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What Is Your Most Elegant Yet Inexpensive Homemade Dish?

Years later -- I second Creme Brulee and add...

Sussex Stewed steak - it's wonderful and it's just chuck, onions, beer and whatever you choose to add. Chuck is the best meat to use. Serve with mashed potatoes or egg noodles. Why is it elegant? Amazing flavor. Buy the chuck on sale. Mushrooms a good addition. Everyone is happy when they eat it.

(angus) beef heart stew - use whatever mushrooms, onions, carrots, thyme and serve with rice, noodles, potatoes. Elegant? Again, the rich flavor. Delicious, very cheap, and healthy too. I use whatever red wine or beer is around that needs to be used up.

May 06, 2014
cmc2 in Home Cooking

Quintessential Dining Spots for a First-Timer in Manhattan


It's been a while since I hung in nyc where I grew up - but a couple of places always come to mind...
Yelp is a good place to look
Mamoun's felafel
Cuban food in chelsea - you could check yelp for a really good cuban place
I always check Cafe Reggio's in Greenwich Village (close to Mamoun's) for the expresso or cappuccino and cannoli.
Also, Hungarian pastry Shop up by Cathedral of St. John's
W 110th area) - also worth a visit.
China Town has some great Chinese and there is a great southern place up at Cathedral Parkway area /cent. part as well (forget name.) Betty's? A woman's name I think.

Indian restaurants on E. 6. Used to go to Benito's (Italian) and liked that a lot.

For Pricey - cafe des artistes, that newe scandinavian place - akavit? -

Queens, I think has some newer great ethnic restaurants.

Apr 03, 2014
cmc2 in Manhattan

What makes your pumpkin pie delicious?

fresh ginger, great custard.

Sep 20, 2013
cmc2 in Home Cooking

Lunch, brookline area, sit and chat?

matt Murphy's. Great amazing Irish food - the brown bread is to die for as are the soups, plowman's lunch, etc.

I am less crazy about the fish and chips there.

Sep 13, 2013
cmc2 in Greater Boston Area

Best GF spaghetti?

I like Bionature gluten-free. I have gotten it at stop and shop as well as healthier food type stores. Sometimes it is on sale.
It will be a great day when one finds it at ocean state job-lot.

I also like (but it's pricey and harder to find) all buckwheat noodles.

Sep 07, 2013
cmc2 in Special Diets

How do you poach an egg?

I always wondered what that was. (Fish Turner). Now that you told me, I get it! I think I might get one. Thank you.

Aug 30, 2013
cmc2 in Home Cooking

What would you bring home from Vienna/Prague/Budapest as gifts??

budapest - wine! but do your research. Or an assortment of paprikas.

Jul 12, 2013
cmc2 in Europe

Hiding vegetables from a 5yo

As an x- child day care cook and a current public school educator who has worked with some pretty difficult kids...and also a (still) picky eater -- here's my 2 cents.

If he says he only eats peas and corn say That's right, you only eat peas and corn, then something like, so now that we know that, would you just taste this? then get back to your peas and corn. You are not eating it, just tasting it. You could serve it - just a taste - at a peas and corn meal. the main thing for him is that he is HEARD. Once kids feel they are heard they start to relax and can become more willing to accomodate you. HUMOR is a great strategy. But I would be careful not to make these conversations the focus of the meal. Another way is the reverse psychology thing - drop it. Serve him what he likes and serve yourself what you like and don't slave over meals and get disappointed. Life is too short.. no comment when you serve the 2 different eating options. Just serve and eat. with the stress off, he may come round (eventually)

I was a picky eater. There were 10 thousand things I did not eat including pizza and potatoes. One day, a baked potato smelled so good, I decided to try it, and now potatoes are one of my fave foods - and i eat them with broccoli, spinach, etc., and many more things now also.

Another idea is to have a kid friend over and serve you and him green veg or what ever and your kid...peas and a very matter of fact way. the more you try to entice, the more he will resist.

The one thing my mother did require of me, though was to deal with food issues politely when at other people's homes. this meant i had to speak up nicely and ask for a pb and j if i saw there were going to be things i did not like, or just eat what I could and not complain, etc. Luckily, I drank milk, and that would always save me.

On a food strategy note - don't ask me why, but the kids I cooked for LOVED my chinese hot and sour soup that had tofu and spinach in it (was it the sesame oli i added?) and my tiny flounder florentines. I still also learned how to cook a lot of things i will not eat. peanut butter sauces - gado gado or dan dan type sauces were popular too.

Good luck with all that, but as some earlier people commented -- it gets better. Another involve -in-the food strategy is to start educating aloud (musing/conversational style) on the nutrients provided by different foods and what they do for the body. your starting point, of course...peas and CORN!!! Peas and corn and the PILGRIMS. hmmmmm

I had several events where adults tried to force me to eat foods i hated. None of these went well, and i still remember them.

if as a good cook, you just NEED to cook and try things, you might try Chinese artifice cooking - cook broccoli so that it looks like peas for example. Don't try to trick him, but more, put it on the track of something he can tolerate - visually and palate -wise. If he eats potatoes 9sort of), could you make a broccoli/potato (carrot) mash that could be made into pea shapes( or peas, potato brocc mash) and - serves it say as something like..broccoli in the style of peas, or imitation peas, or ....have him help you name it...and yes, use something to get the strong or bitter taste of the broccoli out.. maybe cook it in milk (that sweetens it). then mash up with potato or peas or brocc mashed into corn flour and egg - sort of like a dumpling?, then roll into pea balls...or use a less aversive veg - spinach? parsley/potato peas - fried, perhaps?

from a fellow (gourmet) picky eater and excellent cook.

let us know how it goes!

Jun 25, 2013
cmc2 in Home Cooking

The Best New England Ice Cream Journey

Bliss creamery ginger icecream in attleboro is amazing. now i have to try walpole's ginger!

Feb 01, 2013
cmc2 in All New England Archive

rowan jelly - substitution ideas?

Use Lingonberry. You might make your own cranberry sauce (less sweet than usual) and use that. You could also use bar-le-duc - also eaten with game.

I would keep life simple and use lingonberry - a bit bitter/tart or do something with cranberries.
Red currants or red currant jelly is another option but that is probably sweeter. If you can buy red currants fresh (pricey) you could always make something.

You could also consider some kind of rhubarb chutney - and make it not sweet. That could be great also.

You might also consider beach plum jelly - especially if you can get some that is not very sweet. (depends on the maker) Green Briar jam Kitchen in sandwhiich ma makes this - it is a little sweet - but so delicious.

Please post what you decid. I am curious.

Dec 18, 2012
cmc2 in Home Cooking

Any Marrow Lovers??

I love to make soup dumplings or matzoh balls with marrow. Delicious!

I also really like marrow on crackers with a squeeze of lemon and salt.

Oct 07, 2012
cmc2 in General Topics

Tricks for Silky-Smooth Hummus

BTW Chana (also known as Gramm bengal - I think - or desi) is a different bean - related to chicpeas. It is Low glycemic - which is wonderful for some of us! But the bean has a very dark skin when not split and skinned. I think sometimes they are called black chicpeas as well. Channa is what is used to make Channa dal (which most people think is made from yellow split peas.)

Jul 06, 2012
cmc2 in Features

Tricks for Silky-Smooth Hummus

What's the best order of mixing for the vitamix hummous?

Jul 06, 2012
cmc2 in Features

ISO: Licorice Sold Years Ago

There is a discussion of called bowser closing with an alternate licorice toffee mentioned as just as food online somewhere. I now remembering black and silver striped paper on the bias.

Jan 17, 2012
cmc2 in Greater Boston Area

ISO: Licorice Sold Years Ago

I know what you mean. Silver box a bit like cigarettes? Cahill as a name comes to mind and I have seen them. If it's not Cahill I will remember soon. I think they are English.

Better -- callard and bowser

Jan 17, 2012
cmc2 in Greater Boston Area