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Le Central still any good?

I lived in San Francisco many years ago and used to love Le Central for lunch on Friday (for Herb Caen et al watching). We are returnug for a vist over Labor Day and I wonder..... Am I living in the past or it is still worth it?

Returning for a visit after 15 years

Many thanks Walker. Can anyone recommend good, locals-only neighborhood places for: Italain? sushi? Thai? We are staying at the Orchard Garden near Union Square, but will venture out into all/any of the neighborhoods. Thanks!

Returning for a visit after 15 years

I lived in San Francisco for many years until having to leave and we are now visiting again for the first time in 15 years. I remember my favorite neighborhood places but not their names and am wondering if they are still around. There was an awesome burrito place on the corner of 16th and Valencia (I think)... is it sill there? The best dim sum ever was in a place in Chinatown, upstairs off the street (an east/west street I think) with a fairly large wide staircase leading up to the restauarnat right off the street? Does anyone recognize this and can provide a location and name? There was a family style Italian place over in upper North Beach, absolutlely nothing special food wise but oh-so-memorable in my mind...with the bottomless salad bowl and shared was a store front type place on a corner is all I remember.

I know SFO has changed a lot over the years, so any must-have meal recommendations would be welcome. My fave fine dining back then was (of Course) Chez Panisse, Zuni, Stars, and a trendy place named Redux on Van Ness (which I'm sure isn't around any more. I know it has been a long time. Any suggestions for our trip over Labor Day would be welcome. We like authentic and non-fussy most of the time, but are occasionally surprised by the value/price ratio of the best upper end places. Thanks!