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Need a fabulous Salad Nicoise (Niçoise)

I'd like to find a fabulous Salad Niçoise - tomatoes, anchovies, garlic (usually in the dressing) and black olives, green beans, tuna, new potatoes and hard-boiled eggs, served with an italian dressing, possibly with capers, Boston lettuce, finely chopped shallots or onion, cucumber chunks, artichoke hearts, raw peppers, or broad beans.

It would be great if the anchovies were fresh.

Thanks, RC

Aug 22, 2008
redcorridor in Manhattan

New Mexican Chiles

For real New Mexico chilies incorporated into exquisitely prepared dishes, you will need to travel to Gramercy's Los Dos Molinos [E 18th St @ Irving Place,
after Aug 11]. They also have Sopapillas which I've not been able to find elsewhere.

Aug 06, 2008
redcorridor in Manhattan