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Dopo > Palmento a Dopo [Oakland]

This was just reviewed in the Chronicle.

Is Robert Lauriston actually Michael Bauer?

Jun 05, 2015
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Little Star Solano downhill alert [Albany]

The Star on Grand has also gone downhill.

I guess I have to go back to Zachary's

Jun 02, 2015
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Visiting Auckland, then Queenstown---seeking local restaurants

I just returned from Auckland and one of the best places we had dinner at was

66 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

It's Malaysian and the Laksa was fantastic.

Orphan's Kitchen is supposedly excellent. It was closed when I tried to go to it (summer break


118 Ponsonby Road Auckland New Zealand

Jan 26, 2015
RBCal in Australia/New Zealand

First Smoke’s Poutinerie in the USA Opens in Berkeley

Smoke’s Poutinerie opened on Durant Avenue in Berkeley on Monday, Dec. 8. The first U.S. location of a popular fast food chain with over 100 stores in Canada, the restaurant only sells poutine, the gloriously nap-inducing Quebec dish of fries tossed with gravy and topped with cheese curds.


Dec 19, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

New Zealand foodie tour - north and south island recs please

Post this on



Kiwis don't seem to know about Chowhound

Oct 22, 2014
RBCal in Australia/New Zealand

Where to eat Saturday night near Castro Theater? [San Francisco]

Starbelly is good but you need to make reservations or they put you in the back patio and the heaters don't work very well.

Oct 22, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

ok, how about good areas in Oakland?

Whoever said JLS is depressing and not hopping is way out of date.

People from SF take the ferry over on the weekends and there are lots of good restaurants there or within walking distance to Old Town Oakland or Chinatown.

The Dim Sum in Chinatown is as good or better than in SF.

That said I would stay in Rockridge if it were me.

Note the other direction from SF on BART is Walnut Creek which is also a charming town with excellent restaurants.

Oct 17, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Box and Bells Eating House - Oakland

Just an FYI

Restauranteurs have a vested interest and their posts I take with a grain of salt and pepper.

Sep 10, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Lunch in Sausalito

Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael is owned by Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead) and has good food. It's on the water though not with a city view.

Occasionally Phil plays but it's usually other bands that play. There is no cover charge but entrees are in the $15 to $20 range.

souley vegan----downtown oakland

Sorry for the obnoxious post listing other vegetarian choices.

The post was to point out that there are better vegan/vegetarian choices nearby.

Sep 06, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

souley vegan----downtown oakland

Other Vegan Restaurants in the East Bay
Golden Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant 1301 Franklin St Oakland

Nature Vegetarian Restaurant 1116 Franklin St Oakland

Encuentro Jack London Square 550 2nd St Oakland

Shangri-La Vegan 4001 Linden St Oakland

Sep 05, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Grocery Outlet August, 2014

If Grocery Outlet is sold WinCo is an alternative. Unfortunately the closest one is in Pittsburgh CA.

They also pay and treat their employees well like CostCo does.

Aug 04, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Who are the best food/restaurant bloggers in SF, and where do they eat?

Worst is Michael Bauer

Jun 20, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Where to live in Oakland for food?

Yes, I know I live in the neighborhood.

Jun 10, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Where to live in Oakland for food?

The only neighborhood which is more expensive than Rockridge is Estates Drive on the Piedmont side of Montclair.

As stated previously Piedmont is a separate city from Oakland.

Claremont/Elmwood is about the same price as Rockridge.

Jun 09, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Where to live in Oakland for food?

Concord or Walnut Creek

You didn't mention a price range. Rockridge is closest to what you describe but it's also the most expensive neighborhood in Oakland. Montclair has a farmers market and a couple grocery stores but the restaurants are not that great there IMHO.

Jun 06, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Melbourne Chinatown sushi bar - I know it's a long shot

There are quite a few near the grand red arches
Sushi Masa
Shuji Sushi
Aki Tombo
Sushi Bentobox
Oishi Sushi
Sushi Jin
Sushi Sushi
Saki Sushi Bar
Sukura Kaiten Sushi

I would go to yelp and look at the menus and use google maps to look at the outside of them

Jun 02, 2014
RBCal in Australia/New Zealand

Please Critique My San Francisco Itinerary

Disappointing that Chowhound doesn't even allow actual reports about restaurant closures by the health department. These are not rumors but actual news stories.

I'm going back to review sites which are more concerned about people's health than the restaurants reputation.

May 19, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Chronicle Top 100 2014

The Huarache Distrito Federal and my companion had the Chilaquiles.

My egg was cold and my companions egg who prefers the yolk solidly cooked had to return it. They got the egg wrong even the 2nd time. If they can't cook an egg to order the chef is inexperienced.

May 14, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Chronicle Top 100 2014

I recently ate at Nido and was not impressed with either the service or the food.

I won't be taking Bauer's advice in the future.

May 13, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Best tacos in the U.S. ...and the winner is...

Yes, this list is crap.

Anybody who thinks Chico's Tacos in El Paso is in the top ten has not eaten there.
Chico's Tacos are swimming in what tastes like Campbells tomato soup (and probably is) and sprinkled with processed cheese.

May 07, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Marzano in Oakland -- Report

I found it overpriced. Hopefully the new gastropub taking over the space will be more affordable.

Apr 29, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Thinking of Leaving SF for Berkeley or Oakland. Crazy?

Oakland is hot, SF is not.

Just go to Art Murmur the first Friday of every month and see.

Uptown and Temescal are full of art galleries and good restaurants. Chinatown and Koreatown have dozens of good restaurants. All the authentic Mexican food in the Mission district of SF is being pushed out by the high tech yuppies. There is plenty of authentic Mexican food in Oakland.

Jan 23, 2014
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Dungeness Crab Prices 2013/2014 Season

$4.99 a lb at Costco today

Dec 22, 2013
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Apparently M Bauer is not recognized everywhere in S.F.

Welcome to the real world. Bauer's reviews are worthless since the experience of real people is nothing like the dining experience he usually receives.

Dec 22, 2013
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Suggestions for X'mas day dining...

Salute e Vita in Richmond has a better view and better food than Skates

Dec 22, 2013
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area


Zachary's is over-rated and has been surpassed by Little Star in Albany or The Star on Grand Avenue in Oakland.

Sep 24, 2013
RBCal in San Francisco Bay Area

Quick and Easy Fresh Tomato Recipes?

We are beginning to get overwhelmed with fresh tomatoes. Can anyone recommend some easy, fast, good recipes for fresh tomatoes?


Sep 09, 2013
RBCal in Home Cooking

Authentic Mexican food in Palm Springs and surrounding cities

Taqueria Tlaquepaque‎
650 East Sunny Dunes Road, Palm Springs, CA 92264-8194
(760) 325-1125‎

It's a dive but authentic Mexican. They have birria ands sesos among other exotic meats.

Taqueria Tlaquepaque
650 E Sunny Dunes Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Apr 05, 2010
RBCal in California

Something Unique In Palm Springs

Kinda hard to answer without more info.

Definitely unique, a cheap dive with excellent food
Taqueria Tlaquepaque
650 East Sunny Dunes Road
Palm Springs, CA 92264-8194
(760) 325-1125

Sherman's Deli & Bakery
401 East Tahquitz Canyon Way
Palm Springs, CA 92262
(760) 325-1199

Norma's or Mister Parkers

The last is expensive but unique. The first two are cheap and unique and more for breakfast/lunch.

Mar 05, 2010
RBCal in California