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G&S Farms - Brentwood Diamond Corn

Yea, I don't really care about whether the corn is organic personally, since I figure any harmful chemicals have quite a bit to get through before they reach the kernels. Thanks for the tip on the corn creamer - bought one off Amazon. Looking forward to using it!

G&S Farms - Brentwood Diamond Corn

Doesn't seem like they're organic, based on the article here -

G&S Farms - Brentwood Diamond Corn

Thanks for the tip!

G&S Farms - Brentwood Diamond Corn

I've always been curious about this place, as their line at the San Mateo Farmer's Market is always ridiculously long (at least much longer than you would expect for corn...).

So this past weekend, we finally got a few ears, and wow - that is some good corn! Better than the other Brentwood corn we found at Whole Foods.

What do people here think of them? Is this as good as it gets, or is this just the tip of the iceberg? I've generally not paid attention to corn at farmer's markets because I don't really like eating it on the cob (but this was good enough to make an exception).

Best Chinese available for takeout in the Menlo Park area

Most of the usual suspects have been mentioned already - I would just add R&B Seafood in Palo Alto, which is pretty far from Sichuan (to your request) but decent Cantonese.

Kagoshima Wagju chuck roll at Nijiya

FYI Mitsuwa and Marukai have real wagyu fairly often (at similar prices I believe)

Tom Wilson Oranges Are Back!

Heard from Andronico's that they won't have them this year, due to drought.

Tom Wilson Oranges Are Back!

Anyone seen them this year? It's been a long wait!

Quick and Healthy Fast Food in the bay area?

Evolution Fresh
Fish's Wild

Is Philz Coffee That Good?

It's definitely not food truck hype - their permanent locations are usually pretty packed as well.

SRF "American Kobe" Roast Beef @ Costco

Yea, that'd be my guess as well. I imagine those cuts are what are traditionally used to make roast beef anyways. For what it's worth, Draeger's Kobe pastrami also less than $20 - So the price at Costco seems on point (although SRF typically has a premium over other American Kobe).

SRF "American Kobe" Roast Beef @ Costco

Looks like it's actually 8 slices each package - I think the total (for 2 packages) is 1lb.

SRF "American Kobe" Roast Beef @ Costco

Ah, I forgot about that - updated the title. SRF is generally good enough that I forget sometimes :)

SRF "American Kobe" Roast Beef @ Costco

It's 2 packs of about 10 slices each, for about $11 (this is all approximate).

SRF "American Kobe" Roast Beef @ Costco

A few weeks ago, the Redwood City Costco started carrying Kobe roast beef from Snake River Farms. It's by far the best pre-packaged roast beef I've had - tender, well marbled, with not a hint of chewiness. Don't know if other Costco locations are carrying it too, but just thought I'd mention it.

Mourad (from Aziza) [San Francisco]

Had a very enjoyable meal at Mourad Lahlou's eponymous restaurant last night, and thought I'd post about it since I didn't see any other mention here.

In general, I would describe the food as significantly more modern and fusion than Aziza. The service was good, though a bit nervous (I think they had some early feedback that they need to improve on that front). The ambiance is definitely unlike Aziza - I would say it's almost like a Moroccan version of Hakkasan in that respect.

Back to the food - we got the kampachi (pictured) and smoked salmon for appetizers. I don't eat raw fish, so can't comment directly on the kampachi, but am told that it was good. The salmon was excellent - a glazed 1-inch slice off a fillet. It reminded me very slightly of the smoked salmon at Willow's Inn on Lummi Island, probably because it was tender and warm (but it would be unfair to expect it to beat the salmon at Willow's Inn).

For our main course, we shared the snapper and cabbage (which is really just a side). The snapper was perfectly cooked and rested on a bed of beans in a buttery saffron broth. To be honest, I would have liked the beans cooked just a little bit longer so that the skin would be softer, but the flavors worked together so well that I didn't really mind. The portion size was larger than expected - I want to say the snapper was 5 by 3 by 3 inches in volume. The cabbage was great too - it comes with apples, chermoula, and parmesan cheese, which sounds like a slightly weird combination, but actually works well.

The highlight, for me at least, was the dessert - we got the "olive oil", which turns out to be a ribbon of olive oil mixed with white chocolate, with dabs of whipped goat cheese frosting and nasturtium cream, and a scoop of grape fruit gelato. The chocolate olive oil ribbon alone is a bit much, but perfect when paired with the goat cheese and nasturtium, which both cut the sweetness a bit. On the whole, the dessert was well-balanced - unsurprising as Melissa Chou is the pastry chef here. I wouldn't mind just going back for the desserts :)

Has anyone else tried this place? Would be curious to see what others think.

Crystal Jade, Embarcadero Center, San Francisco.

"Nearby Yank Sing has nothing to worry about."

Laughable... is he on crack? They may have nothing to worry about, but it's certainly not because their food is better...

Nico [San Francisco]

Ha, maybe they should hire me instead - I'll work for less ;)

Nico [San Francisco]

I've seen some mentions of Nico, but it doesn't seem to have a dedicated thread, so I wanted to start one.

They recently changed their menu format to a 5-course pre-fixe with an option to reduce to 3 courses (of your choosing). They prefer to keep the menu a secret, but they'll let you see it if you prefer.

First course - scallops
Second course - celery root
Third course - trout
Fourth course - duck
Fifth course - citrus with goat cheese sorbet

I really liked courses 1-3 - the trout in particular, was cooked to perfection. I'm not a huge fan of rare duck in general (fully cooked duck is so much better, in my opinion), so I'm not really qualified to judge on the 4th course. Dessert, the 5th course, was pretty fun although a little too sweet to my liking.

In any event, I think it's a steal for what they offer - $55 for the 5 courses. And we got a nice salted caramel with the check. The place was only 75% full on a Saturday night when I went - not sure why!

Pacific Heights and Marina District recommendations please [San Francisco]

I enjoyed my last meal at Nico a lot.

Hakkasan. [San Francisco]

I think if you look on review sites, some of the photos are of the menus (with prices). They have a 3 course pre-fixe lunch for $29 if that helps give an idea.

Favorite Ice Cream 2014

Their Turkish coffee ice cream has a great flavor to it... personally I'd prefer it without the hard specks of coffee bean though ;)

Their chocolate covered strawberry flavor is my favorite.

Favorite Ice Cream 2014


best dim sum Bay Area, late 2014?

Based on my visits, I'd say the best would be Crystal Jade and Hakkasan (though both suffer from a small selection). Sorry, I know you said you wanted cheaper places, but I'd rank those places at the top based on food :)

They'd be followed by Koi Palace. The last couple times I've been to Yank Sing were pretty disappointing. I agree, I think HKFL has gone a bit down hill - Zen Peninsula I think went down hill a bit, then went back up, not sure where it is now. There's a lot of decent places, but no where else that I think would deserve the title of an unqualified "best" since nothing there really blows your mind (at least they don't for me).

As far as best cheap dimsum places, I would agree with East Ocean - the view is good and the food is reliable. The Kitchen is good too as has been mentioned. Hong Kong Lounge in SF (not to be confused with Hong Kong Flower Lounge) is also decent, as was Dynasty in Cupertino (at least it was a couple years ago).

Crystal Jade, Embarcadero Center, San Francisco.

I like Koi Palace a lot, but definitely did not feel that the food at Crystal Jade was inferior to Koi Palace, if you don't take price into account. If anything, Koi Palace is a bit greasier. Not that grease is inherently bad, but it can be a crutch.

But I mostly tried the dim sum items, for which I felt it was obviously superior. Maybe the story is different with the BBQ items.

Crystal Jade, Embarcadero Center, San Francisco.

Tried it out this weekend - some thoughts:

* Beef cheong fun - this one was a surprise in that the beef was not the normal minced beef, but actually thin slices of solid meat. Not traditional, but I far prefer it - you can just tell the meat quality is better.

* Roast pork cheong - along the same lines, the quality of the meat was much better than other renditions I've had (no chewy bits). The noodle was decent quality too - I've had better, but only in Guangzhou.

* XLB - these were great, can't really say anything that hasn't already been said. Clearly more authentic than DTF (at least the one in Bellevue).

* Nuo mi zi (chicken with sticky rice in a bamboo leaf) - the filling was chicken, with mushroom and salted duck egg. The portions are pretty small, but I actually think the amount of meat / mushroom / egg they give you is perhaps almost equivalent to other places - they just put proportionately a lot less rice (which is fine by me). Tasted pretty good, but not too remarkable other than the quality of the ingredients. There is no dried shrimp, which I was totally fine with since I don't like them anyways.

* Shao Mai - these were just ok in my opinion, nothing special, but nothing wrong either.

* Satay skewers (beef and pork) - not traditional dimsum obviously, but pretty good. Juicy and tender - not dry at all, as some skewers tend to get.

* Pumpkin red bean dessert - don't remember much by way of specifics, but this was pretty tasty. I regretted not ordering the combo with the mochi, since we then could have tried two items for just $1 more.

The service was alright - nothing went wrong (probably worked out a lot of the kinks that others noticed earlier on), although I do think it needs more polish to compete at the level they're going for. I think they'll get there though.

The total bill for two people at lunch was $60 pre-tax, which I don't find unreasonable at all for lunch at an upscale restaurant.

I'll definitely be back - I'm personally very happy that there's a new upscale Chinese dining option to join Hakkasan. The unfortunate thing about Chinese food in the US is that the restaurants have traditionally been at the lower price points due to historical circumstances, so a lot of people affiliate Chinese food with low quality ingredients. Hopefully new restaurants like this change that perception!

Crystal Jade, Embarcadero Center, San Francisco.

I understand it's expensive and the portions may be small, but can you really say that Koi Palace has better *quality* ingredients with a straight face?

Need to find green bananas in Bay area!!

That's funny - the bananas I see at the Redwood City and Mountain View Costcos are super green. To the point where I never buy them!

Panda Dumpling in Redwood City

Yea, I was surprised it lasted that long too... seems like they were never able to get traction when they opened, which is sort of a death spiral.

Crystal Jade [San Francisco]

Anyone check it out yet?