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Anyone Heard Anything About Morgan's in Rye?

This place should no longer be considered a food hot spot. The clientele was entirely made up of privileged 'real house wives'. we were seated at 9:15 for a 8:30 reservation. wait staff was rude and slow. food was absolutely horrible. prices were outrageous!

Sonora in Port Chester

went last night for my wife's bday. still expensive for what they put out. It's like they were trying to hard to be innovative. I think if they introduced a few traditional dishes and mastered some basics it would be a very hip hang. also, since we were there on a tuesday and the only ones in the place, the wait staff was a little too attentive. My water glass was topped off three times before I even took a sip! sort of funny really.

Not so in love with Pikayo (San Juan)

We had a very similar experience. Lots of disorganization and very steep prices for what was very good food, but not good enough to match the price. I thought decor was exciting and modern and the environment warmed up about an hour in to service when more people showed up; we were the first ones there, and the only ones for about a half hour. Overall we had a decent meal, but were let down because of the high prices and poor service.

Shiraz - Persian restaurant in Elmsford, NY

My wife and I just got back from Shiraz. I agree their food is excellent. I was not impressed, however, with the service or seating arrangements. It was pretty busy for a Sunday, and instead of spreading people out, they just kept piling everyone on top of each other! Their are also too many tables and the the (slow) wait staff have trouble getting in between them. I almost got clocked when a bus turned around after clearing a table. After dinner we went around back to find their was a whole other room not being used! why not?!.


Update - Jan 16, 2009
My wife and I went last night for the first time, so here are our thoughts on a recent visit.

I used 'open table' to book a reservation the day before. no problem.
We had a drink at the bar before we ate. nice room with the sushi bar and I believe a completely different menu from the main dining room. Not to crowded for a Friday night, but then again, it was 7 degrees out!

For dinner we were sat right next to the window facing the Hudson. Unfortunately the sun had gone down, so we were not privy to the spectacular view that so many write about, but you could still see the GW and Tappan Zee Bridges and watch the barges (and ice) float by. The room was open, warm and inviting.

All of our servers were gracious, knowledgeable and not overbearing at all. They knew the cooking technique and ingredients for each dish and even the purveyors where the proteins and produce were purchased! The bus's would ask if we were both done with our plates before taking them.

We started with the lobster crepe and the wild king salmon sashimi. The crepe had large pieces of perfectly cooked lobster meat and the salmon was very fresh, bright and sweet smelling.

For entrees we had the Ahi Tuna and the rack of Lamb. Again, both were prepared very skillfully. The tuna was seared on the outside and deep red on the inside. The lamb was tender and moist and had that great slightly minerally taste. The sides on our plates complimented the proteins and were seasoned well. The portions were very generous but not over filling.

For dessert we split the 'Black and Brulee'. Cheers to the pastry chef! Basically a flourless chocolate cake below the creme brulee accompanied by candied orange rind. I'm not a sweets fan, but this was excellent and not 'sachriney'

With 3 glasses of wine the bill came to $140 before tip. We left feeling we had spent our money well and had gotten to enjoy a beautiful evening with great food.

Asian Temptation- White Plains

My wife and I went for a second time a few nights ago. The first time we went we shared some apps and split the Sea Bass entree. The fish was cooked very well, which is always a nice surprise when eating out, as most places royally screw up fish!

So we went again and it was a huge disappointment. I started with the Thai curry soup, which was all right, but was overwhelmed with the heat at the end. I like hot, really hot, but only when it's accompanied by flavor. For entrees I had the tamarind shrimp, which was nothing more than four shrimp stir-fried with a few veggies and douced in sickeningly sweet sauce. I swear the main ingredient was sugar, and it also had a strange chalky aftertaste. My wife had the Sambal seafood, which she was told was a signature dish of the house. We expected more than two overcooked shrimp and two rubbery scallops for the $20. There was also a lack of seasoning to everything on her plate. Overall I think the restaurant is suffering from an identity crisis. It knows it's Asian, it just doesn't know exactly from where. The result is manifest on the plate, where the food is muddled together with no distinction of character or flavor.

Splendors of the Sea at Nanase (A Westchester Sushi Update)

After reading all the hype I decided to take my wife out for a taste. She is a newly converted sushi lover.
We got their a little early, about 30 min! thinking we could have a drink at the bar. No dice. The bar is reserved for those who want the Omakase. So instead we were seated and ignored. We felt like children that had done something wrong. After about 20 minutes the waitress came over to give us menus.
I noticed 10 pieces of sushi was $45 and 9 pieces was $30. I wondered why the difference, but ordered the 10 piece thinking the chef's choices would be a bit more unusual. Again, no dice. It was the same selection of fish, very good and well garnished mind you, that I order at any restaurant I go to. So next time, if there is one, I would go with the 9 pieces and opt for a few extra rolls.
Overall the food was good and fresh, the atmosphere was enchanting, but the attitude and the prices have to go. I don't care if you came from Nobu or Pougkeepsie, as long as you can handle a knife and cook proper rice.

Aug 05, 2008
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