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impress this Torontonian!

You know, I heard from various people about Pushap too and had it on my list of places to try soon, but for whatever it's worth, I bought the last Protegez-vous magazine a few days ago... and Pushap is on the list of restaurants that were fined for unsanitary kitchen and keeping food at an unappropriate temperature...

Late night lounge/bar in Montreal?

If you're looking for a martini & cigar lounge, there's Stogies on Maisonneuve corner Crescent. But it is VERY Crescent and the prices go with it.

kitchen moving

I am confused too.. so there will be more seating space at APCD?

Breakfast muffins: anyone have a good source?

For really, really good muffins (not too sure how healthy since they taste so heavenly), try Anton & James (1414, rue Stanley corner Ste-Catherine). HUGE and very good, for something around $2.50 a piece.

How's the food at Magnan in Pointe-St-Charles?

I was there last summer and the roast beef was as good as ever. Everything else was ordinary though - not bad, just ordinary. So if you go there, just go for the roast beef.

How's the food at Magnan in Pointe-St-Charles?

I only go there for the roast beef. Very, very good.

Up For A Restaurant Recommendation Challenge?

Le Local

Restaurant Recommendations - Large Group Bachelorette Party? Perhaps private room?

I had my sister-in-law's bachelorette dinner at Pino (Crescent corner Maisonneuve). It is nothing outstanding, but the food and atmosphere were good, and it fit in the price range ($15-25 for the main). So I do recommend it.
Afterwads, we headed to Stogie's (right across the street), a martini and cigar bar.
If you're up to take a $10 cab or the metro, I would highly recommend Ouzeri, 4690 rue Saint-Denis (514) 845-1336 (mains between $12-18). I like the atmosphere there, very good food (traditional Greek). You'll definitely need to reserve at both places well in advance.

Quick: restaurant suggestion needed near the Olympic Stadium!!

Thank you, SnackHappy, I have been considering doing that too. Have you heard of Pizzeria Dei Compari near Berri metro by any chance? Or anyone else? I will have to stop at Berri metro on my way anyway, so I thought of trying that out.

Quick: restaurant suggestion needed near the Olympic Stadium!!

I will be going to the soccer game tonight and we're looking for a restaurant to have diner at before... we are without a car so it needs to be 5-10 minutes walking distance from a metro, preferably around the Pie-IX / Viau stations. Something not too expensive (20-30 per person) but good quality. If you have any ideas, please let me know quickly... (I know I should have posted this earlier!)

South Shore: Pasta e Vino or Messina?

I am looking for a restaurant on the South Shore for a big reception (about 100 people), so ideally we'd have to take the whole restaurant over. I was suggested Pasta e Vino in St-Lambert and Messina in Old-Longueuil.. has anyone been to one of these? Any other nice restaurants you can think of that would accomodate a reception?

Le Lab

Speaking of cocktails, I went once this summer to La Distillerie, had a pretty amazing Mojitos there ! Any other (downtown?) places that serve really good cocktails and finger food?

Anton & James on Stanley

Their muffins are truly gigantic, almost like a cake, I love the double chocolate one!!

Chow near Queen Elizabeth hotel

China Town is within walking distance from the Queenie, about 15-20 minutes. There is also Mr. Ma just across the street from the hotel (in the Place Ville Marie), although people are very divided about the place; I quite like it, especially their General Tao chicken and their curry seafood platter. There is also Takara in the Montreal Trust building on Peel St., I like their sushi.
As for other ethnic foods, there is Star of India on Ste-Catherine St. a 10-15 minutes walk from the hotel, although I have heard that the quality of the food has gone down.
To the east of the hotel, I would try Abiata on St-Denis, an Ethiopian restaurant.

Where to take a Parisien...

Cafe Ferreira is very appropriate for business meals (whether lunch or dinner), and it is Portugueuse. Upscale, good service and the food is just great.

Love is in the air

The Queen Elizabeth is not that nice... it's old and not really renovated (although I heard they will renovate soon); if I were you, I would go to Le Germain: - it's a Boutique Hotel, very nice and romantic, about 5 minutes walk from the Queen Elizabeth actually. And they have great breakfasts!

One Sunday near Mont-Sainte-Anne

Bistango for dinner has a pretty nice atmosphere, you can check their website to see how it fits into your budget:
Auberge Saint-Antoine is a pretty renown and absolutely beautiful hotel: If you would like something less expensive, I suggest the Alt Hotel (formerly the Germain) - it is a boutique hotel, the Bistango restaurant is attached to it.

Ganges Restaurant - Sherbrook West in NDG

So is there a good, reliable, decently priced and very good Indian restaurant in Montreal? I am starting to think that the quality is dwindling`at all those I knew a few years ago... Gangees, Taj Mahal, Etoile de l'Inde...
I went to The Tandoor on the South Shore a few days ago... STAY AWAY ! At first, I was quite excited because the place was completely full when we walked in (on a Tuesday night). The service was a bit slow, but that would have been ok if the food would have been good. The food was far from good: barely warm (they put the serving plates over these little metal bowls with only a small candle inside) and the spices were just inexistent. If the onion bhaji and butter chicken were passably good (but nothing to write home about), the eggplant `sag` (or something like that) was undercooked and very oily, and the beef madras had fatty pieces of beef in a sauce that lacked spicyness completely. I will definetely not go back there and do not recommend the place.

Ganges Restaurant - Sherbrook West in NDG

I am sorry to hear their quality and service went down. This is my favourite Indian restaurant although I have not been there in almost a year. I used to absolutely love their onion bhaji and butter chicken. I wonder if it was a one-off or if it really went down-hill. Have you tried the Taj Mahal on Sherbrooke (Westmount)? This would be my second choice.

L'Auroch at Quartier Dix30? Any suggestions for a NY Eve Dinner?

Has anyone been there, and if yes, what are your thoughts? I am considering trying it for New Year's since my husband just loves steak... Alternatively, any other suggestions for a New Year's (romantic) dinner? We're not limited to steak-friendly restaurants, l'Auroch is just an idea. We are looking for something upscale, nice atmosphere (not too rowdy) and not insanely expensive (would like to keep it under $150 for the two of us)... and especially OPEN on the 31st. Thanks!

Family vacation in Montreal. Looking for a few good finds

You cannot miss Pied de Cochon (, but as davidmilne mentioned, you should definetely call beforehand and reserve. For a nice adult dinner, I also suggest Club de Chasse et Peche (

Great Restaurant Bar in Montreal (Casual Upscale)?

I would go to Pied de Cochon over l'Express.

best old montreal restaurants

Club de Chasse et Peche is one of the most important ones. Casa de Matteo (440 St Francois Xavier) is quite good, Mexican cuisine, nice atmosphere. I am sure there are lots more, I just seem to draw a blank right now.


Lots of restaurants and pubs on Monkland St., I am thinking specifically of the Old Orchard Pub, a nice atmosphere in the evenings. I also heard good things of Vino Vin et Terrasse (5674, ave. de Monkland), but I've never been myself. For breakfast, I recommend Cafe Oxford (Sherbrooke corner Oxford) which is the local joint (the typical, a bit greasy, Montreal breakfast), or you can pick up some bagels from St. Viateur bagels on Monkland (5629, ave. Monkland). And if you do like Indian food, you cannot stay in NDG without going to Ganges (6079 Sherbrooke W.) - I think they also deliver.

Christmas Eve December 24

This might help:
It has a list of restaurants that offer X-mas menus, etc.
Personally, I have only been to the The Keg (downtown) and Khyber Pass, liked both, it depends what kind of food/atmosphere you're looking for. I also heard good things about Bis and Chez Le Portugais.

New Years in Montreal

Not sure if you're actually interested in this since it does not involve any fireworks, but I just found a website with restaurants who offer special menus for New Year's Eve:
There is also one of the clubs and the specials they offer for the same evening: . I have actually not been to any of these places myself, so I would be interested if anyone has and what is recommended and what should be avoided.

Corporate dinner for group of 15

Within walking distance (5-10 minutes) of your hotel: La Montée - French cuisine, Cafe Ferreira - Portuguese; not sure if they would fit into your budget. Pino on Crescent is also decent, less expensive than the previous two. There's also Takara in the Montreal Trust building, or Sho-Dan on Metcalfe if you would like to go Asian.

High Lights Festival 2009

For the fine dining experiences, my choices would be La Montée, Julien, Inconnu et Chez l'Épicier.
I also had the tasting menu once (many, many years ago) at Zawedeh, I remember it being quite good, but since I have not been there in a very long time, I'd rather let others comment on it.

New Years Eve in Montreal

Although I have never been, I heard that the atmosphere is nice at Newtown and Pino, both on Crescent.

Mama Rosa in NDG

I am not too sure about this concept either.. I mean, if you want fresh pizza, you can just make your own, it's not that hard.. However, I would be interested if anyone here has really tried it.