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Private Room at Nice Restaurant for Holiday Lunch Party?

My company wants to have a holiday party at a restaurant here in Austin.

We are looking for:
-a private room for ten people
-very classy
-price doesn't matter
-open for lunch

Can anyone recommend anything??? We've got TRIO at hte Four Seasons and Siena on our list right now.

Dec 05, 2008
niconico in Austin

Inventive Tasting Menu or Chef's Table for my 22nd Bday in Dallas/FW??

Thanks for all of your suggestions.

And I agree, if you haven't heard about Achatz, definitely read the article. The New Yorker published something on him earlier this year, which I think was an even better read than the Food & Wine article:

Aug 14, 2008
niconico in Dallas - Fort Worth

Inventive Tasting Menu or Chef's Table for my 22nd Bday in Dallas/FW??

My fiancee and I will be in Dallas/Fort Worth area Nov. 7-10 for my 22nd birthday and would like to go out for a nice dinner one night. We need suggestions as we really aren't familiar with the area.

I've seen people posting about restaurants like Lola and Bijoux, but those menus really don't look that interesting to me.

I did look at the menu for York Street and that one seems pretty appealing. Does anyone know if they have a tasting menu or a chef's table? I didn't see anything about it on their website. How's the food there?

A bit about what we're looking for: We really don't like "typical" fancy places like run-of-the-mill steakhouses. If we're going to be spending a large amount of money, we feel like it should be for something very creative or at least wonderfully prepared. We've been to some very creative places like Alinea in Chicago, and while we don't expect anything like that exactly, we'd like a place where the chef is creative and passionate about his food and his ingredients. We do like places that try to use fresh, seasonal ingredients, although that's not a "must".

We'd really like an "intimate" experience...either a chef's table or tasting menu or private chef.

Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions for us. Thanks!!


Aug 07, 2008
niconico in Dallas - Fort Worth