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Oyster Help, Please (researched)

EaT was definitely the answer. Netart and Chelsea Gems were happy hour specials at 6 for $8 (no $1 oysters!), so we had six of each. The other available oysters were Tillamook Sweets, Malpeques and Yakima Bay and we had 4 of each, for another dozen. They were all fresh and briny. We also had barbequed Netarts at American Local - just barely heated and lightly dressed. We got a dozen Netarts from Flying Fish, but they were not fresh and had very little liquor. Netarts must have been in season - no Kumamotos or Belons to be found. But no complaints, either!

On a non-oyster note, we enjoyed American Local, Hubby is still talking about his pork chop in a biscuit. We stayed at EaT for dinner and enjoyed what they do with frog's legs. At Tasty and Adler for lunch, the service was a bit off and the coffee had been sitting around awhile, but the eggs and donut were perfect. We had a lovely meal at Levant. The descriptions of the food on the menu don't do the dishes justice. The fried zucchini blossoms were delicate and not greasy. The chick peas were more flavorful, but not spicy, than any I could have imagined. The lamb and duck entrees were busy, but came together well.

We ate very well - not hard to do in your city - and appreciate the many posts to help with those difficult decisions. Thanks.

Rogue River Restaurants

Had a great meal on 7/9 at Standing Stone Brewing Company in Ashland. They make their own beer and have some sort of connection with a farm nearby. Hubby said his lamb burger was the best he'd ever had. Excellent marionberry cobler, too!

Oyster Help, Please (researched)

Thanks to all for the replies. I was ever so glad to hear that oysters are currently so plentiful and delicious in Portland. I'm coming from the Dallas area where they are hard to find and sometimes pretty tired from their trip.

JillO I appreciated your thoughtful reply. Hubby and I can easily slurp up a dozen little briny bivalve each, so we are looking to keep costs down. EaT and Parish sound like a great idea. I do have a copy of A Geography of Oysters. When I get a receipt for the oysters that has the names printed on it, I save it in that book! I wasn't aware of the website that goes with the book. Thanks.

Headed for Portland tomorrow - will report back.

Jul 01, 2014
thebeanfield in Metro Portland

Oyster Help, Please (researched)

In doing some research on oysters on this board, I wasn't able to find any recent posts. I used ones from 2013 and did some research on those oyster observations. Based on that, I have some questions and hope you have some answers!
Carlyle and ten-01 have since closed. Dan and Louie's website says they have happy hour on Monday and Tuesday, but there's no mention of oysters. Are they at a special price then? Southpark listed no specials on their website. Do you know of any? EaT: an oyster bar's website said they had $1 oysters on Tuesday. Do you know if this is true of Parish as well? NWIPA's website made no mention of oysters, it was all about the beer. Any info on oysters at NWIPA?
Am I missing anywhere? I'll have a car, but won't have time to the coast. Many thanks in advance!

Jun 29, 2014
thebeanfield in Metro Portland

2012 San Miguel de Allende, Gto, Mexico Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM

Hi aledm,

Thank you for such a thorough, detailed report. We just spent 3 weeks in SMA and referred to your list many times to make dining decisions.

We concur and recommend the following restaurants: Moxi, The Restaurant, Cumpanio, Via Organica, La Brasserie, El Tomato, and Pescau. The bread and pastries at Cumpanio were as good as any in France!

We had a disappointing meal at Bugambilia. They were "out" of shrimp and recommended a fish dish that was just okay. The stuffed pepper was as good as your recommendation, though. We were the only diners in the place. Carcasonne has closed.

We found a new little restaurant on Coreo - Mezcaleria. It features mescal and foods that go with it such as worms and other bugs. None of that interested us, but the tapas style food was memorable. A lot of attention was paid to details and the service was spot on.

Feb 26, 2014
thebeanfield in Mexico

Galveston...any place worth eating?

We just returned from a week in Galveston and had some remarkable meals.

Lunch at Olympia Grill - more for the view than the food. A huge cruise ship turned itself around in front of us. Lunch at Benno's - the Cajun crabs were succulent and the pound (?) of potatoes that came with them were good for breakfast for the rest of the week. Lunch at Mosquito Cafe - fresh healthy food, most welcome after days of having everything fried.

Dinner at Rudy and Paco's - the food is sublime and the service is synchronized without being stuffy. The calamari were some of the best we've ever had, lightly crunchy and some how sweet and sour. Dinner at Porch Cafe - we enjoyed six little plates, the butter bean hummus was inspired, but the peach cobbler was disappointing. The cafe is light and airy but became noisy as the interior filled up.

Thanks for all the tips found on this site - we're looking forward to our return!

Aug 05, 2013
thebeanfield in Houston

Jazz for chowpups?

The park service has family friendly shows. They're during the day or early evening, free, and the "rangers" are knowledgeable and talented.

Apr 30, 2013
thebeanfield in New Orleans

Herbsaint or GW Fin?

Although our experiences were different, the food and service in both restaurants were delectable and attentive.

At GWF we split the smoked oysters and the lobster dumplings. Those amazing oysters alone were worth the trip. I enjoyed the scalabot and Hubby had the drum. The apple pie for dessert wasn't as remarkable as the previous dishes - but we managed to clean the plate. Service was prompt but friendly. Honestly, I felt a bit rushed. The entrees arrived while I still had a precious oyster on my plate. The noise level wasn't too bad, but there was some vibration from next door. It was a fun experience.

At Herbsaint we ended up with a table at the back of the front room. There was a large, loud party in the backroom. I started with the kale salad. It had slices of smoked drum in it that were like butter. Hubby had a pleasant bean soup and enjoyed his lamb neck. I had the duck confi. The citrus sauce with it was a nice contrast. We split a duck egg creme brule. It was lovely, but I'm not sure the nature of the eggs made much difference. Our table was too close to those on either side. Next time, and there definitely will be a next time, maybe we can sit outside.

Thank you again for your thoughtful advice!

Apr 01, 2013
thebeanfield in New Orleans

Herbsaint or GW Fin?

Thanks for your thoughtful responses. After great deliberation we have made a decision. We're going to both! We have reservations one night for a booth at GW Fins (here's hoping they have Scalibut that night) and the next night we have reservations at Herbsaint for the backroom.

Many thanks again.

'Will report back.

Mar 13, 2013
thebeanfield in New Orleans

Herbsaint or GW Fin?

We'll be in NO next week and need some help, please, choosing a restaurant for a quiet, celebratory dinner. I watched the video on the GW Fin site and it described the tables as having "ample space" between them to permit quiet conversation, but the restaurant seemed pretty lively in the video. Is it quiet? What is the noise level at Herbsaint? Also, Herbsaint does not post its wine list. Are there some modestly priced wines at Herbsaint? (We almost went thirsty at Stella! last trip.)

Previous postings have been ever so helpful.

Thanks in advance!

Mar 11, 2013
thebeanfield in New Orleans

What happened to Shine's Mediterranean Market

Thankfully they're not gone:

Delicious, but neither fried nor crazy expensive, Dallas seafood options

The Seafood Shack for big bowls of steaming fish soup.

Seafood Shack
11625 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75229

Turduckens in DFW

Whole Foods will have them fresh starting some time in November.

De Tapas?

Does anyone know if De Tapas in Addison has closed?

De Tapas
5100 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75254

Frozen Artichoke Hearts??

I found them at the Kroger at the intersection of Marsh and Beltline.

Frozen Artichoke Hearts??

Kroger carries frozen artichoke heats in a bag. You can use as many as you need. Not fresh, but not bad.

DFW: Lola closing.

I went to the tasting room Saturday night. I'd made reservations before the closing announcement and before the less than stellar review in Friday's paper. The food and service were spot on. I didn't have the wine parings, but the pours appeared to be quite generous (an issue in the review.) While the main dining room appeared to be packed, the tasting room was only half full. The only off aspect of the experience was the notion in the back of my mind that this would soon be gone. Such a pity.

Trader Joes - DFW

I got all excited and went to their website. There are six cities where TJ's is listed as "coming soon." Dallas is not one of them. Sadly.

Oysters in Portland

Based on your recommendations, we gave tried and true Dan and Louis' a pass on this visit, with no regrets. We sampled oysters at Ten-01 and EAT Oyster Bar. Ten-01 only had one variety, but we enjoyed them in quantity. EAT Oyster Bar had a tempting selection of six different types, of which we tried four. They were all sweet and succlent, but the Hama Hamas were amazing.
Thanks for your help!

Oysters in Portland

Thank you, JillO. We'll do our best to hit them all and will definitely enjoy!

Oysters in Portland

Thanks. Any suggestions?

Oysters in Portland

We're making our annual Portland pilgrimage this weekend and need some oyster help. We've enjoyed Dan and Louis' many times for fresh local oysters on the half shell at half price during happy hour. Where else would you recommend? I saw Alberta St Oyster Bar mentioned previously, but am not familiar with it. We'll be staying in S.E., but have a car. Thanks.

DFW - Salvadoran Restaurants - DFW

There are two at the corner of Webb Chapel and Beltline in Carrollton. Lucia's Cocina on Webb Chapel is Salvadoran, Mexican, and Tex-Mex. It's full service. I ate there maybe 6 months ago. I had a shrimp dish that was good, but that's all I remember. On Webb Chapel is a little place called Mama Tita Pupsas. It looks pretty bare bones.

DFW - Best Place to get Poulet De Bresse - DFW

At the bottom of the wikipedia site is a link to the official French association site. Did you go there? What a hoot! Only the French! There's an email link. Perhaps you could try that route. It doesn't sound like they share many of these birds. Let us know if you snag one.

food in movies/ grotesque chewing

"W" There are several scenes where he's shoveling food and talking at the same time.

French Macaron's in Dallas?

I've had macarons there. I'm not sure they're made on site, but they do seem authentic.

French Macaron's in Dallas?

Normandie Alliance

Addison Rec.s

Thanks for your responses. We ended up going to Mi Piaci. We ordered different appetizers, entrees, and desserts, and we were all pleased. There was a lapse in the service toward the end and the room was too loud, but other than that we enjoyed the meal and will be back.

Addison Rec.s

Five of us had planned a celebratory meal at Kenny's Woodfire Grill tomorrow, but they're all booked up. We've enjoyed both of the Chamberlains and Oceanaire (often noisy). We're not big meat eaters. Ferrari's is not quite special enough. Any thoughts?

Slow Cooker Recomendations?

I appreciate your responses and references. 'Seems people really enjoy this appliance. Maybe I should get one for myself . . .

Oct 30, 2008
thebeanfield in Cookware