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Hi, this is just a heads-up about a new family run coffee shop that is opening at Queen and Woodbine. It is called "Wunderland" and is slightly east of Woodbine; on the south side of Queen. I dropped by on Sunday and the coffee was so good that I had to go back today for another! It's inside a house so it's easy to miss -- look for the minimal signage. The family is just starting out in the coffee shop business - this seems to be all new to them but they are certainly eager and enthusiastic! They live in the house and serve the coffee from the first floor of their abode, I take it they live on the second floor. They are very much taken with the whole Alice in Wonderland thing; hence the name of the coffee shop. Drop by and give them your business - it's got a much warmer, local feel than the nearby Starbucks. They have interior decorated the place with chairs and tables using recycled wood from a nearby farm. The place has got real potential and they are planning to increase their offerings to include more than just lattes and cappuccinos, with portuguese pastries apparently on the way!

Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Dining

Did you find anything, BeanTownGolfer? I have had no luck finding a place to eat tonight -- most places are either horifically expensive or else totally booked out. If you found anything please do let me know -- I'm getting hungry!

Dec 24, 2010
marical in Australia/New Zealand

Karma -- bad luck will definitely go your way if you eat there

I'm with you guys. I don't want to see a family-friendly restaurant. You can go to Licks if you want that, right? Truth is, though, that this place just doesn't give you a new dining experience in the Beaches. I'm all for new options -- but this place isn't so different from Quigley's, or Lion on the Beach. It's kinda the same-old, same-old.

Any breakfast places in Toronto that make HOMEMADE PANCAKES from scratch?

You may like Vivetha. I think their pancakes are from scratch. They also use organic blueberries in their mix which works well. They're at the far end of the Beaches on Queen (near Victoria Park). Good luck -- hope it meets your expectations. Get there early as they tend to fill up really quickly for brunch.

2485 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E1H9, CA

Victoria Park Restaurant
335 Durham Market St N, Kincardine, ON N2Z1Z4, CA

Karma -- bad luck will definitely go your way if you eat there

So, I went to the new pub Karma (on Queen Street East; just east of Woodbine) on opening night on Thursday. Boy, was I disappointed. The place is clearly experiencing some sort of schizophrenia. It doesn't know what it wants to be. It claims to create a karmic experience - with a tiny outdoor waterfall out front, and pithy karmic sayings on blackboards inside the restaurant. But at the same time the maitre-di was clearly preoccupied, and could barely show us to our table (which, incidentally, didn't fit well into the patio window they guided us to -- it was too big).

Worst part is the crazy, loud, heavy-metal 80s tunes they blare out of the speakers. It felt like the place belonged in Parry Sound (no offence, Parry Sound) -- rather than in the Beaches! Doesn't this place realize the geography where're they're at? This is a neighbourhood with lots of 30 something people with kids -- lots of people are looking for a family-friendly restaurant! This is not it.

I really wanted to like this place and may try returning -- we wanted to have a meal but the music was just too loud. Drinks were mediocre -- we had a few beers on tap that were meh. I really hope this place improves its karmic energy -- we do need a new bar on queen that can be our 'local' and I'm hoping that this place recognizes its problems and improves!

ps: for some reason on the top floor they keep a door open to a dirty closet that all and sundry can see as they walk in. Surely on opening night they could have fixed this?

pps: I found our waitress surly and a bit obnoxious (correcting me when I ordered, etc). There are a lot of wait staff at this place which is great, but I would encourage the manager to remind the waitresses that the customer is always right!

Cupcake/cookie places on Queen East--have I missed any?

You gotta check out Babycake (Queen and Logan -- housed at Lil' Baci). I ate the velvet chocolate cupcake there last week and then ordered three in advance for pick up today.
They are honestly the best cupcakes I have ever had -- they have a wide array of flavours and are not pretentious -- just moist, tasty and original. Their Blue By You cupcake was devoured in seconds - it tastes like Baskin Robbins' chocolate mint ice cream. Two thumbs up.

Lil' Baci
892 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1J3, CA

Pizzeria Regina simple but tasty

My family and I went to this rustic, basic pizzeria today because my brother had read about it incessantly on line and said it got rave reviews. I was less than impressed when we were brusquely told to wait outside in a long line before being seated, but it was worth the wait!
They plunked down paper plates and silverware and we ordered two pizzas; one with a red sauce and capers and anchovies, the other with mushrooms and sausage. Make sure you have the red sauce one! It is really simple but it was the best pizza I ever have had - it literally bursts with flavour in your mouth. They must do something with the sauce -- I suspect they simmer it for hours and it really is a symphony of taste sensations (that sounds corny but it's really pretty fantastic). The other one was still great, with tons of mushrooms and cheese. But not as unique as the red sauce one. I totally recommend this place -- it's very crowded, and don't expect A-1 class service. People don't come here for the service. They come for the simple, tasty food. I'd go back again for sure!

Aug 20, 2008
marical in Greater Boston Area