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Dried Kiwis at the Ferry Building

Thanks everyone for your help. I'll check out Cheers! Tracy

Dried Kiwis at the Ferry Building

On a vacation the SF, I visited the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building and bought these amazing dried kiwis. There were a couple of different stalls selling them but unfortunately I did not get a website or number from them to reorder. I incorrectly figured that it would be easy to find a similar product online. However, all the dried kiwis I see online have sugar added; these are tart and have no sugar, and I believe, no nitrates added. Does anyone have a phone number, website, or address for a company or farm that sells these kiwis? Or if anyone plans on going to the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building, I would so appreciate it if you could be on the lookout for these kiwis and ask for contact info so they can be ordered and shipped. Much thanks! Tracy