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Davide Ristorante - recs?

I will be attending a function at Davide later this week, but do not know much about this restaurant. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The bar at Cuchi Cuchi - what fun!

A rare night out with my wife found us at Cuchi Cuhci's bar between Central and Kendall squares. What a great place! The atmosphere (three enormous stained glass pieces over the bar, gorgeous blown glass lamps affixed to the long bar, hostesses dolled up in flapper-era glory) was steeped in the sensual. The cocktails were as well. We enjoyed the classic Pegu Club and Mai Tai, the latter which was divine. Small plate dining highlights included the Cuban Cigar (beef short ribs wrapped in dough with black bean salsa), sizzling garlic shrimp and a deep fried zucchini atop a sweet sauce that hinted at mole/chocolate, but with the consistency of a balsamic sauce. The place was crowded and loud, which added to the feel that this was a "happening" place.

Best burger in Boston ????? any successors to Tim's on Columbus Ave

The burger at the Druid is a special burger. It's enormous, properly prepared, not-overly seasoned and fresh.

Where is a good place to buy fish?

I recently met this young man. Very impressive fellow, a great deal of knowledge and skill. I enjoyed fresh sardines and freshly filleted flounder.

Spike's Junkyard Dogs -- Any Skinless Dogs There?

Skinless dogs are very rare in places like Spikes. Most places use natural casing dogs made in Chelsea (Kayem not only makes their own brand, they also make brands like Maple Leaf and Schonlands.) Others use Pearl or Hebrew National.

Deal on Oysters

Some time ago, the B-Side Lounge in East Cambridge used to serve complimentary oysters on Sundays in the late afternoon until they were all gone. I recall the oysters as fresh, tasty and abundant. It was a very nice touch by B-Side.

Best BBQ Brisket

Uncle Pete's pork ribs are tasty. I agree the brisket there is not on the same level as other pit masters'.

I would be relcutant to try the chicken fried steak. I too remember Jim Fahey's memorable rendition at the Porterhouse Cafe back in '92 & '93. Anything less would not be the same.

Where to go during Restaurant Week - restaurants who are not participating?

Does La Galleria have a website?

Where to go during Restaurant Week - restaurants who are not participating?

I have some time off this coming week and would like to try some of the newer places in Boston for dinner. So far, no luck getting reservations at places like Domani or Great Bay.

Can anybody recommend newer places that are not participating in restaurant week?

Boston salumi - Where to find?

Thank you for all the excellent information. This weekend's shopping is shaping up nicely.

Boston salumi - Where to find?

Thanks for the information. I will make a trip to Russos. Lardo is a real delicacy. There's nothing quite like the smell of it fried to a crisp.

Boston salumi - Where to find?

I have found a nice choice of Italian-style cured/preserved meats in the North End at Salumeria but am always on the look out for more. All recommendations would be welcome.