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Amazing Peruvian in Van Nuys

No alcohol license.

Jun 30, 2008
Bman in Los Angeles Area

Pink Taco -- Century City Not Bad

Sunday with the kids and have not eaten all day. 13 year old daughter mentioned Pink Taco at the Century City Mall -- Morton kid restaurant. Got there at 3:50 and there was a line. They open at 4. Sat outside, very nice, service very good, but it was still early and not yet too crowded.

Quick verdict is that Pink Taco is better than any of the americanized mexican places in LA. Please do not compare against any of the great taco trucks or stands in east LA. Prices between 10-20 for dinners. Drinks between 7-10 and rather good.

More details. Chips and salsa. Two kinds of salsa. Respectable tomato but actually very good tomatillo with actual chunck fo tomatillo and not the guppy green stuff we seem to find everywhere.

I had the carnitas tacos. I got three very tasty tacos. Fully of meat with soft corn tortilla that were simply too small for what I got. Nice touch was the red onions marinaded in habanero chilis. Could have had a little more kick but one of my favorits.

Daughter had carnia asada tacos. Again too much meet for the tacos and with a nice cilantro topping. She had too take one of them home.

Son 11 had fish tacos that were very good. Nice fish with cabbage. He is picky about his taco and he liked these.

Wife had the turkey club salad with cumin. Very good as well.

Two margaritas on the rock no salt in the afternoon what could be better. This is not fine dining or the best authentic regional food you will find in the city. But it is good and easy.

If you friends are pushing you to an american mexican experience and they do not like to venture out of there neighborhood, try Pink Taco. I was surprised and will be back.

Jul 08, 2007
Bman in Los Angeles Area

Sabaor A Mexico

I do not get the wow with Sabaor A Mexico. Have been several times and agree that it is better than most on the westside, but not as good as Tacomiendo. This Sunday was kind of a disaster. We waited a long timeand when oour oder was finally ready the order was wrong cold and bland. My wife got a plate of al pastor that was cold and clammy. She asked for whole beans and go black mush. I do not thing I can convince her to return.

I agree that they have good tacos but have not been impressed by much else. The habinaros salsa is a big plus, but they do not have the agua fresca available Tacomiendo.

Do not get me wrong, I will go back to Sabaor A Mexico but do not understand the hype on this board.

Apr 30, 2007
Bman in Los Angeles Area

First Time Solo for Wife and Daughter in NY

I am a LA Chowhound sending my wife and daughter (13) to NY for a week vacation. They are very adventuresome eaters and have been known to break $200 themselves for sushi. Please recommend some unique NY places and I will return the favor if you come to LA. Yes they are from LA so they are health conscious and like weird food.

Jan 10, 2007
Bman in Manhattan

San Diego dinner for 20 people over 50 who are food fans

I am helping to schedule a dinner for 10 doctors and their spouses -- 20 people -- who will be attending a medical conference in the fall. I was thinking Prado but would welcome other suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Jul 25, 2006
Bman in California