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Anyone know where to find COCONUT FLOUR at a decent price?

I usually buy coconut flour online where I can find it for $4-5 per lb., sometimes free shipping. I have purchased it at SM Co-op in a pinch, but sorry to report I cannot recall the cost. A quick phone call would give you an answer. :-)

Sep 07, 2009
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Organic Restaurant Needed

I have yet to check it out myself so I cannot personally vouch for the place, but there is the new Organic Panificio in Marina del Rey. The concept is fine dining natural and organic foods, including meat and organic wines, with a view of the marina. If you go, please report back!

Aug 10, 2008
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Office lunch in Venice

Definitely Joe's for the great food (and it's closest to Pinkberry).

Jun 20, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Great Vegetarian in or near Culver City

Axe in Venice.

Jun 18, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Westside Weekend Breakfast 6-10 Girls

I'll stop in and have breakfast at Cafe Laurent this week, see what I think of the place. Thanks for the reply.

May 30, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Westside Weekend Breakfast 6-10 Girls

You're all fantastic! Thank you for your suggestions. You've made my task of finding us a great place to meet much easier and certainly more relaxed.

This Sunday, we're going to try 26 Beach (it's about a minute from my house). I've only been once, maybe a year or two ago. Sounds like french toast is the way to go. Next weekend, we'll start with the Venice recs, then move on to SM, and so forth until we find a good home, or two.

While I'm here, does anyone have feedback, with respect to the same preferences listed in my original post, on Overland Cafe and/or Cafe Laurent?

Thanks again.

May 29, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Westside Weekend Breakfast 6-10 Girls

This weekend, my girlfriends and I shared the first of our weekly Sunday breakfasts together. We decided to meet at the Rose Cafe in Venice because we knew they could take a party of 6 to 10 and the outdoor patio seating there is a nice way to begin the day.

While the food was okay, but the service was indifferent and inattentive, etc. As much we enjoyed sitting outside on a beautiful day, we will not be returning.

What we're looking for is a restaurant that can easily accomodate a group of our size, with good food and good service on the Westside. Veggie friendly is a plus, as well as fresh fruit and juices, but not absolutely necessary.

A friend started me with this list of possibilities (none of which I have personally dined at):

S&W Diner (she said it gets packed)
John O'Groats (ditto on packed)
Newsroom, Bev. Hills location (probably further away than most of us want to drive)
Champagne Bakery

Any input or suggestions from you would be great appreciately. Thank you!

May 28, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Midnight around LAX/Westside?

Love Pann's, but I believe they close at 11pm every night.

May 26, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

List of restaurants that focus on local ingredients

Real Food Daily.

May 25, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

LA-Good eats on a budget?

Definitely second the rec for Malibu Seafood!

May 03, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Mango Lassi

Mmmmmm, yes, the mango lassi at Samosa House is tops.

Apr 30, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Don't throw that lime wedge at me, I'm asking this on behalf of my wife!

When I went to Pinkberry this weekend in Marina del Rey (Lincoln and Maxella), I saw a large crispy shrimp taco sign up in the Rubio's window.

Mar 22, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Late delivery options in Playa del Rey? Menus online?

You might want to try Truxton's (Manchester & Truxton). I believe they deliver until 10pm or at least have plans on starting up a delivery service soon. 310-417-8789.

I've had the Peppered Ahi tuna steak, Thai Cobb salad, sweet potatoe fries, all good, but not mind blowing.

Mar 20, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Anyone know where I can find a VERY cheap lunch restaurant near LAX?


Mar 01, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Cheap dining recs for one on the Westside/MDR

Thanks for your reply on NY Pizza. Too bad the sauce isn't up to par. I can get through so-so toppings if the sauce and crust are good.

On Indian food, try Samosa House. While it's very clean, it ain't much to look at (also a grocery), but the food is good. It is vegetarian although quite satisfying. I always leave there stuffed (one samosa and rice with whatever entree I choose on top). Great option for take away dining.

Feb 25, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Cheap dining recs for one on the Westside/MDR

My close by go-to's around the Marina:

Akbar--Indian, haven't been in awhile, but like their chicken tikka masala, bartha.
Tajrish--Persian, good barg, kabobs, koobideh, fesenjan.
Samosa House--I eat lunch here often, but believe they are open for dinner. Good samosas, etc. Lovely people.

I bookmarked this thread and filed it under my list of westside places to try (Metro and Aroma Cafe).

Have also heard positive feedback on Tender Greens in Culver City.

Haven't tried NY Pizza yet. Please report back!

Feb 24, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Venison Tenderloin

I always age our venison for two weeks in the frige before using. This allows the meat to become very tender with no gamey taste.

For tenderloin, I cut into medallions, then wrap each piece with half a slice of thin cut bacon (thick won't have enough time to cook this recipe), pin with toothpick, then rest them at room temp on the counter for an hour.

Heat oven to 425.

When oven is ready, heavily season one side of the venison medallions with sea or kosher salt. (Make certain that the bacon is even with the cooking surface of the salted side of each medallion allowing the meat to have full contact with pan.)

On the stovetop, heat a cast iron or heavy bottom, oven proof pan on high until near smoking, then add enough olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan. Place the medallions into the hot pan on the salted side and sear for one minute.

Move pan to the oven and roast the venison for six minutes (MR). When done, remove medallions from pan immediately, turning them over so the seared side is facing up and allow to rest, tented with foil, for four minutes.

I often serve our tenderloin with sauteed green beans and scalloped bleu cheese potatoes. It doesn't get much better than well aged, perfectly cooked venison. Enjoy!

Feb 03, 2007
Rummy in Home Cooking

Changing Jobs, Culver City Lunch Spots?

The Bluebird Bakery. Great soups, good salads and sandwiches.

Cafe Laurent. Decent frenchy food.

Thai Boom has a great green mango salad.

Jan 17, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Going to the Lobster in Santa Monica...what do I order

Funny, Mateo! I've had far too many meals at The Losbter (client fave--they never want to go anywhere else!), but have managed to pick out a few items on the menu that are fairly reliable.

Appetizer~Lobster Salad w/ sweet corn & tarragon pancakes or oysters if they have them. Occasionally, we order some of the entree crabcakes to share or the fries with truffle oil.
Entree~the Wild Salmon, Scallops or Halibut. I've never enjoyed any of the lobster entrees.
Dessert~I like dessert although I usually pass when I'm at The Lobster. I do recall sharing a chocolate bread pudding a while back and a some chocolate cupcake thing that weren't too bad, but obviously not real memorable.

Enjoy the view!

Jan 16, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Are any good Persian restaurants on Westwood or on West Side open for breakfast/brunch? What's for breakfast?

I look forward to trying Shamshiri's fesenjan. It sounds delicious!

While Tajrish is not the best persian food I've had, it is solid and very convenient for me being only two blocks from my home. After a long day of fishing, when I'm too beat to cook or drive for my dinner, this counts for a lot!

Jan 12, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area


The post was not deleted, just dropped to page five or six or whatever by now. Here you go, the thread on Dainties Cupcakes produced from my bulging file of bookmarked places to check out. Please post a report if you get there before I do!


Jan 12, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Are any good Persian restaurants on Westwood or on West Side open for breakfast/brunch? What's for breakfast?

I don't believe they serve breakfast so this may not be all that helpful to you, but I love the Fesenjan (and chicken and beef barg, beef koobideh) they serve at Tajrish, 507 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey, 310-301-3344. I think they open at 11:30am every day. Going there tonight for some tasty persian stew.

Jan 07, 2007
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Where can I buy teff?

I saw bags of teff at Marina Produce on Centila and Jefferson a couple of weeks ago.

Dec 20, 2006
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Kaffir lime leaves, galangal on the Westside?

I appreciate your help and all of the great suggestions. Thank you, thank you!

Nov 30, 2006
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Kaffir lime leaves, galangal on the Westside?

I need your help! The whole family has colds and we're craving a spicy bowl of tom yum gai to clear our heads and warm our souls. This afternoon I travelled to five stores in the marina area (the usual suspects Ralph's, Gelson's, Von's plus Marina Farms and Bristol Farms), but had no luck finding kaffir lime leaves or galangal. I was surprised by this since the smallish town I grew up in always stocked both. I would greatly appreciate any advice on where I might find what I'm searching for.

Thank you!

Nov 30, 2006
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Honda-Ya Down Hill?

Maybe three weeks ago, my husband and I met up in Costa Mesa with six of members of my family. During the day, we girls went shopping, hung out at the beach and tried out several local places for breakfast/lunch that I've read about here on Chowhounds (my favorite stop was the Mitsuwa market). We planned to have dinner at Honda-Ya on a Saturday evening and reserved seating in a tatami room. I was very excited to finally have an opportunity to check the place out for myself.

Honestly, I was entirely nonplussed. While the service was good, only one person in our party of eight was happy with any of the food. We ordered at least ten different dishes, none of which impressed me. The garlic greens were a new experience for everyone and I did like them well enough (solidifying my belief that everything tastes better/great with bacon), but everything else...I just didn't get.

Happily, this thread has been enlightening for me as I found Honda-Ya terribly disappointing and left the restaurant entirely bewildered by all of the positive reviews I've read for it here. Now I realize that perhaps the praise was not off, but rather Honda-Ya was off.

Nov 27, 2006
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

something unusual in cranberry sauce?

Chiles de Arbol and just a touch of fresh, squeezed lime, served warm. Perfect with deep fried turkey.

Nov 23, 2006
Rummy in Home Cooking

Bell's Seasoning

Tinitime was right, I did find Bell's Seasoning at Surfas. Thank you!

Nov 20, 2006
Rummy in Los Angeles Area

Need A Kid Friendly Turkey Day Desert

This year I'm making spiced molasses cookies with pumpkin ice cream sandwiches (I'm travelling with dry ice, eight hour drive to Utah). You could use another cookie flavor (oatmeal, cinnamon sugar, white chocolate chip and pecan) with pumpkin ice cream.

Nov 15, 2006
Rummy in Home Cooking

Key Lime Pie emergency in Santa Monica

Not sure if they sell the entire pie, but Houston's has the BEST key lime pie.

Nov 15, 2006
Rummy in Los Angeles Area