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Montreal - recs please for a favorite menu degustation menu & also for very late dining

Anise does a great dégustation menu but I like the new formula restaurants that let you create your own degustation menu. The portions are slightly larger than the ones at Anise.
The 2 that come to mind are La Loïe (René-Lévesque and Panet) and L'Atelier (St-Laurent between Fairmont and St-Viateur).
The food at L'Atelier is interesting, I would call it evolutive Quebec/French, with a good exploration of ingredients (red rice, exotic mushrooms, different game meats). Three to four dishes with wine will run you around 90$-110$.

La Loïe is great if you are dinning solo because all wines are offered by the glass at a fifth of the bottle price (no rip off here and ahuge selection) They have recently introduced a degustation menu or you can opt to create your own from their à la carte listing. The food is a modern take on french cuisine with crazy inventions like savoury marshmallow toppings. The dégustation menu and wine will run you up about 85$-100$. Sorry no website for La Loïe... that I know of.

Lunch near Place des Arts

Can anyone recommend a good eatery near Place des Arts for lunch today (Sunday)? The café du TNM is closed on Sundays...

70 people for dinner

Our company is hosting a North American Conference and we need to host a dinner at a Montreal restaurant for 70 people (we would reserve the entire restaurant on a Wednesday night). It needs to be top notch dinning (food and design combined). We have a budget of 100$ per person. Ideally the restaurant should be close to St-Laurent and Prince Arthur where the cocktail will be held in our offices. Any ideas?