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Foodie, new to Boston

Hey all,

Just moved from LA to Boston-area. I'd love to get some tips on places I should try. These could be upscale restaurants or a little tiny restaurant that has the best "insert food here" that you've ever had.

If you ever need a suggestion for a restaurant in LA. Feel from to message me.



14 weeks left -- what do I have to try?

I have 14 weeks before I am moving to Boston, so I wanted to turn to the experts. I would like to try as many "must have" places in Los Angeles. These can be fancy restaurants, food trucks, brunch places, or holes in the wall.

I am based in Santa Monica, but am fine traveling to where I need to go.

Of the popular upscale restaurants I've already been to Spago, Cut, Osteria Mozza, the Bazaar, Rustic Canyon, Koi, Patina.

Off of the top of my head, the well-known "best of" places I've been to Langers, Phillpes, Father's Office, Urth Caffe, Sprinkles, Diddy Reese.

So if you had 14 weeks to - where would you be going!

Apr 24, 2009
Rangers4me in Los Angeles Area

Salad in Santa Monica

Where can I get the best reasonably price, but healthy salad in Santa Monica?

Aug 06, 2008
Rangers4me in Los Angeles Area

Ostrich Meat

Does anyone know where to get ostrich meat (preferably filets, rather than ground meat) in Los Angeles?


Aug 06, 2008
Rangers4me in Los Angeles Area