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Maple Pumpkin Butter

I was in the states and had the most delicious maple Pumkin butter. Is there anywhere in Toronto that sells this?

Lebanese Seekh Kabobs

Does anyone know where I can find these pre-made so I can grill them at home? If so, have you tried them? How were they? Thanks.

Patio by the water

Thanks again for all your help. I think it will be something by the Harbour for this dinner but I have put Against the Grain on my must try list.

Patio by the water

Thanks for all your suggestions. I guess I will have to make a few trips so I can visit them all. I am just wondering if Queen's Quay would be better if we decided to go for a walk after dinner. I am not too sure what is around Against the Grain. Is there some type of boardwalk or is it just the restaurant?

Patio by the water

I just looked up Against the Grain and it sounds perfect. Have you tried their food?

Patio by the water

I have a friend coming into town on Wed and I would like to take him for drinks/dinner somewhere on a patio that overlooks the water. We are open to all types of food and the price range is not an issue. The food should be good, does not have to be unbelievable. It is more about the location.
Any suggestions?

Order-to-go restaurant between Airport and Ville Lasalle

I am flying in to visit my parents who have recently moved to Ville Lasalle. I was hoping to pick up some dinner for us as I drive to their place. I am looking for a decent restaurant where I can pick something up on my way. My parents don't like anything fancy or too spicy however I can usually find something for everyone at a Lebanese or Greek restaurant (other suggestions would be great as well).

I am not too familiar with that area of town so an address or website would really help.

Franco Agostino's New Place

I spoke to Franco a few weeks ago. The new place is Bacco. I have not been but I too hope that he has changed his ways. I wish him the best of luck.

Gift Suggestions

I am heading down to Chicago next week to visit a dear friend. We both grew up in Montreal and have just reconnected after 15 years. I would like to bring her some food/drink items that are available here but not in Chicago. Although Schwartz's smoked meat is something I indulge in when I visit Montreal, she is not a big meat eater. Does anyone have suggestions? The items do not have to be elaborate. One item that brings back memories for her is the pouches of St-Hubert BBQ sauce which she can't find in the windy city.


Sat morning breakfast near Sheraton Centre

Some friends are in town and they are looking for a "nothing fancy but not just pastries" breakfast spot for tomorrow morning. Within walking distance would be ideal. Any suggestions that I can pass on? Much appreciated.

After Work Meeting

I am looking for a place near Queen and John to hold an after work meeting for a group of 5. Some place not too noisy that has a decent and varied menu. We are a not-for-profit group so places like Note Bene would not be appropriate.

Franco Agostino, where are you?

Sorry Googs. I meant Agostino's as in Franco's new place, Agostino's. I can see the confusion I caused. Have you been?

Franco Agostino, where are you?

Now that Franco's place has been open for a bit, I was wondering if anyone has been recently and what their experience was like. I hope to check it out in the next week or 2.

Oakville on a Sunday

I am meeting up with a friend for dinner on Sunday in Oakville. I picked up some good suggestions from the board but in looking at their websites, I notice that they are closed on Sundays.

Does anyone have a Sunday recommendation? It does not have to be high end. A pub style place would do. I just want to stay away from chain restaurants.
Thanks in advance for all your help.


For anyone wondering what Franco is up to. I spoke to him a few weeks ago. Watch for his new place, Agostino's to open soon on Yonge St across from the Capitol Theatre. There are signs in the window indicating that he is now hiring.

Lunch near Queen and John

I just found out that I have a business lunch today (2 people) and I have to pick the restaurant. Lunch has to be limited to 60-90 minutes but I would like to stay away from the "fast food joints". Any suggestions for a place near Queen and John where we can have a sit down meal and be able to hear each other talk? I am not sure of their food preferences so I would rather avoid Indian or Sushi. Thanks for your help.

Lunch near Queen and Dovercourt, no Drake

Thanks everyone. Cinnamon Girls is a regular stop for me. Food is great and always fresh. We tried The Beaver. They had a large selection of panini sandwiches and really good chai tea.

Lunch near Queen and Dovercourt, no Drake

I just found out that I have a lunch meeting today and need to pick a restaurant. There are only three of us. Preferably a place within walking distance. I have gone to the Drake in the past but their service was less than stellar. One time we waited 45 minutes for our food and all we ordered was a sandwich and a salad. Any suggestions?

Bulk food near Yonge and Sheppard

I don't mind traveling to a Bulk Barn location but it would be more convenient if there was a spot closer to Yonge and Sheppard. Does anyone know of a place? I am mostly looking for baking products, various flours, sugars etc. Thanks.

Accessible Restaurant - Queen/University

Thanks Googs! I will check it out. I have run into issues before with washrooms being downstairs or there being "only 2 steps". As you said...very inconsiderate.

Accessible Restaurant - Queen/University

I will be having dinner with a friend tomorrow evening in the Queen/University area. She is in a wheelchair so I am looking for a restaurant the is accessible. She is not a big fan of Indian food but I think anything else goes. I am hoping for a nice atmosphere where we can chat quietly that is in the mid-price range. Any suggestions?

Looking for a cup of tea.

I am looking for a quiet place to have a cup of tea with a friend. Anywhere that is walking distance from the Yonge subway line would be nice. I want to stay away from the coffee chains and try some place new. Any suggestions?

Weekday Breakfast - Yonge and Sheppard

I have searched the board and realize that not much is available in this area. I am willing to drive but don't want to go downtown. Ideally it would be somewhere relaxed but I am tired of Whimpy's. Any suggestions would be great.