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Wedding Reception

I am looking for a wedding reception venue for about 125 people either in Montreal or on the South Shore. It can be a restaurant, a reception hall, a hotel... or anything else. And I would like to keep it under $115 per person. Can you think of a place where food is more outstanding than at a regular wedding and where the decor is elegant and not stuffy? Thank you!

South Shore Farmers' Market

Ah... I found the address:
Marché des Jardiniers
1200, chemin de Saint-Jean,
La Prairie (Québec) J5R 2L7
Unfortunately, I really don't know the name of the stand for the sandwich, but it is sold at the only stand where they sell a variety of fresh sausages, so I am sure it will be easy to find.

South Shore Farmers' Market

I saw a few threads on farmers' markets for various areas of Montreal, so I thought I'd start one for the South Shore as well. It's in LaPrairie.
Last weekend, we discovered an absolutely amazing sandwich there, sold ($4) at the fresh sausage place (no idea what the name of it is, but there is only one)... it's a pork-steak sandwich, they offer it either with BBQ sauce or tzatziki... both are really, really good, so much that I am planning to go there tomorrow at lunch just for that!
Also, just past the market, a few hundred meters away, on the right, there is this restaurant (looks like a chalet) and they have amazing BBQ-ed chicken and ribs! You can either eat there or take it to go.
So for those of you who like discovering various markets, make sure you try that pork-steak sandwich, you won't regret it!
As for the market itself, it's the only one on the South Shore if I am not mistaking, and I find that the offering is pretty varied.

Where did you eat this week ?

For lunch, this past week, I had one of those pear-spinach-nuts-feta cheese paninis from Chop-Crazy (I really like it!), a Moroccan ragout on couscous meal at Cafe l'Etranger (ok, actually not bad at all) and shish-taouk platter at Amir on Friday.
As for dinners, we also do sushi take-out from Sushi shop about once a week. All other dinners were home-cooked this week (which is not something that happens often, so here's a pat on the back for me).

Quartier Perse- a pleasant surprise

Yes, it has been there for a while... I went there too about 4-5 years ago with my boyfriend at the time, and had really enjoyed. I just remember that we had a yogourt-y entrée that I quite liked.
Thank you for reminding me of the place, I'll definetely give it another visit.

Any BYOB Restaurant in Old Mtl or near Crescent St.?

My BF quite liked La Trattoria (1551, rue Notre-Dame O corner Guy)...
It is about a 10 minutes walk from Crescent though.

Lunch near McGill - midweek?

I'd opt for Arlequino. They do not have a website yet (or I just can't find it), but here is a review from the internet:
It's a pretty place, elegant, not too pricey and very good pizzas (not heavy). The nutella pizza is a must for dessert. It is a bit noisy at lunch time, but that is good when celebrating, right?! Reservations are a must.

Why aren't people going to l'Inconnu? It's dead, but the food is great!

I agree with the OP. The food is very good, very tasty and I love the cozy, intimate atmosphere. People who haven't been yet should definetely give it a try!

Dinner after Cirque - somewhat reasonable?

Garde-Manger and Holder are interesting choices, albeit not too quiet. And about a 10-15 minutes walk from the tents. I also like Chez l'Epicier well, it might be a quieter atmosphere. And I heard good things about Graziella, but I've never been.

Dinner recs near Hyatt Mtl

You're within walking distance from the Old Montreal... I suggest Garde-Manger or Holder, about a 15-20 minutes walk from your hotel.

Walking distance from Le Lab, open this afternoon?

Any ideas for a good restaurant within walking distance from le Lab (1351, rue Rachel Est) and open for a (very) early dinner around 3 pm? In the 15-25$ range for mains.

Pied de cochon, seafood season?

They do not have their seafood platters yet... I was there tonight. My review... the food was good and the service was spotless. We had the cromesquis (to be honest, I don't think I would order it again, it was a bit too much for me), and the onion soup as entrées. The onion soup was the big hit of the evening... absolutely amazing! I would go back any time for that! For the main, I chose the Pied de Cochon plate... (big) piece of pork with a tomato & caramelized onion sauce with garlic & cheese mashed potatoes. I completely disliked the tomato & caramelized onion sauce, but that is just a question of personal taste, my friends loved it and took it home for tomorrow's lunch. The mashed potatoes however were very, very good. Dessert was the croustade aux pommes... very nice! All in all, very good dinner (my friend's magret de canard with mushrooms and my BF's side of a mystery vegetable (fenouil? looked like mini-potatoes but were crunchy) made for a perfect main dish). Next time, I will try the duck in a can.

Quartier Dix30... any suggestions?

Thank you for your input, Paul. I am looking for something specifically on the South Shore though (so it can be also in Vieux-Longueuil or in that area) as we live around there and although we love Montreal and often go out on the Island, we would like to stick to the Shore after our spa experience this upcoming Sunday. Has anyone had any experiences at one of those new restaurants at Quartier Dix30? oh, and I just had a flash... any opinions on Messina in Old Longueuil?

Quartier Dix30... any suggestions?

Any ideas for a good restaurant at the Quartier Dix30, both for a carnivore and someone who appreciates good quality/innovative food... and open on Sunday afternoon/evening. Am I asking for a bit too much? Oh yes, and somewhat upscale please, without outrageous prices.


That foie gras ravioli is just absolutely sublime! I so agree with you. It is too bad that it is not on the regular menu. I also had the crème brûlée when I went, it comes in three different flavours.. the rosemary one was just so surprising and delicious! Next time, I will try the pain perdu which I heard is great too... I also like the atmosphere in this place, very relaxing.

Visiting Montreal/Quebec

Personally, I really like the sushi at Takara (downtown Montreal: 1455 rue Peel, Montréal - (514) 849-9796). For steaks, you have quite a few choices one of which is Queue de Cheval ( One of the most spectacular restaurants in Montreal is Pied de Cochon ( they actually have a foie gras poutine (which is not your usual poutine but definetely worth a try) and amazing fresh seafood platters. Their wine selection is also very interesting. Toqué ( is a five star top-notch restaurant, Lemeac and L'Inconnu are exquisite French cuisine restaurants ( and Have fun in Montreal!

Dinners in Downtown Montreal?

There are quite a few choices downtown Montreal, where should I start?! Here are a few that will fit your budget, in no particular order:
1- Takara for sushi (1455 Peel St, Montréal - Tel: (514) 849-9796) - definetely better than Sho-Dan
2- Pino for Italian (
)3- Mesa 14 for Mexican (1425, Bishop St; Tel: 514.284.0344)
4- The Keg for steaks (5 Place Ville-Marie, Tel: (514) 868-1999) - more expensive

Personally, I think that the restaurants worth taking the subway for are:
1- Ouzeri for traditional Greek (not the fast food stuff) - 4690 Saint-Denis St., Tel:(514) 845-1336)
2- Lemeac for French - - expensive, but they have a $22 special for after 10 pm dining
3- Pied de Cochon for Quebecois/French - - expensive, but oh, so worth it!!
4- L'Inconnu ( - more expensive, but they have a $35 special for early dining (5:30 to 7 pm


Please keep in mind that people in Montreal love to go to restaurants so no matter where you go, it is best to make a reservation ahead of time.

looking for quebec city birthday dinner location with child

A favourite one for the locals is Bistango (, very good food.