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Emeril Enameled Cast Iron 6 qt Dutch Oven

Well to update, my son likes his enameled cast iron pot and has not complained but I didn't buy one myself as I think it is really too small for what I need. On the other hand, my wife bought me a 3qt emeril sauce pan that I really like. Cooking veggies, I generally grab the proclad before I grab my AllClad 3Qt pan because of the see through lid which I like.

Oct 19, 2009
topgun2mo in Cookware

Emeril Enameled Cast Iron 6 qt Dutch Oven

I was shopping at Bed, Bath and beyond yesterday for some pots for my son and came across what must be a new product in the Emerilware line. Has anyone seen these? They were very attractive blue color, labeled as cadmium and lead free and had the self basting spikes in the lid. The interior was a sand color. They were much more attractive than the enameled dutch ovens by Calphalon.

I have searched high and low for info on this pot and have found nothing!

Also I am interested in info on Emeril Pro-Clad opinions.

I did purchase this dutch oven with some pro-clad for my son and thought it would be good starter equipment.


The Emeril Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven looked sooooo nice I was thinking of purchasing one to compliment my All-Clad Stainless and Staub Wok.

Any thoughts?


Aug 08, 2008
topgun2mo in Cookware