but have never cooked from it so this is a perfect link to inspire me. What recipe do you use for the garlic aioli?

May 06, 2012
KitchenBee in Home Cooking

Where Is Your Food Find This Week in DC? Do Tell ...

This is a tiny restaurant that was formerly Mexican, but which now serves both Chilean and Mexican food. The Chilean menu is pure comfort food. Delicous empanadas, steak with fried eggs on top, braised pork ribs and more. It is a very meat heavy menu but perfect for a cold winter night. The staff is friendly and the food is cheap. They also serve pisco sours and Chilean wine. This place is definitely worth a try!

Valparaiso eterno Restaurant
4906 Fairmont Ave.
Bethesda MD