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Is everyone tired of Yelp or what? [Moved from Pacific NW]

Yelp and anything people post on the internet should be taken with a grain of salt. In general, I try to look at the overall messages posted there and elsewhere to get a sense of commonality. I also try to get advise from people I trust to augment those selections. I also put lots of stock in what area food writers/critics have to say. Combined, all those sources help me decide about visiting a place or not.

where does this madness end?

I think there are always extremes on either side - I do my best to eat local, but if I want a banana, none grow in Norfolk, Va., so ... I do think the extremists with the best intentions are more "dangerous" than those on the flip side because it taints the overall message of just being mindful of what you eat, when you eat it and how much of it you eat.

Eggs Norfolk

The traditional Crab Norfolk would use a splash of vinegar

Eggs Norfolk

I've never heard of Eggs Norfolk, but it does sound like a variation of Crab Norfolk. Although the original Crab Norfolk, created at Mason's Eastern Shore Seafood restaurant on Granby Street a half-century ago (or more) did not have the addition of country ham. I have had Crab Smithfield, which is basically Crab Norfolk with the addition of country ham.

I don't believe Eggs Norfolk to be a local invention, but rather inspired by one or more of these classic dishes. I can say with some certainty Eggs Norfolk is not a local tradition, but it does sound good.

PS - Tabb's at Riverview is in the former Mason's. I am not sure where a good Crab Norfolk can consistently be found, however, on local menus.

Looking for sweetbreads in Hampton Roads

D'oh - they weren't in Hampton Roads --- they were at C&O in Charlottesville

Nashville Hot Chicken & Other Local Eats

Great information! I can't wait to try some Hot Chicken!

I grew up in Atlanta, so I am familiar with a Meat-n-Three ---- mmmmmm.

I appreciate your answers, jamiecarroll!


Chef Patrick

Great Pic of Meryl Streep as Julia Child, and story on movie

Oh! That photo brings back so many memories of the real Julia. I love Meryl Streep and can't wait to see her portray Julia Child in this movie. I really miss Julia Child - this photo actually made me cry.

What is the quintessential food of your town?

I live in Hampton Roads, Virginia, which is the moniker for a collection of cities and other municipalities at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, including: Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Smithfield, Newport News, Hampton, the Eastern Shore, York County and Williamsburg.

We have eight distinct Culinary Calling Cards in our region - food that either has its roots here, or food that we have a true affinity with.

These are:

1. Blue Crab
2. Oysters
3. Fresh catch, especially rockfish and flounder
4. Fresh vegetables, especially tomatoes and corn
5. Fresh fruit, especially strawberries and watermelon
6. Pulled pork barbecue
7. Virginia-style (gourmet, large sized) peanuts
8. Country ham, such as the traditional Smithfield ham

We are fortunate to have the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay right here, as well as good farm land. I love our region and our good eats.

Chef Patrick

Looking for sweetbreads in Hampton Roads

Oh man, my brain is SO dead ... I had some last year - fabulous in a nice velvety sauce with plump golden raisins and toast points ... if I remember where, I will post!

Nashville Hot Chicken & Other Local Eats


Can someone explain Nashville Hot Chicken to me? Is it spice? Is it heat? Is it both? What makes is special? What is its appeal? Where did it originate and become one of Nashville's eats?

Also, what other local eats are unique to Music City?



Must eat, must drink - Seattle and Portland

What do folks think about Voodoo Doughnut in Portland? I've see it on television - looks interesting. I was raised on Krispy Kreme here in the fat-and-sugar capital of the country (the Deep South), so of course I am intrigued. It is worth a diversion to help sop up the sloshing of fermented grape juice in my belly once I finish at some Oregon wineries?

Must eat, must drink - Seattle and Portland

Fantastic selections!

Yeah, I have been shopping for a rain jacket!

And I will definitely report back - with photos!



Must eat, must drink - Seattle and Portland

Hey SauceSupreme

Not that "the sky is the limit" but I am not too concerned with a budget.

I don't really know Portland, so something that would be relatively easy to find - maybe not too far off the interstate that runs to/from Seattle.

I don't really have a cuisine preference, either - I love all types of food - I just want to have a cool experience, and some place that locals really groove on.

In what part of Norfolk did you grow up? How long have you been away?


Hampton Roads sushi quest

Hey guys,

What are some of your favorite places in Hampton Roads (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, etc.) for sushi?

Also, do you have a favorite sushi roll at any of these places?

I have heard very good things about Sushi Aka in Suffolk, and will be trying some of their food at the upcoming March of Dimes Signature Chef Auction on 12 October.

How about the rest of you Hampton Roadsters?


Patrick C=:-)

Must eat, must drink - Seattle and Portland

Hey guys,

I will be in the Seattle area on business and pleasure for a few days in October. I am going to rent a car and drive down to the Portland area one day.

A few questions -

1. What are a few restaurants in Seattle I must try to get the quintessential Pacific Northwest experience?

2. I want to go to five or six Seattle area (Woodlinville) wineries - where must I go?

3. What is a fun/funky/ecclectic Portland place for a late lunch/early dinner that locals love?

4. I want to go to four or five Oregon wineries not far from Portland - where must I go?

This is my first trip to the Pacific Northwest, and am very excited. Thank you in advance for your advice.