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Fork and Barrel, East Falls, Philadelphia, PA

Another great evening at Fork and Barrel in Philly's East Falls. There is no other place like it!!!! Rare draft and gravity European craft beer(not an oxymoron) downstairs. Entirely candle lit. No TVs just great music, mostly Blue Note and other quality jazz and lots of conversation Feels like you have gone back in time and across a pond.

Upstairs is an "American Cask Saloon". Two gravity pour firkins on the bar at 50°, great bottle selection and they do 'flights' of beer from their bottle collection. Even a small salon type space screened off with comfy chairs. Food upstairs is currently just hot dogs done 1000 diff ways. They had a beer from Florida dry hopped with lemon leaves :)

Has anyone else been?? They have two other places, one in Emmaus, Tap and Table, and one in Bethlehem, the Bookstore....

Located on Ridge Avenue, just north of Midvale, across from the fire house.: 4213 Ridge Ave

dinner Tues- Sun at 4. Serve food till 11, drinks until 2am

Oct 31, 2010
Sun Ra in Philadelphia

Dim Sum Dinner in Philly

Dim Sum Garden on 11th between Arch and Filbert is THE PLACE. Get the soup dumplings and the 'shumai'(they are sticky rice/mushroom). Also, try some of the steamed buns...and anything that looks interesteing.

This is a very special place. They make their own dough, and everything is fresh, made to order.....

Mar 28, 2009
Sun Ra in Pennsylvania

Paella in Philly?

I second Bar Ferdinand for paella. We've had it twice there. First time was clearly not prepared just to our order as it was a small portion, though wonderful and enough for several to taste. We were glad to hear they had it available on our most recent visit. This time it arrived about 30-40 minutes after we ordered. Served in the skillet, and it had more in the way of large pieces of chicken, etc. Delicious in every respect, and very authentic sofrito(sp?), etc! Bar Ferdinand has become one of our favorite restaurants either with the kids or just the two of us.

Oct 19, 2008
Sun Ra in Pennsylvania

For Xplanted New Yorkers - pizza that tastes like pizza

Pizza is neck and neck in my book with beer for favorite food!

Though I am a native Philadelphian, I have spent a lot of time in NY, and my favorites there are Totonno's Coney Island, DiFara's Midwood, Lombardi's Spring Street and Little Frankies ?First Ave. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to try any of the latest offerings, of which many look awesome, and I will do my best to get there soon.

I have been to and love Sally's Apizza in New Haven. We plan our drive back from Maine to get in the line, lol.

So, Philly pizza. It's definitely not up to our beer scene(truly world class!!). Definitely depends on where you are looking to go.

In Blackwood , NJ, about 15 mins over the Walt Whitman bridge is Alfred's Tomato Pies. Definitely worth the trip. White, red, clam, etc. It's what you are looking for. Go and talk it up with Alfred. you will be comforted!

Tacconelli's is good yet it's own style. I personally like a charred crust. White better there than red. The deal with the dough is that they have an OIL BURNING oven which is lit, extinguished, allowed to cool into cooking range, so they have a limited 'window' in which to make pies. Thus the need to plan the timing and number of doughs. Lol, it's always a wait. You would think they would be right on schedule with those constriaints! Still, you have to admit it is a unique scene and setting!

I am surprised no one has mentioned the Dock Street Brew Pug at 50th and Baltimore Ave in West Philly. They make a nice wood fired pizza and brew excellent beer. All in an incredibly humble setting. Worth a try for sure.

Gianfranco on 3rd Street is good as is Celebres on Packer Ave.

Marra's has the oven, but lacks the fresh Mozzarella. As do most of the Philly pizzerias. I love the fresh mozzarella.

Finally, about 90 mins up the turnpike is the town of Old Forge, just north of Scranton, PA. They have their own style of Pizza, dating from the mid 1900s. It is a square pan pizza with a nice light crust and does not use the fresh mozzarella. I am told that this stems from the fact that they were loyal to the Philadlphia 'politics', while the NYC 'politics' controlled the mozzarella. Regardless, the pizza is scrumptious and no exploration of pizza style and history would be complete without a visit. Try Arcaro and Genellli's(spelling?).

All this being said, I make my own pizza quite a bit. And I look forward to my visits to NYC. I also read often, lol.

Aug 05, 2008
Sun Ra in Pennsylvania