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New supermarket in levittown

The Waldbaums there was closed , and guess what has replaced it?

A WAL-MART neighborhood market.Its less than 2 blocks from a King Kullen.

How are the selections, ,shopping atmosphere,etc?

Do tell.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

waldbaums has announced more closings of the waldbaums brand stores, effective march 31:


dont be surprised if Pathmark is the next to go.

i dont see how the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea company- the parent of both Waldbaums and Pathmark- can survive much longer.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

hate to bump an old post, but now that stop&shop has opened a superstore on atlantic avenue in oceanside,talk around town is that the s&s on long beach road will become a shoprite sometime in 2012.

dinner suggestions in and around new haven connecticut

am going to NH sunday to meet friends (not from NH) any suggestions for lunch/dinner in and around new haven would be appreciated.prefer greek and or italian.

no chains and does anyone have an opinion on pepe's in new haven? the reviews are very mixed.

Oct 26, 2010
mrbeachy in Southern New England

A&P stores closing; apparently one in Yorktown Heights

stores like kmart,sears,jc penneys,and macys will continue to slide because many people dont see them as good value for the $$.

ive been to big lots and wasnt impressed.i agree that trader joes would be ideal.

also surprised that target and walmart wouldnt open a supercenter- those are the ones with a full supermarket inside.

A&P stores closing; apparently one in Yorktown Heights


if sears hadnt bought kmart it would have gone out of business ages is knocking the hell out of them.

ocean state job lot ( the real name of the company) buys close-outs and overstocks. I have gotten Kirkland ( Costco) jeans without the label and a Russell Dri-Fit shirt for $12. They do carry food items but i would be careful.

I dont know that part of westchester so I dont know what kind of market/food superstore would be the best fit.

Karl Ehmer's Closing????

Theres an article in todays NY Daily News about the closing of Karl Ehmer.The times changed along with the demographics of their customers. Hopefully KE will live on thru new ownership.

Oct 06, 2010
mrbeachy in Outer Boroughs

A&P stores closing; apparently one in Yorktown Heights

in connecticut, A&P is closing their West Hartford location,along with Branford,Middletown,Old Lyme and Mystic.

the big y chain has agreed to buy 7 A&P locations but has not announced which ones.

its pretty sad to see what is happening to A&P/Pathmark/Waldbaums but the times have changed. the great atlantic&pacific tea company hasnt.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island


kosher isnt my priority;selection,price and service are. the one in west hartford survived because WH has an even larger jewish population than NR.Hartford is an inner city with a very small jewish population.

SR is still my favorite market when im in westchester or connecticut;locally on LI its Stop&Shop. I did Peapod for the first time and it worked well for me- a great saver of time,driving,walking up and down aisles-well worth the cost.

It will be interesting to see where A&P/Waldbaums/Pathmark is a year or two from now.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island


Waldbaums/A&P is circling the drain,along with Pathmark.

They have announced the closing of Connecticut's only Waldbaums store in West Hartford.A&P stores in Branford,Middletown,Old Lyme,and Mystic will also be closed.

The Big Y chain has agreed to buy 7 A&P locations but has not announced which ones.

I like shoprite. The one in New Rochelle is a PITA to get to but has excellent selections and prices. I hope that shoprite continues to expand in the tri-state region.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

Anyone remember EJ Korvettes,Gimbels,A&S,TSS stores,Caldor and Pergament among many others? Thats the path that A&P/Pathmark/Waldbaums is heading down.

Yes there is a lot of competition and category killers like fairway and citarella,but the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea company has simply refused to change with their times. They have also made many dumb financial decisions such as buying Pathmark,which to me is one notch above a bodega,while selling off their crown jewels.

I prefer Stop&Shop along with ShopRite. I only wish that there were more ShopRites on long island.Great prices,easy to navigate and never a wait at the checkout.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

waldbaums is beyond disgusting,at least the one in rockville centre,LI. last sunday i needed some potato chips and ice cream for a bbq.

someone had punched a hole in the bottom of the potato chip bag and left it on the shelf. worse yet the ice cream was allowed to thaw and melt, then re-placed back in the freezer. it had freezer burn and was totally inedible.

I immediately returned both these items for a full refund.I was so disgusted that I have vowed NEVER to patronize that Waldbaums ever again.

feh. Waldbaums-and A&P- you deserve everything thats coming to you-and more.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

hi menton,

i havent decided whether ill take pics along the way, or just when the restoration is complete-im aiming for labor day 2012.

btw on 8/13, the great atlantic and pacific tea company, owners of waldbaums,pathmark and a&p announced they are closing 25 stores in 5 states. there are 17 on long island-the garden city pathmark will close on 10/13. no other stores have been announced at this time.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island


if you are in albertson,you would be better off going to the super stop and shop in carle place.lots of selections,plenty of checkout lanes,you can even scan your own groceries if you want, plus theres a staples aisle and a boston market area. its worth the 8 mile ride from my area.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

i found an associated market in rockville centre. small but has the necessities. btw the car is called an MGB-GT- im restoring one.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island


waldbaums has fallen on hard times. in my area they have closed several stores,and many are in need of renovation. i only use them very occasionaly,like i did last nite to purchase some laundry detergent.

btw the loading dock had two trailers from pathmark. so it confirmed what i was told long ago- waldbaums,pathmark and a&p are all the same company,right down to their "americas choice" house brand.

the local pathmark is closing at the end of the year. no great loss.

pretty sad state of affairs.

2010 9th avenue intl food festival

I was there earlier today,and have mixed feelings compared to my last visit ( 2008):

first, it is smaller-from 42nd to 57th street. second,it was much cleaner than in previous years-there was a whole squad of guys constantly bagging and sweeping throughout the whole fair.

third,there seemed to be many more "non-food" and "generic street cart" vendors than in previous years. but ill share my experiences ( or adventures) today.

i went with a friend-first stop was one of those "mozzarepa" carts ( grrr)
now in no particular order.her second stop was millie's pierogis ( double grrr)

hallo berlin- had some excellent spatzle and a kielbasa.

espana- paella and chlorizos

mitchell london- mini burger and a creme brulee.

delta grill-alligator sausage

little pie company- didnt have a booth today so went to their store ( was told they had "permit issues this year".

amy's bread- a delicious raisin foccacia twist

uncle nicks-lamb on a stick and diet cokes. was told that pig #2 wouldnt be ready till the late afternoon.

poseidon bakery- delicious cherry cheese strudel and a pastry similar to galaboreko ( same thing but rolled instead of folded)

red hook lobster company-the lobster roll was good ( $15) but ive had better.

the soda vendor-old bills (or wild bills) was too busy,and to charge $5 for a generic plastic cups ( albeit with free refills) really turned me off.

kyotofu- had a green tea and a vanilla soymilk cupcake,

skipped daltons, eatery ( asian chicken salad) and empanada mama because I was too full.

Prices have also gone up quite a bit in the last couple of years; for what my friend and I spent,we could have had a sit down dinner at wondee siam,old san juan or uncle nicks.

Overall, id rate this years festival as "good" but not as good as it was way back in 2004-2005.

May 16, 2010
mrbeachy in Manhattan

2010 9th avenue intl food festival

I havent been to it in 3 years. I heard its smaller with fewer vendors. Is it stil work checking out? If anyone plans on going later today,please post. thank you.

May 15, 2010
mrbeachy in Manhattan

suggestions in and around mystic connecticut-


thank you for the suggestions.

ive been to somewhere in time and while it was good, i think its overrated and its off the beaten path. id rather go to kitchen little instead or even to equinox diner next to the hojo's in mystic off 95..

bravo bravo,olios and azu are all owned by the CLK restaurant group btw.i was told that bravo is the best of the three.

saw noah's when i was in stonington last year. looked interesting but may not have the time to get there on this trip.

i was at the seahorse ages ago-it was pretty good.

ill check out capt scotts lobster doeck in NL as abbotts gets worse and worse each year-overpriced tourist trap.

ill post back after my trip.


Mar 30, 2010
mrbeachy in Southern New England

Any Good Buffets In CT?

my friends LOVED custy's. Not cheap at $70 p.p for the buffett, but very good quality and a huge selection to chose from- he actually ate 6 lobsters. wow.

Mar 29, 2010
mrbeachy in Southern New England

suggestions in and around mystic connecticut-

im heading there friday for 4 days. im looking for something different for lunch-dinner than the usual mystic offerings that ive been to-margarita's,s and p,rice spice noodles,peking tokyo.

the type of food doesnt matter as long as it isnt too hot and spicy. im looking for inexpensive to moderate prices,with one expensive meal ( like s and p prices)

no chain restaurants or casino dining unless it happens to be exceptional.

has anyone been to the ancient mariner,daniel packer,anthony j's? i was told to check those out.

ive been to azu and thought it was highly overrated.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Mar 29, 2010
mrbeachy in Southern New England

GREAT seafood place

abbot's is a seasonal operation. they closed columbus day for the year.

years ago they were very good but have deteriorated into an overpriced mediocre tourist trap. service and the food quality have slipped tremendously while prices are high by comparison.

ive been told that costello's which is next door and owned by the same people offers better quality food.

Coke's Threat Expands as the Can Contracts

I remember when you could get a 6 pack of 12 ounce cans it seems that 12 oz cans are available only as "fridge pak".

in the good ol days coke came in 5 or 6 oz glass returnable bottles.

hala,rather than pour your excess coke down the drain,why not put do what i do - pour the excess into a glass with a double sealed lid and leave it in the refrigerator.

Oct 25, 2009
mrbeachy in Features

Dinner in Midtown, Maybe Near Penn Station?

I agree about uncle nicks. you cant go wrong and its less than a five minute walk back to penn.though I think their prices are higher than those of the 50th street location.

If you like asian/chinese how about the grand sichuan international at 9th ave and 24th street?Ive always had a good meal there.

Oct 15, 2009
mrbeachy in Manhattan

Suggestions for lunch and dinner in newport rhode island?

Am going to do a day trip to newport next week and would like to have lunch and or dinner at a moderately priced -$20-25 per person-lunch and or dinner in newport. would prefer places that are not tourist traps.

any recommendations-suggestions would be appreciated.

Nassau County Italian with Good Ambiance, Food & Prices?

how about baci on old country road across from eisenhower park? i had lunch there a few weeks ago. dont know what your definition of moderate is,but the food was very good to excellent,service was good,and the owner-manager came over to make sure all was well and to welcome us-as it was my first time there. will definitely be going back soon..

Farmer's Market in Rockville Centre, NY

Was there earlier today around 9 am and it was quite busy.

Stocked up on apples,quiche,donuts, cookies, and a strawberry apple pie ( sounded interesting) from the orchards of stop was a tray of four cheese ravioli from papa pasquales,and my final stop was terry's farm-3 ears of farm-fresh corn-was told "the rain was good for the corn" and a very large tomato.

I havent tried the seafood vendor or the meat/chicken vendor yet.

The artisan baker is the former orwasher's bakery in manhattan.I tried a sample;delicious indeed.

Sunday brunch-surprise bday cake- in nassau county for 25 people-any suggestions?

A friend and I want to put together a sunday brunch with a surprise bday cake for around 25 people for the sunday of columbus day weekend. I was thinking either somewhere in rockville centre and just thought of the marriott in uniondale by the coliseum.

If anyone has any other suggestions,recommendations,etc please post them.

Lynbrook Farmer's Market

my dog is very picky about what he eats,and he certainly DOES NOT eat vomit.he luvs those gourmet dog treats,btw.

things are humming along smoothly at the rvc market. cant believe its in already august.

Lynbrook Farmer's Market

Went to the market yesterday. Terry's Farm had plenty of corn but tomatoes wont be ready for another couple of weeks.

Forgot to mention-there is a vendor selling homemade dog treats,and another selling gourmet dressings.

The pickle people were there. Alas both Papa Pasquales and the gourmet meat vendor were no-shows. Perhaps next time.