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Looking for green tea cake

There are two places I know of that make delicious green tea cake: Sweet Adeline's bakery in Berkeley and Ofelia Desserts (custom caterer) in Berkeley. They're both special orders, so you have to call in to request it, but they are happy to make it and can make it pretty quickly.

They have different styles, so you might want to try both. Either are really good for a birthday party or special event. I used Sweet Adeline's green tea cake for my wedding and not a crumb was left.

Sweet Adeline
3350 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA

Ofelia Desserts
Berkeley,CA, Berkeley, CA

May 02, 2009
zoover in San Francisco Bay Area

Why do people like extra firm tofu?

So I'm half Japanese, have grown up eating tofu, and I love it. Most Japanese-American folks grow up eating "regular" tofu, which has a nice softness to it and just enough firmness to hold together.

However, I keep noticing that my local stores, Trader Joe's, etc. have mostly "firm," "extra firm," or "super firm" tofu, and regular is not to be found. So unless I want a trip to Japantown, I end up buying firm. And I think firm is unpalatable -- too stiff, cardboard-like, and lacking in good flavor.

Having hard tofu used to be considered an insult to the tofu maker, but now everyone seems to want it.

So am I missing out on something? Why do people like extra firm?

My Korean-Canadian housemate has a hunch that people who are introduced to tofu for the first time as adults like "super firm" better because it "tastes more like meat." What do you think?

Aug 04, 2008
zoover in General Topics