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Cheez Whiz Question...

My first steak sandwich was at Pats about 1938. Accept for WW2 I had a Pat's at least twice a month during dating years. I would stop there after a date. Pat's is open 24/7.

There was not cheese until about the '50s. Provolone is the way to go for a cheese steak. How can it be cheese when it comes out of a can and slithers out of your sandwich?

While it is true tourists go to all three, they are not tourist traps. Most customers are locals
. Tourists come to these eateries because they can't get a Philly stgeak sandwich any place else. California has a chain called Filly Steaks. The meat is thick and the rolls are round. Feh!

---=Hal Rosenthal

Aug 22, 2008
halsue in Pennsylvania