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Falls Church Area Recs?

Falls Church area recommendations ... I am sure others have many more ideas. These are just off the top of my head.

1. Bolivian - Luzmila's
2. Vietnamese - Huong Viet, Present, Pho 88
3. Laotian - Bankgkok Golden
4. Persion - Amoo's House of Kabob
5. Middle Eastern - Mount of Lebanon, Jerusalem
6. Chinese - Mark's Duck House, XO Taste, Hong Kong Palace
7. "Latin American" - La Caraquena

Mexican/TexMex is tough in this area. To be honest, we haven't found anything great - when the urge strikes we head to El Tio's.

Hong Kong Palace
6387 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22044

Mark's Duck House
6184 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044

Amoo's House of Kabob
6271 Old Dominion Dr, Mc Lean, VA 22101

Pho 88 Restaurant
232 W Broad St, Falls Church, VA 22046

Huong Viet Restaurant
6785 Wilson Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044

Anywhere in DC proper to get kosher brisket?

I've actually started buying my kosher brisket at Trader Joe's. More reasonable priced and very good. The last few I've purchased were delicious.

Elephant Walk - Thai in Falls Church

Yes, the restaurant's name is Elephant Jumps. We finally tried this place last Friday night. We thought the food was solid, not mind-blowingly spectacular. We ordered Drunken Noodles and Basil Tilapia. Both were very good, but someone had a heavy hand with the fish sauce. The fish was fresh and the portions generous. The service was attentive. We arrived early and the place was relatively empty. By the time we left I wasn't yet busy. Just thought I would share ...

Elephant Walk - Thai in Falls Church

A commenter in Tom Sietsema's dining chat yesterday mentioned a "new" Thai restaurant in Falls Church that was very good. Has anyone been to Elephant Walk? What did you think? It's located in the Yorktown Shopping Center at Route 50 and Gallows Road.


Ethically Kosher Meat in San Francisco

I am interested in BOTH ethically kosher and kashrut kosher. In terms of ethically kosher, I am interested in making sure that the animal and everyone involved in the slaughtering of that animal is treated with respect throughout the process. I have a SIL that feels strongly about this issue and I'd like to get her a birthday steak. Thanks!

May 11, 2010
LizG in Kosher

Ethically Kosher Meat in San Francisco

Does anyone know whether it is possible to buy ethically kosher meat in San Francisco? If so, how and where? Thanks so much!

May 11, 2010
LizG in Kosher

Open Kitchen - Falls Church

We were there a few weeks ago and enjoyed our meal quite a bit. We thought they served quality, good food at very reasonable prices. We didn't have the same experience as the other commenter - the food wasn't bland at all. I ate a celeraic soup that was smooth and delicious. My husband's fish was perfectly cooked and simply presented. I ordered a chicken burger that was extremely moist and flavorful. We definately planned to return. Our only complaint was the time it took for the food to come out. We learned after the fact that one of the kitchen staff had called out. We would definately recommend the restaurant to others.

Recommendations in Reading, PA

My husband and I are headed to Reading in a few weeks for the Berks Jazz Festival. I was wondering whether anyone could recommend restaurants worth visiting in Reading. We like all kinds of food. We usually tend towards less expensive, ethnic restaurants. What's good in the area?

Mar 10, 2010
LizG in Pennsylvania

Classes on BBQing/Grilling - Anniversary Present

As an anniversary present, I want to buy my husband a spot in a GOOD outdoor BBQing/ grilling class/series of classes. He REALLY wants to learn to be a better BBQ'er. I realize that this isn't exactly the best time of year to be shopping for this type of class. All the cooking schools only have schedules through the end of winter. BBQ isn't really a winter activity. I just wanted people's feedback about classes they know exist/have taken. Any recommendations?

(Note: The perfect class would be this: Unfortunately, I just can't afford to send my husband to Colorado let alone the couple thousand dollars it would take for the weekend of cooking classes. Does something like this exist closer to home? For far less money?


Thanks so much!

Near Great Falls?

A few months ago we were in that area looking for a cheap, inexpensive lunch. We went to Deli Italiano (near Old Brogue). It was an Italian place serving pizza, heros, etc. We ordered a veggie sandwich and thought it was really good. Portion sizes were large enough to share.

Dining near Closter NJ/Palisades NY

I will be getting married in Closter next month. My fiance and I have decided to go out for dinner, just the two of us, before all the craziness begins. The problem is we don't really know the area. We know even less about the dining scene. Generally, we like all types of food and consider food-exploration a hobby. The only thing we REALLY want is someplace quiet and relaxing, where we are unlikely to run into anyone we know. Any suggestions in any of the following areas?

Closter, NJ
Orangeburg, NY
Piermont, NY
Palisades, NY
Englewood, NJ


Jan 20, 2009
LizG in General Tristate Archive

China Star in Fairfax

We will be in Fairfax on Friday and wanted to try China Star. Anyone have recommendations about what to order? I've looked through the boards and haven't found much. Everything was rather dated (2004-2006). We love spice and are willing to experiment. Our limitations are that we don't eat pork or shellfish. The only menu items that seem to be get mentioned are the salt and pepper eggplant and the sizzling lamb. Can someone explain these dishes? What else is good? Thanks!

Recommendations: Maryland Eastern Shore in Winter

After our wedding in February, my husband (ack!) and I will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay for a few days (Monday through Wednesday). From what we've read, the hotel's restaurants are nothing special. Does anyone have recommendations for good food in the general area? 'Good' is the key work here. We like to eat ... all cuisines and all different types of food. We also enjoy the occasional splurge. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Sullivan County/Liberty dining suggestions?

It is possible to get good food in the greater Sullivan County area. The closest, nice places are Piccolo Paese (Italian) or Yasoo (Greek - 70 State Route 52) in Liberty. If you aren't looking for fancy, Cobblers is a bar/restaurant on Main Street. Second to None is on Rt 52. Both serve good, solid.

If you are willing to drive a little farther there's
Teds in Jeffersonville
Frankie and Johnnie's in Hurleyville
Buono Fortuna in Monticello
Hana's in Monticello

There are alot of options ...
If you are looking for Thai or Vietnamese, you don't find it in the area.

Nov 18, 2008
LizG in General Tristate Archive

Anyone been to the Italian Pizza Kitchen

I've been. It's tasty. The food is fresh and flavorful. I think it fills a niche in the Cleveland Park, Van Ness area ... decent food at a reasonable price. I would recommend the veggie calzone. It's filled with fesh spinach, onion, pepper, artichoke hearts, etc. It isn't just a mass of cheese. Enjoy!

Art and Soul Restaurant

I was there during its first week open. The food very good -- clean and fresh, if you will. Everything seemed very light and simple flavorwise. I ate fish tacos which was perfectly cooked. My dining mates ate salmon and ravioli. Reportedly, both were good. Just an FYI, you do need to order sides as proteins tend to be served with very little else. The wait staff were very attentive and friendly. The atmosphere was very pleasant. Desserts were delicious -- we ate an apple cobbler and a bread pudding. As I work in that area, it is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Help me Select the Pizza for a Surprise Party (NW DC)

I am throwing a surprise party this weekend for a friend. I planned to have pizza delivered (it's a pizza and ice cream party). Here's my dilemna. We live in Woodley and normally pick something up from Vace. It's the best in the area and it isn't expensive. In this particular instance, I need to buy 8 pies and would prefer to get them delivered Do I:
A. Get the cheapest option and get Pizza Bolis ($30 for 4 large one topping pies)
B. Go for name recognition and get Papa Johns ($50 for 5 large five topping pizzas)
C. Go deep dish and get Armands ($110)
D. Get Pizza Hut (price unknown)
E. Suck it up and pick up pizza from Vace ($100)
Please make suggestions! I know there are other options ... anyone eaten from Manni and Olgas? Pizza Angelico is just to pricy. Two Amy's and Comet just won't work. Finally, I won't do Domino's for moral reasons.

So, please feel free to honestly tell me what you would do?

DC/ NOVA Help with Chinese Food

We frequent Joe's Noodle in Rockville. Our favorite menu items are the veggies (shanghai cabbage, spinach, etc.) in garlic. They are light, fresh, and delicious. You can get the same type of thing at most of the more 'authentic' places in town. Our other menu staples are the scallion pancakes and the noodles soups. Our rule of thumb is that we don't want to order the Americanized chinese food (kung pao, with broccoli, hunan style, chow mein, etc.). They are the dishes that tend to be globby and sweet. We often see what other people are eating and point.

DC food "scavenger" hunt best neighborhood food

If you are going for DC-neighborhood fare you might want to try:
1. A slice of pizza at Vace in Cleveland Park.
2. A falafel sandwich at Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan.
3. A litteri sub sandwich from the Florida Avenue Market.
4. A friend fish bowl from the seafood market on Maine Avenue.
5. Some baked good from Sticky Fingers in Columbia Heights.
6. Something greasy and fried that comes with a slice of white bread from the Florida Avenue Grill in U Street area.
7. Some sustainable seafood from Tackelbox in Georgetown.
8. Mint iced tea, salty oat cookies, or cilantro scrambled eggs from any number of Tea-ism locations (Dupont Circle, Penn Quarter, Farraghut).
9. Peri Peri Chicken in Gallery Place Chinatown.
10. Watermelon juice from Taqueria Nacionale on the Hill.

I could keep going. These seemed like a good place to start. Happy wandering!

Peking Duck -- DC only

I can't vouch for anything downtown, but I know that Spices (Cleveland Park) and Shanghai Garden (Van Ness) both offer Peking Duck. I've never had the item at either location (I don't like duck), but have friends who have. They seem to like it.

DC-Baltimore: Best Kept Secrets (Festivals/Events)

No responses at all?

Catered Shabbat Dinner

I will be getting married next winter in North Jersey. The wedding will be on a Saturday night after Shabbat is over. My mother wants to sponsor a catered Shabbat dinner on Friday night for guests that travel for the wedding (rehearsal dinner).

Does anyone have suggestions about any caterers that could do this. We don't want something fancy (i.e., expensive). We are looking for kosher, tasty, reasonable priced food and a caterer that will work on Friday night.


Apr 15, 2008
LizG in Kosher

DC-Baltimore: Best Kept Secrets (Festivals/Events)

Last weekend I went to the Thai New Year festival at the Buddhist Temple in Silver Spring. It was wonderful! We were amazed that we knew noone that had ever heard it existed, let alone been to it. Such a shame.

In that vein, does anyone know of any similarly-ethnic/cultural gatherings? No particular ethnicity or culture required. I am not looking for a watered down block party (i.e., Adams Morgan Day, Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in DC, etc.). I am hoping for something more - with alot of great food, some entertainment, and obvious community support. We are more than willing to drive!


Thai festival in Silver Spring

I wanted to thank everyone for sharing information about the Wat Thai event. Such a closely held Washington DC secret it is. We went (around 1pm), we ate(mmm), and we enjoyed ourselves. In fact, this just might become a yearly event for us.

I used to live in Chicago. What I loved most about living there was the various ethnic neighborhoods. It is nice to know you can find a bit of that here too.

This all inspires a new thread...DC-Baltimore area best kept secret festivals/events...

Substituting Matzo Farfel for Matzo Sheets

I think I over-purchased Farfel this year. Was hoping to substitute it into recipes that call for whole sheet matzo, either broken up or soaked in water. Does anyone have a reliable substitution. Is a sheet a third of a cup, a quarter cup, half a cup? Any ideas?

Apr 09, 2008
LizG in Kosher

Thai festival in Silver Spring

I can't find information about when the festival is this year -- April 12/13 or 19/20?

Thai festival in Silver Spring

Does anyone know anything about this? I think it is to celebrate the New Year. I've looked for more information online. All I can find dates back to 1999. Any help would be appreciated.


Good Coffee Shops in Greater DC Area

A friend of mine is coming into DC this weekend. He's a coffee shop aficionado. He likes atmosphere, people watching, and obviously good coffee. Anyone have any suggestions about where to go? We have the basics down (Tryst, Teaism), any other suggestions? Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Caribou don't count.


Spezie, RW?

We went earlier this week and had a nice dinner. The service was a little off. I think the waitress was a little put off when we didn't order drinks (alcohol or non). The rest of the night, she was a bit cold. But the food was delicious. Their entire menu was available with no upcharges. There were probably 8-10 choices for both appetizer and main. My fiance had a fried seafood app and a herresford steak main. The meat was fantastic! I had a rockfish carpaccio app and pumpkin raviolis main. Both were very good.

A Jewish Christmas ...

I am planning to go out with a few non-Christmas celebrating friends on XMAS eve. We aren't set on anything specific, although for the sake of tradition it should be an asian-cuisine (chinese, vietnamese, korean, thai, or japanese). We were thinking of going out to Virginia. Any ideas about what might be open?