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Where can I buy Vanilla Beans?

How quickly do you need them? I know Kalustyan's has them and pretty sure Fairway does too. But if you can wait a few days, I get them for dirt cheap on eBay (I know, I know!) at Vanilla Products USA.

about 23 hours ago
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

Dilemma: What to do food-wise, arriving Paris 9e late afternoon on 24 Dec

We have spent 3 recent Christmases in Paris, and while a lot of restaurants are closed, a surprising amount of (good) ones are open. Check Paris by Mouth closer to the holiday for guides to what will be open.

1 day ago
chompchomp in France

Xi'an Famous Foods (Greenpoint)

I've found it to be sub-par, with gristly, greasy meat and noodles, but curious what others think.

1 day ago
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

Delaware and Hudson - Patti Jackson in Williamsburg

Went last night and had a very fine meal. Why isn't this place mobbed?

The group appetizers (pretzel rolls, bluefish pate, green tomato pie, shrimp and fresh corn fritter, pork belly with green beans, and lamb sausage) were almost uniformly outstanding. The pasta, which I feared would be huge, was a few extraordinary bites of fresh spaghetti with heirloom tomatoes and basil. I would say the mains weren't as up to par as the other offerings - I had the pork tenderloin, which was good, not great, with underseasoned vegetables and my husband had the fish, also with underseasoned vegetables. The desserts were delicious tiny bites of summer -- a shortbread biscuit with peaches and cream and a berry panna cotta, followed by some simple and elegant mignardises.

Service was thoughtful and polite and envions simple and comfortable.

For $54 prix fixe, I found it to be a tremendous value. Highly recommended!

2 days ago
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

New Beta Format

yes!!!! You can opt out. I can't ever remember being so appalled by a re-design.

Unique NYC bakeries

Mille crepe cake at Lady M, mervilleux at Aux Mervielleux au Fred, pretzel croissant at City a Bakery.

Sep 01, 2015
chompchomp in Manhattan

Best Cheap Eats 2015

Went to Goa Tacos a few weeks ago and thought it was great!

Aug 07, 2015
chompchomp in Manhattan

Best wurst?


Aug 06, 2015
chompchomp in Manhattan

HOLES IN THE WALL - Bologna, Napoli, Torino!

We really like Drogheria Della Rosa in Bologna:

Aug 05, 2015
chompchomp in Italy

Anniversary Dinner on the LES or EV


Aug 04, 2015
chompchomp in Manhattan

The Food Lab Video Series

Unfortunately, probably not. You?

Jul 23, 2015
chompchomp in Food Media & News

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Actually, they did a big renovation to make it better for eating there:

Jul 03, 2015
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

HELP! ideas for restaurant for gift certificate


Jul 02, 2015
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

Penn Station - Sushi

Jun 17, 2015
chompchomp in Manhattan

Gluten-free friendly bakeries in Brooklyn

Ovenly in Greenpoint

Jun 13, 2015
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

Round out my Atlantic Ave run

Sahadi's will make pretty decent party platters, which could help you a lot. I tried ordering in person, which didn't really work -- just get them on the phone and they'll help you!

May 19, 2015
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn (Breukelen) Colony Rocks my world!!

ha! If you weren't a regular and respected poster, I would have taken this as a shill...
Glad it was amazing! Would love to know more about the food.

May 18, 2015
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

Antica Pesa

May 06, 2015
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

Sfoglini pasta

Ugh, we really don't like it. All the varieties we've tried have been consistently flavorless and under salted.

Apr 30, 2015
chompchomp in Manhattan

What's good at Kung Fu besides the XLB

We found their pan-fried noodles to be crazy greasy (but maybe that's the point?)...

Apr 08, 2015
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao (Flushing)....Any Better Successors?

I like the irony of howdini asking what kind of magic this is...:)

Lunch recommendation for Chelsea Market?

I fourth it.

Mar 29, 2015
chompchomp in Manhattan

Rec for business dinner in Brooklyn?

Reynard? Glasserie?

Mar 29, 2015
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

Easter Sunday Brunch in Williamsburg

Perhaps Allswell? That might be nice as they have very good food take rezzies -- many other great places in Williamsburg do not.

Mar 26, 2015
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

Where to eat and drink to feel like you're in New York?

good list! Essex Street Market is sort of dead, sadly. Chelsea Market is much more happenin.' I would add Maison Premiere in Williamsburg to the oyster list and Bedford Cheese Shop to the cheese list. For fried chicken, Pies n Thighs is very good. For high end traditional, add Gramercy Tavern. For "street food" you will find better luck in food trucks. Finally, I'd add sandwiches as a category -- Num Pang, Despana, Parisi and Meat Hook Sandwich all have great, interesting sandwiches.

Mar 26, 2015
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

Wells' EMP review

It read pretty underwhelmed for the 4 stars he gave it. I have reservations there in a few weeks and the review leaves me with frankly no idea what to expect.

Mar 18, 2015
chompchomp in Manhattan

Lunch in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill/Downtown Brooklyn

Mile End!

Mar 14, 2015
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

Inferior chicken breasts

yeah, unfortunately, buy cheap, get cheap.

Feb 09, 2015
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

Williamsburg, BK- the hipster diaries


Jan 18, 2015
chompchomp in Outer Boroughs

Ess-a-bagel sayonara?

say it ain't so!

Jan 16, 2015
chompchomp in Manhattan