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Best Old School Spaghetti and Meatballs?

My wife loves Yaruso's. I think it tastes like school lunch.

Best Old School Spaghetti and Meatballs?

I recommend the spaghetti & meatballs at Carmello's Ristorante on Snelling AV in St Paul. If they weren't a little heavy handed with the oregano, it would match the best I've ever had.

Also, the house made Italian bread is worth the trip.

Wuollet's Christmas Cookies

The CP and I each (unknowingly) bought groupons for Wuollet's this year.

We used them each to buy (lots of) cookies. What a sad dissapointment!

My advice to Wuollet's: USE BUTTER!! It's nice that your cookies are pretty. But it would be wonderful if they tasted good too! If you're charging over ten bucks for a dozen tiny cookies, why not raise your cost of goods sold by ten cents to use quality ingredients? Do you want to be the twin cities BEST bakery, or the MOST PROFITABLE?

Best Bakery -- not refined, not French, just good donuts

I'm still mourning the loss of Palm Bakery in St Louis Park.

Palm Bakery
6416 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55426

Di Noko's - Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

I'll definitely have to try It!

I've been known to drag my wife all the way to Chicago just to have Gino's East sausage deep dish on my birthday. If you've ever had it, can you compare?

Company Holiday Party

Obvoiously, needing space for 100 will limit your options, but it sounds like you've got a good budget.

The Lexington has a beautiful back room with a bar.
W.A. Frost could probably handle a group of that size and could provide valet parking.
University Club?

I'm suite those places would be happy to work with your menu requirements.

Where to take a non-Westerner for the most "American" food experiences? Must be baby-friendly.

Duh!... CULVERS!


Mickey's Diner malt waffles. Seriously.

Good Places To Eat in MSP

Exactly the three that I would respond, though I might also add Boca Chica for good Mexican.

Private dinning in St. Paul or Stillwater for 15

I'm assuming that the parking is your issue with downtown. That being said, I would recommend the Downtowner Woodfire Grill on 7th St. They have a very nice back room near the bar for private parties, and a menu that will satisfy many tastes. It's a very warm and friendly atmosphere with a fireplace. They have a pretty fantastic wine list and the meals are reasonably priced imo.

They have a parking lot directly across the street and I bet they would even reserve spaces for your guests.

We had a small company party there a couple of years ago and everyone was very impressed.

Cincinnati style chili in MSP

It's been a view years since I've been to Cinci and I miss skyline chili. We've made it a few times at home but am wondering if anybody out there knows a place in the twin cities that serves something similar. (I'm craving it so much right now, I'm just about ready to drive to the airport!)

Grand between Fairview and Snelling (MSP)

Welcome to the neighborhood!

None of the places you mention are exactly earth shattering, however since my wife and I can walk to each of them, we've eaten at all of them dozens (or hundreds) of times.
Here's the condensed version of our critiques:
Italian Pie Shoppe; actually fairly good. I like the thick crust, wife likes thin.
Huong Sen; Average food. Nice family run place. I think it's worth the walk. wife doesn't.
Pad Thai; Our default Thai rest. in city. Nice ambiance. Okay food and pricing. Popular.
Coffee News Cafe; Very um... bohemian. Good value. Beware of hair in food.
Everest On Grand‎; Interesting. Unusual. Only place I know that serves Yak.
Khyber Pass Cafe‎ and Wine Bar; If you have wine you'll be the only one. Worth a visit.
Cat-Man-Do; We tried it once only. Awful. We probably should give it another chance.
Also close:
Taste of Thailand:1669 Selby. I like the food better than Pad Thai. No ambiance.
Puerta Azul; 1811 Selby. Worth trying. Not always consistent, but often very good.

There are many restaurants within a couple of miles. You won't often be ecstatic but you'll almost always go home happy.