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Other Bars Like White Horse Tavern?


I'd say that we'll probably be out and about most of the day, but will probably start looking for some drinks late in the afternoon or early in the evening.


Jul 20, 2009
bmb2c in Manhattan

Other Bars Like White Horse Tavern?

Hi All,

This coming weekend, my parents (aged late 50s) and sister (29) will be coming to visit me in the city. During their last visit, I received an almost uncomfortable amount of praise after bringing them to the White Horse Tavern. They loved it. Be it the storied history, the picturesque West Village setting, or the Anchor on tap, I can't exactly say. Regardless, I'd like to try and repeat that experience.

We may very well end up at White Horse again, but I'd like to poll the collective expertise of this board and ask what other bars/taverns fill that same niche? We'd like it to be laid back venue, with a good cross-section of people and (relatively) inexpensive beers on tap. Bonus point if the place is an institution and/or culturally significant.


Jul 20, 2009
bmb2c in Manhattan

Birthday Dinner for 8-10 Twenty-Somethings in G-Town?

Hey All,

I'm a D.C. native, but its been years since I've really surveyed the dining scene in Georgetown. I'm kinda at a loss to identify a good restaurant for a friend of mine who is coming into town and wants to celebrate her birthday in Georgetown.

Our group just graduated college last year, so no one is swimming in money right now. Still, we're not that bad off and would like a nice mid-range restaurant with good food and a fun atmosphere (and maybe outdoor seating).

Can anyone recommend some good options? I've tentatively looked into Sequoia, Old Glory, Mr. Smith's, etc, but would love to get some more insight from the experts here.

Thanks in advance for any help!