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Salad King - still OK?

Thanks everyone for your opinions -- all worth reading.
I agree Salad King is NOT authentic and they shouldn't sell themselves as such.
And even back in 2004 the service was iffy and other dishes (to me) were kind of hit or miss. Anyone remember what SK was like before the current layout? It had zero ambience, and you got a number, then they called it out over a broken speaker system, and you usually had to ask someone else what number they'd called out. The entire interior looked like a bathroom in a Chinatown restaurant. But people still came, and it was always packed.
In the end, I am craving Salad King after being in New York for three years because I have not found a single restaurant here that makes Golden Tofu Curry the way SK does. Something labelled "Massaman curry" is always bound to not quite get the taste right. That's all. (IMHO Thai is astonishingly disappointing here in NYC, given the size of the city.)
Now, if anyone has found a different place that makes Golden curry the way SK does, I will be very happy to try it out!

Dec 10, 2007
kokoko in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Salad King - still OK?

Haven't been back to Salad King since I moved from Toronto in 2004.
Do they still make the most amazing golden tofu curry ever??
Do they still close between Christmas and New Years? Please someone say no!
Otherwise I will have to go straight from the airport to have it!

Dec 04, 2007
kokoko in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Teany Has Gone Downhill :{

Just visited again yesterday afternoon for the first time in many months, looking forward to the afternoon tea again (was not on the menu last time I was there). Two people on wait staff, and we waited a few minutes, ignored, until a table became free on the outdoor area. We sat down before the table was cleared, and minutes later the male staff (the guy with the facial hair, sorry did not get his name) came by, I smiled and said hi, then he shot my husband a dirty look and threw the menus at us after gruffly wiping down the table. Then he had the nerve to complain loudly to a pair of women that had arrived afterward that we didn't wait to be seated and just sat down! We were so stunned (husband pissed, actually) that we left. He should have at least told this to our faces instead of attempting to shame us in front of the other customers. Pity, as I did like the place previous times; maybe I'll go back if I know he's been fired, but I don't think I could get my husband to return.

Jun 11, 2007
kokoko in Manhattan

Magazines highlighting trends in cafe/restaurant design?

Thanks both of you! This will be helpful.

Jul 26, 2006
kokoko in Food Media & News

Magazines highlighting trends in cafe/restaurant design?

Would anyone be able to tell me if there are particular magazines that highlight the latest in any aspects of cafe/small restaurant design (e.g. interior design; menu) or are favorites of those involved in starting up such places? Preferably ones with lots of photographs.

Thanks all.

Jul 25, 2006
kokoko in Food Media & News