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I want to try Truffles but I don't know where

On the westside Gorgio Baldi's and Vincenti still Serve White Truffles.

They are $120 a plate a gorgio's $80 at Vincenti...

They do them on Eggs, Risotto or pasta...I would go for the risotto at vincenti at $80 its a steal for the portion size!

Jan 05, 2007
JonInLA in Los Angeles Area

Special Occasion Italian?

I third Vincenti - One of my favortites in LA. Gorigio Baldi is also a good choice, very dark and cozy but the food can be a miss sometimes.

Oct 05, 2006
JonInLA in Los Angeles Area

Tomato Paste in Tubes

If you are on the westside I pretty sure Bay Cities carries those tubes. They also have very nice selection of dried pasta and canned tomatoes..

I know Surfas has them too

Oct 02, 2006
JonInLA in Los Angeles Area

Bars that serve champagne cocktails?

I was at Vincenti last wedsnesday and the bartender made me a cocktail with Aperol (sp)? and was quite good. I asked around about aperol and appreantly its an organe flavored appartive from seems to go really well with Champange.

Oct 02, 2006
JonInLA in Los Angeles Area

Wanted: Buttery Chardonnay for everyday drinking

I dont know how inexspenisve his wines are but I would try a central coast chard - like Morgan or Melville (probably in the $15 range)...they are rich and buttery without being too over the top - still maintain some acidity to go withs ome food.

I also like Talley which I can get for about $19.00...

There always Rombauer...

Oct 02, 2006
JonInLA in Wine

Prix fixe wine pairing dinner in LA?

Opus is great!

Oct 02, 2006
JonInLA in Los Angeles Area

Need Upscale Restaurant in L.A. for Xmas Dinner for 30 people Private Dining Room

Vincenti in Brentwood has a private room that seats around 30 I think. I have been to a party there before was very nice and warm. They put to gether a great set menu with 4 or 5 courses.

Oct 02, 2006
JonInLA in Los Angeles Area

Any authentic MEXICAN eats around VENICE?

I would 2nd and 3rd the recs for:

La Playita - excelent shrimp cevice and pretty solid tacos (chicaron here is really good, the cripsy kind)

L'Oaxquena - Awsome truck, only there during hte nightime, amazing Oaxaquan style food. Torta Sesina is amazing, Tyuelada (spelling??) are really good if want a lot of food. No Carnitas.

La Isla Bonita - Taco Truck on Rose, Daytime Only, off Thursdays. Really amazing fish Ceviche - best on westside. Very good tacos - shrimp w/ avacado, carintas with beans.

Other than that i can also vouch for Guelaguetza and Mi Ranchito.

The is supposed to be a place that is on Santa Monica just east of bundy that has really good Oaxaquen food, does anyone know it? I think its in a mall and is pretty small.

best sushi/sashimi place(s) in LA area

I think Nishimura has the best sushi/sashimi omakase in LA. It is equal or superior quality to Urasawa and about half the price. It is a very tiny resturant on Melrose across from the pacfic design center (just east of robertson on the south side of street).

They have the best fish I have tasted in LA as well as some very creative, albiet authentic, japense kaiseki style dishes.

Highly recomended.

Aug 10, 2006
JonInLA in Los Angeles Area

Please help create a must-eat list for last 3 weeks in LA (long)

Apple Pan
Vincenti Ristorante
New Concept
Piccolo Cipiranni (on sunday when toni is in)
L'Oxcana (Taco Truck on Linclon in evenings/night)
Din Tai Fung
Nishimura (best sushi on beverly if you can afford it)
Musha (torrance location is best)
Shin Sen Gumi
Sushi Gen

Those are some of my favorites...

Jul 26, 2006
JonInLA in Los Angeles Area

Duck confit

I think Brook over at Beeachwood does an amazing duck confit. Depending on the menu (it changes every month) it can be the classic way or smoetimes a duck confit salad. Either way it always I've had in la. She really specializes in slow roasted, slow cooking methods like braising, confit, roasts and beechwood.

Jul 25, 2006
JonInLA in Los Angeles Area