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Best Ramen in Sacramento?

Thanks! I've been looking at the menus - Shoki sounds amazing, but I'm traveling on the cheap, so I think I'll hit up Ryujin. Pretty psyched to get any ramen after 10 years in New England without any!

Apr 29, 2014
Cebollita in California

Best Ramen in Sacramento?

Nice! I'll give it a shot - maybe try both Shoki and Ryunjin and compare and contrast! Thanks!

Apr 23, 2014
Cebollita in California

Best Ramen in Sacramento?

Traveling to Sacramento soon. Used to live in LA - it's been ten years since I've had great ramen. Any suggestions? Looks like there's ryujin and shoki, but I'd love some advice. Looking for classic ramen - inexpensive, with lots of soba or udon. Thoughts? Where should I go?

Apr 18, 2014
Cebollita in California

Best Crab Shacks Near Annapolis, MD

My buddy and I are traveling down to Annapolis for work in late April. We really want to have the authentic Maryland Blue Crab experience; newspaper on the table, hammers in hand. Any recommendations for great Crab Joints near Annapolis?

Blue Crab
4521 Pretty Lake Ave, Norfolk, VA 23518

Mar 22, 2010
Cebollita in Mid-Atlantic


Never been; any suggestions? Love seafood, want to stay local. Particularly interested in Mexican Food; but would love to experience some Texas BBQ. Thanks!

Apr 21, 2009
Cebollita in Texas

Rio Bravo

I am traveling to Rio Bravo, TAMPS, Mexico for work. I am interested in great local restaurants/taquerias in San Fernando, Carboneras, and Matamoros. Pescado, Camarones. Looking to stay local, not get touristy. Thanks!

Apr 21, 2009
Cebollita in Mexico

Best Pub/Restaurants in Des Moines

Heading out to Des Moines, Iowa next week. Never been. Looking to get local, something that only the townies know about; everything is a possibility; but price should try to stay within the under $20 for an entree range. Special interests are Irish/English Pubs, Mexican Food, regional BBQ. Any ideas?

Best Place to taste Bourbon in Louisville?

Looking to taste real Kentucky bourbon while in Louisville. Interested in finding a place that has a nice selection of bourbons that give the uninitiated (me) a tour of Bourbon County. Ideas?

Paneer in Central VT or Burlington area?

There is an Indian Food Market on Williston Road in South Burlington. I don't know if they have Paneer, but it's probably worth a shot. Not sure exactly where, but I know it's East on route 2 and before you get to Burlington Int'l Airport. So between the airport and UVM.

Two nights, Louisville, KY. Two Great Mexican Food Joints?

Thanks! I'll try both La Rosita, and Santa Fe Grill! Cheers!

Two nights, Louisville, KY. Two Great Mexican Food Joints?

I live for Mexican food. Two best restaurants to get it in Louisville, KY? I'm staying at 401 south 2nd street. Near downtown. Your advice is appreciated.....

Best Damn Food in Louisville

Never been to Louisville, but I'm heading down next week! I want to really experience the genuine Louiville; BBQ, southern food; anything, so long as it's indpendent, local, and GOOD! I have a couple nights I'll be there on business, and I was hoping to get the skinny on the coolest local spots to get my chow on and really experience Louisville from the fork. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I'm staying at the Comfort Suites Airport Hotel, and travel time is limited, so it's gotta be close by (within 10-15 miles of the hotel). Cheers!

Good Lunch Meeting Spot in Philly for Approximately 10-15 People

I am going to be in downtown Philadelphia (staying at the Latham Hotel) in a couple weeks and I have to host a meeting of about 10-15 people. I was hoping to find a restaurant/pub that was on the affordable side, but good, that had a decent semi-private conference room or party room to reserve. Any type of food is okay, as long as it's good. Beer is very important, but not necessarily essential. Thanks!

Sep 12, 2008
Cebollita in Pennsylvania

Best Irish/English Pub Food in Minneapolis?

I hear you about the warm beer angle. However, a local Irish ex-pat here in the Northeast who runs a small B and B told me that with Guiness in particular, the proper pour requires the beer to sit out for a bit as the head settles, thus raising the temperature a bit compared to other brews. Might be true, but I trust your 'on the ground research' in England.

Airport Layover/ Best Philly Cheese or Roast Pork?

I'm flying through Philly next week. Never been, but want to try some of the local stuff. Heard great things abour Johns, and others, but my dilemna is as follows: I only have 2 hours 28 minutes to leave the airport, sample some Philly goodness, and return. Given airport security lines, that means I really only have about an hour and a half, and if our flight is running late, an hour. Where should I go to get the best Philly Cheesesteak, or Roast Pork, that's CLOSE to the airport and won't cost a fortune in cabfare? Or is there some other local spot (non-philly-cheese-steak-related) that I should go to?

Aug 18, 2008
Cebollita in Pennsylvania

Best Irish/English Pub Food in Minneapolis?

Heading out to Minneapolis for business. Want to eat Mexican (someone from CHOW already recommended the Mercado Central) and hang out at cool pubs. Looking for REAL Irish/English Pub fare; fish and chips, warm beer, and cornish pasties. Anyone got any thoughts? I'm especially on the hunt for the famed 'Scotch Eggs', which is a hardboiled egg, wrapped in sausage, then breaded and deep fried. None here in New England where I"m from; any in Minneapolis?

Best Mexican Food in Minneapolis?

I'm addicted to Mexican Food, but live deep in New England and it's rare that I can find decent carnitas or chili verde where I live. I have to go to Minneapolis in a few weeks for business; and I've got a hankerin' for some serious Mexican food. Anyone know of some good Mexican joints?