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Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

I'm currently eating leftovers from one of the most satisfying meals I've had near Baltimore in a long time. Baltimore has seriously bad Chinese food. This isn't in Baltimore.

The chef was a total sweetheart who we saw several times throughout the meal. The other staff were great, too.

My husband the meat-eater had the beef short ribs everyone raves about. He agreed.

There was very little vegetarian on the menu. This surprises me, because anything I wanted the chef was willing to make vegetarian, and it was all really excellent. I don't know why they don't list this stuff, as it would make it a vegetarian hot-spot. We ordered ma-po tofu (asked for it without pork, and all vegetarian), Cantonese Stir Fried E Fu Noodles (without chicken broth), and garlic chives (without salt fish). All fabulous. The chef really seems to understand vegetarianism as he came out to ask if it was okay to put chicken broth in the noodles or if he should use water instead.

Our total bill was $52 for these 4 items, which were enough for lunch for us and major leftovers. The place looks pretty crappy, like an awful Americanized fastfood Chinese joint, really belying the quality of the food. It was worth the trek down to Odenton from Baltimore for us.