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What is fresh and new near North Conway?

Evans notch is a good drive & has a great swimming hole (rattlesnake hole).

Does vegan brunch exist?

Other Side does some really nice vegan items. I will even do the nature boy once in a while. They have plenty of vegan items on the brunch menu and alway some really interesting beer choices....sorry no bloody marys

Other Side Cafe
407 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115

Oct 22, 2010
ChefGrant in Greater Boston Area

Hunter's / Sauce Chauceur on menu?

does anyone know if there are any Boston restaurants with this sauce?

Oct 04, 2010
ChefGrant in Greater Boston Area

Longshot---any place to get a good Italian beef in Portland/Southern Maine area

I'm pretty sure that Chicago dogs in saco has one on there menu, not sure haven't been there in a while.

Best Chinese Food in Portland, ME???

Give Chi Sen on payne rd in Scarborough. Not great, but not too bad.

dinner in portland

The bar at Fore street is always full but they take a list and it is the best place to eat there, they do have the full menu, but I prefer the starters and cheese over the mains anyway.

Best Burger in Portland

I believe that Vivian's is closed. Try Harmon's Lunch if you are looking that kind of burger.

Harmon's Lunch
144 Gray Rd, ME 04105

Best Sushi in Portland Maine?

I second Yosaku they have the best selection especially if you are a clam fan. Get the geoduck if they have it.

Flo's Hot Dogs - huge dissapointment!

I recently went back to flo's for the first time in over 20 years when I was working at York Harbor Inn and would eat there for breakfast almost everyday. I was shocked when it took 45min. got them the only way and they were OK, not as good as I remembered, but what is.

World Baseball Classic - Hato Rey, PR

Anyone have any recs. near the Baseball stadium?

What are the best bacons made in New England, especially Maine?

Little Alaska farm in Maine has some great bacon

What are the best bacons made in New England, especially Maine?

Where is the tasting? ..... Jimmy's?

Chinese Soup in Portland

If you talking about the one that was across from the State...... it has been closed for years

Kimball Farm - Jaffrey NH

I grew up on Bates Farm Ice Cream, we could ride our bike there, but when we drove we always went to Westford for Kimble Farms. You can also get Kimble Farm Ice Cream @ Aquabogan in Saco Maine..... My Favorite all time is triple scoop Black Raz, Peppermint stick & Pistachio Nut in a waffle cone!!!

Portland Brunch

Vignola is currently my favorite brunch in Portland. Great food cocktails and beer list.

Ice Cream Trip Through Maine

Ruby Rose in Poland has some of the best frozen custard, not much selection on flavors, and tends to be a little inconsistent. When it is good it is about as good as you can get in Wissconsin.