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Belcampo Meat Co, Palo Alto (Town & Country Village) - anyone been yet?

Went there a few weeks ago and got their chili dog and lamb slider. Both were pretty good. The chili had a nice amount of meat in it (i.e. it wasn't all beans). The hotdog bun was pretty buttery, which is nice although perhaps unnecessary given all the moisture from the other ingredients.

I later ordered the cheesesteak for delivery - pretty good as well, though it was sort of an upscale version of the normal cheesesteak. It could have been a tad moister with a tad more meat, to my preference.

The meat case looks great - haven't tried anything from there yet though.

Best Asian in San Francisco

True... some good Korean places too, in my experience.

Best Asian in San Francisco

Hmm - Asian food in Flushing is pretty good though, no?

Crystal Jade [San Francisco]

Just saw this posting for a GM on craigslist:


Hopefully a good sign of some activity :)

A "special" dinner in SFBA -- your thoughts much appreciated

Ah I see - guess I'm out of the loop! :)

A "special" dinner in SFBA -- your thoughts much appreciated

I'd definitely agree that if you didn't like AQ, you probably wouldn't like Commonwealth either.

Some restaurants you might look into on the Italian side - SPQR, Cotogna, La Ciccia.

Also, it's not my cup of tea, but I think Benu has an a la carte menu.

Crystal Jade [San Francisco]

For what it's worth, I peeked through the cracks of the temporary wall they put up, a few nights ago. It was dark outside but there were lights on inside, so it was easy to see inside. Things look very far from being ready - I would very surprised if they hit their supposed Fall 2014 opening date. Everything was very much still under construction - some drywall had been put up, but not much else.

ISO Envy Apples

Saw them at the new Los Altos Safeway last weekend!

Little China Kitchen - Downtown San Mateo

Unless the homeless people are Chinese, I think you'd be more likely to find the dishes they ask for at Little China Kitchen. The menu has more dishes that you'd find at a typical Americanized Chinese restaurant. The quality is great, never had any issues.

Little China Kitchen - Downtown San Mateo

I haven't been there for a few months, but I like it. Pretty healthily prepared. I wouldn't recommend it if people are expecting greasy food though.

NEW: Chino in the Mission, SF - Menu has XLB & open daily until 1AM, any reports yet?

We went around 8pm on Saturday... wait was 1+ hours for a table, but we were lucky enough to score seating at the bar (which seemed to be an everybody-for-themselves situation).

Neufield Farms Fresh Goji Berries at Healdsburg Farmers Market

Thanks - will try that...

NEW: Chino in the Mission, SF - Menu has XLB & open daily until 1AM, any reports yet?

Can't tell if their execution has improved since earlier visits by you fine folks, but I tried it out on Saturday and really enjoyed my meal there.

We got the cold sesame noodles, XLB, dumplings, lamb skewers, and green tea soft serve.

All were delicious... the XLB were very solidly executed, absolutely no fault could be found. The skin wasn't too mushy and held up well, plenty of soup, etc. The dumplings were pretty tasty - the filling was on the more solid / meaty side.

The green tea dessert was really good - reminded me of the green tea gelato at Marco Polo. I'm so glad they didn't make it overly sweet.

I found the ambiance pretty interesting as it's the only restaurant I can think of that is more Asian-American than Asian in theme. A welcome addition to the scene in my book!

Neufield Farms Fresh Goji Berries at Healdsburg Farmers Market

Amazing!! How were they? I so want to go and get some, but it's a big 2-hour gamble if it's off and on :(

authentic chinese restaurant with good ambience for a first date? [San Francisco]

I suppose on how well you know the person you're going on the first date with. If it were a blind date or something, I'd much prefer somewhere less intimate so that it's less painful if it isn't a good fit.

authentic chinese restaurant with good ambience for a first date? [San Francisco]

Second this, or the restaurant...

Favorite Fish and Chips for F and C Friday?

Yup, loved it... can't fathom why anyone wouldn't like it unless it was on the basis of price (or they don't like fish and chips).

stone fruit 2014 bad season?

Seems about the same as last year to me... I got some really good fruit from K&J just last weekend.

richmond costco selling hawaii poke today

I think quite a few Costcos in the Bay Area regularly sell poke... at least I feel like I see it all the time...

What does "eating healthy" mean anymore?

I'm so curious - what foods contributed to the disease? (so I don't make the same mistake...)

Jun 25, 2014
mr_darcy in General Topics

Palo Alto/Menlo Park rant

If you like Blue Bottle, there's one in the AOL building in PA. Also, I don't know if they make espresso or cappuccino, but people like Philz (two locations in PA) for coffee as well.

Pacific Catch and Paul Martin- new in Mountain View- any feedback?

I like Pacific Catch a lot - the one in Mountain View is pretty much the same as the one in San Mateo (and I would imagine others as well). The portions are fairly generous - it's a very solid, reliable place for a casual meal.

Locally made boba/tapioca balls??

That used to be the case - but sadly, there are now more and more reports of issues with Taiwanese products as well. It appears they've caught up!

Ike's at Stanford -- Closed

Thank goodness - I thought I was the only one. That place is atrocious...

Cotton Candy Grapes

Anyone tried it?


I just picked up a bag from Whole Foods and was pleasantly surprised - definitely a cotton candy flavor at first (though it fades away pretty quickly).

Jun 09, 2014
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Beijing Duck House (Cupertino)

Glad to know I'm not the only one who loathes the Korean version... there is never enough meat, and the flavor is completely off!

For what it's worth, as someone who did grow up with the Chinese version, I did like the zha jiang mian a lot. Although I think the version at House of Pancakes in SF is slightly better (if nothing else, for the more delicate noodles).

I meant to post this earlier, but for those who are interested, here's a picture of the Beijing specialities section of the menu (and some other pictures of food). The food was pretty good overall, though the lamb soup was very under-salted.

Best poached eggs in the Eastbay?

What makes a poached egg great - is it just getting the timing right (hard white, soft yellow)? Or is there something else?

Tai Wu Millbrae

Close - it's egg whites, scallops, and crab. I was expecting the egg white to be made with milk / cream / corn starch so that it'd be more saucy - but this was just plain egg white. Don't know if I'd order it again (bits of shell with the crab) - it wasn't bad though.

Tai Wu Millbrae

Just went there tonight - here's a couple pics. My favorite was actually the red bean / purple rice soup dessert they served at the end - I usually hate the free desserts at the end because they're too sweet to my taste, but this was perfect.

Milpitas Square, 2014

Well, it is run by a cult... ;)