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Ramen in Westchester?

New additions to the Westchester ramen scene: Mokomiya on Court Street in White Plains apparently opened today. And Ramenesque (Peekskill) will have a branch in Thornwoood, taking over the Abis spot.

about 4 hours ago
djca in New York State (exc. NYC)

Palombo Bakery-White Plains

Saw that this place has closed --- didn't last a year.

Costco Food Finds - 1st Quarter 2015

Also saw 1-liter glass bottles of the KS Tuscan EVOO (October/November 2014 harvest) for $12+

Feb 18, 2015
djca in Chains

Costco Food Finds - 1st Quarter 2015

It's in a glass bottle.

Feb 14, 2015
djca in Chains

Costco Food Finds - 1st Quarter 2015

Kirkland Signature 1-liter Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain (PDO Siurana) (November/December 2014 harvest) for $9.89.

Feb 14, 2015
djca in Chains

In White Plains...

Saw signs at the former Muscle Maker Grill (also former Brooklyn Sub) on Court St. next to 7-Eleven that Mokomiya ramen restaurant will open soon at that spot. Hoping it will be a decent one.

Costco Food Finds - 4th Quarter 2014

Saw this $12.59 1-liter bottle of Terra Creta Estate Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the Yonkers, NY Costco.

Nov 04, 2014
djca in Chains

Costco Food Finds - 4th Quarter 2014

First time for me to see Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice (tart cherry juice + reconstituted apple juice) at Costco (Yonkers,NY). Two 32-oz bottles for $8.99.

Oct 27, 2014
djca in Chains

Noodle Shop in White Plains

Went to Noodle+ for lunch today and saw they have added a lot of Thai dishes --- mostly northern Thai cuisine.

Central Avenue Updates - Scarsdale/White Plains

The new Chef Central is at the Kmart complex on Rt 119. The store near Smashburger is different and it's called Chef City.

In White Plains...

After Googling around to find out what will be taking over the former Staples location across the County Center (SPOILER ALERT: it will be another CVS!), I also found out that "Shiki Yakitori & Sushi" is set to open at the former Beyond the Bagel spot at 187 Main Street. I don't know if it's related to "Shiki Hibachi & Sushi" in Stamford.

Szechuan peppercorns in Westchester?

I saw some in Kam Sen... the bag is labeled as "Prickly Ash".

Costco Food Finds - 3rd Quarter 2014

Kirkland Signature Chocolate Chunk Cookies (500g box of 24 cookies for $7.49) at the Yonkers, NY Costco. The cookies are made for Costco by Walkers Shortbread in Scotland.

Sep 05, 2014
djca in Chains

Chipotle coming to WP

So three years after the original post, I just saw today that the White Plains Chipotle has its sign lit up, and it looks like it won't be too long before they are able to open.

The Thai Shack in Yonkers

Came across this place on Yelp (http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-thai-shac...) the other day, and it immediately piqued my interest. A roadside Thai takeout opposite a gas station and Yonkers Raceway? Count me in just for the novelty factor!

So I got some green papaya salad and chicken green curry for takeout today. Both were quite good, and they definitely didn't skimp on the spices. Also good value in terms of quantity. I'll definitely come back and try their other items when I'm in the area.

The Thai Shack
541 Central Park Ave
Yonkers, NY 10704
(914) 207-1545

Fantasy Cuisine [Central Ave, Hartsdale]

Check the menu scans here http://postimg.org/gallery/efay6mla/

Fantasy Cuisine [Central Ave, Hartsdale]

I went to try it out today, but they were closed. The owner (?) said that they had an exhaust problem yesterday, so it has to be fixed and again inspected before they can open.
I did get a copy of their menu.

Fantasy Cuisine [Central Ave, Hartsdale]

It opens today according to

Costco in Yorktown Heights?

The Port Chester Costco is a ghost town compared to the one in Yonkers, especially during weeknights. But traffic can also be bad on busy days with the single entrance/exit point.

The only downside with the PC Costco is that it seems it doesn't get to stock all the items that the Yonkers location has.

Fantasy Cuisine [Central Ave, Hartsdale]

I read somewhere that it's from the same people behind Dumpling+Noodle in Bronxville.

Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2014

Got these from the Port Chester, NY Costco:

$8.99 3-lb pack of Sweet Cherries
$9.99 2-lb pack of Rainier Cherries

Also saw that Costco now has its own Kirkland Signature-branded sack of Jasmine Rice: $16.99 for 25 lbs.

Costco has been selling a Kirkland-brand pack of Basmati rice for quite a while, which was interestingly much more expensive per pound than the non-Kirkland sack of Basmati.

Jun 14, 2014
djca in Chains

Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2014

Saw a Costco-branded Coconut Water for the first time at the Port Chester, NY location.

Jun 08, 2014
djca in Chains

Port Chester Hall now open

Looks like Port Chester Hall (http://portchesterhall.com/) opened this week at the old Port Chester train station. Same owner as Flatiron Hall, Houston Hall and Heartland Brewery locations in the city.

Central Avenue Updates - Scarsdale/White Plains

El Poblano Mexican Restaurant to open on Central Avenue at the former Tuscany Cafe spot.

Central Avenue Updates - Scarsdale/White Plains

I drove by today and they seem to be back in business, Saw a "Now Open" sign and some activity out front.

the original pancake house (white plains)

It's at the northwest corner of Hamilton and MLK Jr.

I've seen posts promising that it will open in January, then became Febuary, then March. Haven't heard anything new.

Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2014

First time I saw "Morning Buns" at the Costco bakery. $7.99 for 6 pieces.

Apr 06, 2014
djca in Chains

Ramen Qs/Fuji Mart (Scarsdale, NY)

Just saw this write-up --- http://www.westchestermagazine.com/Bl... --- yesterday and went and ordered the katsudon for takeout today. It's indeed pretty good value for the money. There are three or four tables for dining in. There are only a few items on the menu (http://www.fujimartscarsdale.com/ - Google Translate will help). Cash only. I'll definitely return and try their other items.

Central Avenue Updates - Scarsdale/White Plains

Thanks for the heads-up. I went there tonight and tried their spicy chicken with mashed potato and fried plantain as sides. Chicken was nice and juicy. It wasn't too spicy. I'll definitely return. Now I don't have to trek all the way to Port Chester every time I want good rotisserie chicken.

The place is called Braza Roja (www.brazaroja.com).

Costco Food Finds - 1st Quarter 2014 [OLD]

Probably just a trial sales run. The sausages have already been marked down to $9.97 from $13.99 at the Port Chester, NY Costco --- some of the freeze-by dates are due in a couple of weeks.

Hope they become a regular too.

Feb 09, 2014
djca in Chains