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Severino's Community Butcher-SERIOUSLY GOOD- Mt View Farmer's Mkt.

Another bump. Three weeks ago, I talked to Justin's wife at the Campbell FM and she said that they were going to move back to Pennsylvania at the end of the year, but that one of their employees was thinking of buying the business. Any word whether that has happened?

I luuuurve their bacon!

Google map of Salinas Street Food

What an absolutely wonderful post. Thank you so much for all your hard work, both of you. Since I usually just read the SF Bay Area board, it took this NY Times article to make me look here.

Quote from Melanie at the end.

I'll be stopping at El Grullense on my next trip down to Cambria.

Jun 15, 2007
moosechop in California

Christmas Eve dinner recs for San Jose area restaurants

We always go out for sushi, and this year we're going back to Blowfish at Santana Row. Do a search on OpenTable, for a start. I see 24 restaurants there that have openings.

Hachiya Persimmon Hints

[Split from thread discussing local sources of persimmons on the S.F. board]

If you do get unripe Hachiya persimmons, you can also peel, core and slice them about 1/2" thick, then dry them in a dehydrator for about 18 hours at 135 degrees. They aren't as special as hoshigaki, and they don't have the crystallized sugar on the outside from the massage, but it makes a great dried fruit, and it's a great way of using up large quantities of Hachiya persimmons without having to wait until they turn into water balloons (the tannins disappear in the drying) or resorting to recipes that start "Cream one stick of butter with 1 cup of sugar."

The other non-buttery way is to freeze the fully-ripe ones into a sorbet.

Dec 20, 2006
moosechop in Home Cooking

Nancy's Frozen Pie Crust

Our Whole Foods down here in Campbell carries an all-butter crust called French Picnic (and for some reason, that name always strikes me as slightly naughty.) I like the taste and texture a lot, but I love that they come as flat disks, so you can press them into any pie or tart pan you like, or make a galette.

Good luck!

Sugarplums from Andy's Orchard, Morgan Hill-Available in Nov & Dec. only! (pics)

Well, the Apricot Surprises, for one. They also have chocolate-covered dried Donut Peaches that are cute and tasty. All of their dried fruit are really moist and luscious: apricots, pears and plums, you can't go wrong. There will be fresh Fuyu persimmons, which are also good.

Their own-label jams are made by Village Harvest, from Andy's fruit, and are really, really good, as well as very prettily packaged.

All that said, it's not a huge store. You won't be overwhelmed, unless you eat too much chocolate.

Sugarplums from Andy's Orchard, Morgan Hill-Available in Nov & Dec. only! (pics)

Oh, I disagree. I love the sugarplums, although every piece of fruit, fresh or dried, from Andy's is delicious.

I was there last week and bought a package of "Apricot Surprise," dried apricots stuffed with divinity and covered with chocolate. I was planning to keep them for Christmas, but there are only two left, and I can hear them calling to me.

They also were selling a very nice dried apricot panforte made by a place in Chico called the Panforte Company. At least I have one of those as yet unopened.

Anyone had the Lobster Roll @ Tanglewood?

Yankee Pier's lobster roll is also very good. And I Iurve their coleslaw.

Delicata squash

Do you mean "how is Delicata squash different from other winter squashes?" It's supposed to have a nicer flavor, but, as with all small winter squashes, you can't go wrong cutting it in half, scooping out the seeds, putting about 1 T of butter and 1 T of brown sugar in each half, and baking for about 45 minutes at 350.

Stuffing with a rice-based stuffing would also be good. The ridged exterior make them hard to peel; butternuts are better for that.

Nov 08, 2006
moosechop in Home Cooking

Local Ostrich?

Thanks for the tips. I'll investigate Polarica. I'd love to know specific Morgan Hill/Gilroy farmers; that's where Silver Oak was. The ostrich place in Buellton doesn't kill their ostriches, just sells feed to give to them.

For those who have just cooked the little frozen medallions, an ostrich fan is a whole 'nother thing. It's the large muscle at the top of the leg. It's been a long time since I've had a London Broil, but that's what I always think of. Marinated in wine, olive oil and shoyu and grilled on direct flame, it's my Christmas dinner of choice.

Does the 680 billboard somehow fill the void left by "Stop Casting Porosity?" :-)

Local Ostrich?

Is there a local (South Bay would be best, but within 100 miles is the goal) source for ostrich? Silver Oak Farms is no more (AFAIK.) I have been very satisfied with the ostrich fans (I'm a fan!) I've ordered in the past from Errer Hill Farms

But they're in Pennsylvania, and I'd love to have a more local source.

Straits - Santana Row Review - Thumbs Down

I am with you. Bad, bad service and lackluster food.

Where to eat and what to do in San Martin, CA?

I don't know personally about any restaurants away down south, (although the Mercury just ran a generally positive review of a place called Ragoots in Morgan Hill.)"

But no trip to South County would be complete without a visit to Andy's Orchard.

Get some sugar plums at the farm store, and, if you like Fuyu persimmons, this is the time.

Wow, I had never heard of Cordevalle. It looks fab; have a great time!

Clover Organic Eggnog

The Castle Creamery eggnog (comes in a glass bottle, I buy mine at Whole Foods in Campbell) is also delicious, with a distinct caramel flavor that I like very much.

But it's way too rich for me to buy more than one bottle a year. Good, though.

Recs for lunch near SJ Museum of Art

You can eat in the museum; the cafe is run by the Primavera folks, and it's pretty good. You could go to White Lotus (80 N Market St) for yummy vegetarian Vietnamese food (deluxe stuffed tofu!) You could pop over to the Fairmont, if you wanted to spend more money. What did you have in mind?

Peaches, Nectarines, & Plums at Andy's Orchard

The Greenbelt Alliance advertised this in their outings newsletter; my family and I will be there!

going to venice and florence for honeymoon

I really enjoyed Linea D'Ombra in Venice last August. It's on a platform built over the Giudecca canal around the corner from Santa Maria della Salute. We had a delicious whole fish (not branzino nor San Pietro, sorry but I can't remember the name) which five of us shared.

Jul 27, 2006
moosechop in Italy

Venice for the Less Adventurous Chowhound

La Zucca in Dorsoduro has a wonderful selection of vegetable contorni.

Just never order a "misti" antipasto in Venice; that's asking for a plate of tentacled horrors.

Mmmm.... tentacled horrors....

Jul 27, 2006
moosechop in Italy

Cambria (and Central Coast) for kids? (breakfast/lunch/dinner)

Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill has outdoor seating and squirt bottles for scaring away sea gulls

Ragged Point gives you a taste of Big Sur without too harrowing a drive, has a lawn for running around on (my son was entranced by a gopher popping out of its hole when he was about 2 1/2) and sit down lunchy dishes, esp. pasta.

My kids wouldn't touch anything there, but if yours have more cosmopolitan tastes, then Wild Ginger Cafe is very, very friendly and welcoming.

And what do my kids eat in Cambria? Giant bowls of pasta and heaping plates of garlic bread at Lombardi's 4158 Bridge St, Cambria, CA (805) 927-0777

If you get a babysitter, try the Black Cat or Chenoa.

Jul 26, 2006
moosechop in California

Top 10 Tastes of California

The NY Times has a good article about tacos along the drive from LA to SF:

(don't ask me why the NY Times, although the food section has an article this week that seems to reflect the lack of good tacos out east.


And if you end up at Caltech, you may eat at Burger Continental more than you want to. But Pie and Burger is worth it.

Veg-friendly near San Jose Hyatt

I hope you haven't already left yet. Downtown San Jose has a great vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant called White Lotus:

The deluxe stuffed tofu is an absolute must.

Arcadia is the restaurant at the Marriot, Il Fornaio is at the Sainte Claire, Paragon is at the Hotel Montgomery, and La Pastaia is at the De Anza. All are good, although they're fancy restaurants, not vegetarian ones. But they would accommodate vegetarians, as would Eulipia, Emile's, A.P Stump's, 71 St. Peter and Agenda. (I especially recommend Emile's and the Grande Marnier souffle for dessert.


There is a farmer's market on Friday in San Pedro Square (where 71 St. Peter and A. P. Stump's are)

and there is a concert every Thursday evening in Plaza Cesar Chavez.

For less pricey eats, try Thai at House of Siam

I've actually never eaten at Picasso's, but I want to; it sounds good. And tapas are usually vegetarian-friendly

Even cheaper, and a real San Jose thing, are the tofu banh mi at Lee's Sandwiches. There's one downtown at 260 E Santa Clara St.

I don't have a downtown Mexican recommendation at my fingertips, but there is a taqueria on every block downtown; it's a zoning requirement or something. Good luck! I hope it cools down by the time you get here.