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"Asian Tapas" in Irvine?

in terms of asian "tapas", my favorite is still nesai in newport beach

"Asian Tapas" in Irvine?

i love formosa restaurant in lake forest, since they have dishes similar to what I like to get when in taiwan....

bean curd and shredded pork, mustard green and pork noodle soup, beef noodle soup, chinese bbq beef and green veggies

Cantonese/Orange county

at least fu wing low's still around

Opinions about Sprouts

seems simliar to henry's

i think the famers direct on 17th seems cheaper and it might just be me, but a bit fresher

LA Pizza; But what about Orange County ???

my favorites:

woodfired pizza - nicks in costa mesa on harbor blvd
deep dish or stuft pizza - tony's little italy in placentia
dirt cheap pizza - laventina's in newport beach

honorable mention - italian cravings in huntington beach

still working my way through OC pizza places...
pizza d'oro (costa mesa, FV, HB) - while the giant slice is a nice novelty, pizzas are good, but not my favorite... much prefered over all the chain places though

roma d'italia (tustin) - thought it was alright, nothign special though... a little greasier than I like

sabatino's (newport) - i liked it, but i thought it was a bit pricey for pizza...

haus of pizza, hotties pizza, oc pizza (all in cost a mesa) - i feel the same way about them as i do sabatino's

soprano's in costa mesa - only had pizza there once, so I don't think I can form a full opinon on it yet... still need to go back

same with napa valley pizza

gina's in irvine - i remember going there (i forget what it was called way back in the day) when i first got to southern california... pizza wasn't great, but collecting box tops for free pizza was always good for a poor college student...

peppino's in lake forest - i kind of feel the same way about this place as i do pizza d'oro... not bad, but not great.

z pizza, bj's, pizza hut, little ceasars, dominos, papa johns, etc - i'll go to costco before those places

taiwanese shaved ice (w/ black jelly, taro balls, etc)

went there over the weekend... wasn't impressed :(

I could have had the same results buying canned red bean and other toppings at ranch 99 :(

taiwanese shaved ice (w/ black jelly, taro balls, etc)

thanks! I'll check it out on my lunch break tomorrow...

taiwanese shaved ice (w/ black jelly, taro balls, etc)

lemon or aiyu jelly?

taiwanese shaved ice (w/ black jelly, taro balls, etc)

since i went back last, i've been trying to find a place around LA/OC that has shaved ice with all the trimmings :(

the closest I've found is little bean in rowland heights, but I don't think their taro balls and sweet potato balls are very good.. too soft...

i'd prefer to find something in OC, but haven't found anything suitable yet... don't like the fruity styles they have at macchiato and milk & honey