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Dutch condiments

T&T carries some products from Indonesia but does not carry any Conimex products. They do have a 1 litre bottle Ketjap Manis for $5.77 but not the Conimex brand. Kitfo's suggestion for the "Holland Store" is bang on.

Sep 30, 2009
TheBluenote in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Beachside Grill?

I have to disagree somewhat with the previous comment about portion sizes at the Beachside. I consistently order the egg white frittata (I don’t care for egg yolks) with ham & cheddar and have not been disappointed with the portion size. With the egg white substitution it runs about $9. For the record I’m 6’ 1’’ and about 210 lbs and have quite a healthy appetite. After getting through the frittata, whole wheat toast & home fries, I am personally quite full……and satisfied. Have I had a better frittata? Yes, but the Beachside makes a decent frittata.

I would agree that Sunset Grill is very consistent and most items on the menu are very good but the popularity of The Beacher to me has always been a mystery as I’m not sure what folks see in that restaurant…..unless very bland food in a pretentious atmosphere floats your boat.

Nov 06, 2008
TheBluenote in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Restaurant Makeover

.We tried Casa Mendoza as it's down the street from our condo. It took us well over 5 minutes for someone to seat us despite the fact that the restaurant was half full. Don't ask for a wine list as the older waitress will give you a lecture on the restaurants extensive wine selection. (A very crabby waitress). They didn't have any of the wines I mentioned and they were very common Chardonnay's. We ordered the "Mendoza mixed grill for two. Filet mignon, lamb chops, spicy chorizo sausage, pork tenderloin, chicken breast, roasted potatoes & grilled vegetables. The grilled veggies were waaaay too soft and for most of the part inedible. The potatoes were overcooked and dry. We ordered the filet med-rare and it came med-well...........the lamb chops were average...........the chicken breast was dry............the pork tenderloin was average......the chorizo sausage was quite good but $80 is a hefty price to pay for spicy chorizo sausage. The ambience was average at best. (It's on the darker side unless you're seated by a window). The service was poorest I've experienced in any restaurant that costs over $100 for two. Didn't venture to try out anything on the dessert menu. The portion sizes were healthy but I would personally prefer to have less food but made MUCH better. I will be avoiding Casa Mendoza in the future.

Aug 10, 2008
TheBluenote in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Patio for group of 20, preferrably near the water

Casa Mendoza does have a very nice patio with an excellent lake view but the food and service can be described as substandard at best. Aviod the Sunday brunch at Casa Mendoza at all costs.

Aug 10, 2008
TheBluenote in Ontario (inc. Toronto)