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Need help identifying hammered copper pots with brass rooster finial and turned molded cast iron handles

I have the opportunity to purchase a: "copper 6-piece cooking pot set 4,5,6,7,8,9" with cast iron handles from France" and know nothing about it other than the photo and what is in quotes. I realize that there isn't much to go on but I was hoping that someone could help and shed some light?

Oct 25, 2010
live4food in Cookware

"Lesser Cuisine" (Ottawa)

For ages now I have been enjoying an Salvadoran restaurant called La Cabana Restaurant (848 Merivale Rd 613- 724-7762) with a connected store called La Tienda. Pupusas, tamales, fried yucca and plantains with crema and all sorts of other goodies. YUMMM!!!

Favorite places to eat

I am so excited and actually at time giddy about experiencing/eating my way through the night market! Then I got a bit confused as I found two.

- Vancouver Chinatown Night Market (Keefer St. / Main St. b/t Main & Columbia) Fri-Sat-Sun 6:30PM-11PM
- Summer Night Market in Richmond - 10-acre site located at 12631 Vulcan Way (behind Home Depot on Sweden Way) Fri & Sat 7PM-1AM Sun 7PM-12AM (Holiday Sun: 7PM-1AM / Holiday Mon 7PM-12AM)

Is it a case of it moving to another location or is there actually two of them? (I know this probably sounds ignorant of the area but I am.) I would like to ask everyone if they have a preference between them? Also any recommendations for things to look for?

Favorite places to eat

How does one hook up with undergound places in Van?

Favorite places to eat

I am using your posts to create a list that will reside on my laptop's Outlook and sync with my phone for easy access while out and about. I also may be making a goodgle map to help plot locations.

We leave for BC on August 21st and return September 6th. Still not sure when we'll be in which city but I am thinking Victoria might be the latter part of the trip. So, if you think of any places or know of events that will be happening please share as I will be checking in.

Thanks again for your input.

Favorite places to eat

My guy and I watch all sorts of food TV, love to cook and of course eat. We are not chefs but we are cooks who geek out, sometimes to extremes. We make most things from scratch, don't mind the work and tend to spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. It isn't unusual for us to make yogurt, cook BBQ Southern style for 10+ hours, bake bread, crackers, make fresh cheeses, pastas, pizzas, we roast & grind our own spices, and can all sorts of seasonal preserves.

When left to his own devices he will play and get quite absorbed. I often bug him about taking it too far and joke about a much earlier time in our relationship when I was impressed when he made own mayo to prove a point, to which he usually counters by ribbing me about the first time I made butter. :)

Sourcing local/semi local ingredients are a passion for us. We enjoy building relationships and know where much of our food comes from and how it is minimally processed. Farmer's markets are a regular staple in our lives. We found a guy who grows and will grind and sift various grains to order and the flavour is intense! The cultivated mushrooms guy's name is Christoff, our butcher friends are Ryan and Kyle, I am starting to learn how to find wild edibles from Cheryl, favorite pork place is being debated between Pork of Yore's as Berkshire and Upper Canada Heritage Farms' Large Black Pigs but hey are both are very tasty...

Ye-gads after seeing that typed out in front of me I realize we're such dorks. Why am I telling you this? Because often times people look for recommendations and you have no idea where they are coming from or what they're about. I find this makes it hard to know what they are looking for.

All that being said we love to eat but are definitely not food snobs. The great hole in the wall joints, cheap eats and places on the fringes are passions of ours and finding them is better than gold. Our favorite finds always include situations where the chefs / owners / workers make their food with pride and love. Eating where this is not present is disappointing and leaves us wishing we had not spent the $ and just cooked for ourselves. (Foodies' curse?)

Legislation out here is as such that there isn't much in the way of street food out here but it does intrigue us and we do want to experience more of it. Please point us in the right direction!

I am especially interested in hearing about where chefs would spend their hard earned dollars to go and eat. Places and dishes you have food dreams about and simply must return to. Frugal indulgences? Musts in culinary experiences? Underground food scene? Please share.

We'll be in BC August 28th through September 6th, splitting our time between Vancouver and Victoria. Will have access to a car and are also hoping for a side trip to the Okanagan.

Thank you for reading this longer than intended post and I thank you in advance for sharing your gems with us.

Visiting Toronto - Must-Try Restaurants?

I don't mean to be critical but when stating things like this could you please give more specific information? with a name like Traditional Korean Restaurant all sorts of hits come up and Yonge Street was formerly listed as the longest street in the world and there are 11 LCBO stores on Yonge Street.

"Lesser Cuisine" (Ottawa)

There is a new Mexican food place "coming soon" in the area of the market. Its in the less trendy and slightly more sketchy area (not that any area really is that bad in Ottawa) . I passed by it a few days back and need to try and remember its exactly location. I think it was by a carribean place and not far from the funky looking Russian place that I still have yet to make it to. I will try and get more details as soon as I can.

Getting Advice from Waiters

My guy often asks the waiter on the QT when I've gone to the washroom, quietly as if it were a secret or an inside tip or sometimes jokingly with me there as a funny/amusement.
What would you order to impress or better still, seduce a lady who really loves food? (He often smiles at me then and or winks at the staffer.) So what tastes really good or what would you order for yourself?

Body language and/or enthusiasm/attitude of the reaction and response always come into play.

Other things I've been known to say;
"This is my first time here, and I'd really like to try some dishes that you make that I can't find easily at other places."

Jan 31, 2007
live4food in General Topics

"Lesser Cuisine" (Ottawa)

After remarking on and admiring their very retro sign for ages, I have finally eaten at my local greasy spoon diner, "Mellos" on Dalhousie by the market. Its been there forever everything is worn and what you'd expect to see in a ma and pa greasy spoon, joint. The staff are friendly and seem to remeber you after a few visits. There is a huge specials board on the back wall. Nothig trendy or fancy, just good honest food.

Oh, and I think they may have Coney's - just ask.
The kitchen is open, you can watch them prepping your food and its homey, down to earth and comfort food seems to be the thing. The clientel and cooks from night and day are quite different - its quite entertaining.

"Lesser Cuisine" (Ottawa)

Reporting back: re: houseofpizza's burrito. It was a pain in the ass to get to... waited quite a while for them to make the food, its delivery and a take out counter with no place to sit to eat or to sit to wait. The container was big and the portion the same but the burrito itself aboslutely SUCKED! I wanted to cry. IMHO it wasn't a burrito at all. Green peppers in a burrito?!?! No bean. No rice nothing traditionally actually in a burrito. Taste=Italian (yes, I know the name looks Italian and but there were many mexican dishes on the menu, so I thought It might be OK. I was wrong.)

"Lesser Cuisine" (Ottawa)

Yes I know about Ahora and no I am not looking for a $$$ trendy place I've been looking for a down home Taquetaria or a family hole in the wall place where the food is not necessacarily pretty, theres no freaking 'gringo kitch' just good food cheap. (One of the few things I miss about going stateside but they also had in Toronto but I have yet to find in Ottawa.)

I stumbled across this and I craving burritos etc. and have been for ages. I have no clue if its good or not but I want to try it out. If you've eaten there please share your experience. I take transit places and my not get to it for a bit so if your craving is strong pleaset try it out and let us know.

Around Ottawa: Recommendations

Mariposa Duck Farm (yes, the same one who's products you can find locally all over.
)For Sunday lunch only and you really do need to call for a reservation. Table d'hôte: 30 $/person + taxes
or à la carte. Choice between three entrées (always Foie Gras on the menu), three main courses (always duck or goose on the menu),
two desserts or a cheese plate. Home-baked bread, tea and coffee included.

They just got a new chef and I am not sure what he's like but I haven't been dissapointed going there yet. Tell Suzanne (who is usually the one who takes your order) that Jody the short red-head send you.

Oh, also on of their eariler chefs (Bruce T. Wood, who I think is now at Urban Element) is doing 2 cooking workshops coming up:

Registration fee for each is: $ 50 per person and it includes:
cookies, coffee and juice to start the day, cooking demonstration and written recipes, delicious lunch served with a glass of wine and taxes.

Food storage containers

I agree with FlavoursGal about storing hot foods in plastic it does become a breeding ground for ickies. What I usually do is transfer the soup out of the hot pot I used to cook it in and into a thin, cool, metal bowl, and dunk the bowl into an ice or cold water bath in the sink. Stiring also helps to get the temperature out of the danger zone fast and helps cool the mixture so that you can put it away into plastic.

Lately I've been using Ziploc's Twist ’n Loc Containers . They're relatively inexpensive so you can replace them if you lose them, if the plastic looks like its degrading. Reheats great for lunches and freezes well. I also feel confidant enough in their ability not to leak that I often will take a small container of soup and put it in my purse.

Oct 27, 2006
live4food in Cookware

How far would you drive for good chow within Ontario?

fickle: ditto on the Dino BBQ (have been to Sryacuse and LOVE IT but not been to the closer Rochester location), bagels etc.

Have you tried El Trompo - 277 Augusta Avenue, in the Kensington Market area? It might save you the 5 hour flight. Mind you, its likely different and good but less $$$ as its in CAD and theres no flight involved. Very worth a try and I adore one of the ladies who works there and I believe is the owner. After going there a few times she recognised me, remembered my request for her to try speaking a bit of spanish and when I said I wanted to learn how to make some of the food, she said she'd love to teach me but to come during a time that wasn't too busy and made suggestions. Such a sweetie. They server Horchata and a Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus Flowers) and a few other fun bevvies.

Ribs at the Bar-B-Barn

Other somewhat close to Toronto BBQ joints more than worthy of note and well worth a jaunt:

Paris, ON: Camp 31
Barrie, ON: Mike Love's Barbeque & Smokehouse

Prince Edward County - Top 3

I can't beleive I forgot about the horseraddish cheddar... now I am drooling for a "big fat juicy burgers with a hunk of horseradish cheddar". *sigh*

Brazilian BBQ in Montreal? [Split from Ontario board]

I've moved to Ottawa and Montreal is closer to me now. Could you please share the info (name/website/location etc) on the place in Montreal. It might be fun to go on an excursion.

Ottawa - Lansdowne Farmer's market

Didn't go to the first one but I have been there a few weekends.
Its worth going.

Looking for some Ottawa suggestions

Re: Screech try checking the LCBO website:
SCREECH LCBO 4622 | 750 mL bottle
Note: when you find it on the site you can check for availability.

Ottawa Cajun?

From the above post: (note: there are 2 Ottawa locations... the one on Elgin can be a bit of a party atmosphere as its on the main drag - but then again it might get you into the spirit of the experience?

Theres also Fat Tuesdays in the Byward. Been there once but only for drinks and apps. The overall experince was positive and had a good time. The courtyard out back reminds me a bit of Pat O's in NOLA. I think thats what they were going for as the dualing pianos remind me of there too. I think its worth a try.

Bar-B-Barn [split from Ontario]

Went to the Bar-B-Barn last night. I liked the fact that the menue was simple and didn't try to do too many things. Stick to a few things and do them well is always a good thing to see on a menu.

The atmosphere was cool and I liked that the place was steeped in tradition for many people and seemed it. The place's own cocktail was nice and refreshing and I really liked it. It kinda reminded me of a more tart version of a Hurricane. Aside from that, I just didn't think the food was that special. I had a combo platter so I could taste as much as possible.

Honestly the chicken was typical. The skin looked like rotissery but there was no BBQ flavor to speak of in the meat. Sadly, I think I prefer St. Huberts then perhaps Chalet Suisse over theirs. It left me longing for Toronto's George's Deli & BBQ or Churrasco's Chicken in the St. Larence Market or a Nando's Chicken. For me these were not only nothing to write home about, they were dissapointing.

My S.O. was very critical of the ribs as he's usually the one who mans the BBQ here and works on it to perfect his version of southern style ribs. I was hoping for slow cooked BBQ ribs... these were way too fatty to have been slow cooked. My S.O. commented that it was like a bad version of an oriental BBQ rib. I disagree as with that dish you can still taste the food and this was like they had slopped on more and more of this sweet stuff to glaze them and it became overpoweringly sweet and the taste of the meat was lost.

To go on the ketchup based sauce for the chicken needed tweaking it was very basic and we feel it needed more full/roundness it was a decent starting point/base but still too close to its origins and was just a tangy ketchup. The saucy rice thing was just plain awful and I had no clue why an individual chala roll made its way to a BBQ place (I just didn't 'get it'). I found myself wishing for some coleslaw, beans and a biscuit or some corn bread or even a rustic loaf slice of sorts. Mebbe corn on the cob (in season) or something else other than the sad, likely frozen onion rings of little distinction. (I guess it was too much to assume that with such a small menu these would have been hand cut and battered yummies. *shrugs*)

It was definately not what I would have expected at a BBQ place, especially one that says "Home of the world's greatest spare ribs and chicken." Everyone is entitled to an opinion... I just don't disagree.

Me I wish I had saved the $ and tried eating something that was more "Montreal". I felt gyped being in such an incredible food city and having such mediocre food. I am guessing that if/when the starter of this thread went to Phil's Original BBQ she was hopefully pleasantly surprised.

Dante's Pizza - Thornhill

They actually sell the sauce bottled. from their menu: "Litre Tomato Sauce" $6.75. Whenever I am there I try and get one... its just too good to pass up.

Dante's Pizza - Thornhill

According to their website ( posted earlier in this thread, yes.

Prince Edward County - Top 3

Vikies Veggies is one of my faves out there! Sept. 2 & 3 is their "Heirloom Hurrah", Tomato Tasting of about 50 Varieties
Vicki's Veggies - 81 Morrison Point Rd. Milford ON, K0K 2P0 (613) 476-7241.

Also, after a bit of a drive further downt he road, I discovered that Pat`s Jams & Crafts. Pat sells jams that are very good and its Vikie's Mom, so you know the produce is terriffic! Point of interest; she also makes some diabetic friendly varieties and I'd recommend the Blue Rasberry and the Gem Jam.
Pat`s Jams & Crafts - 113 Morrison Point Rd. R.R. #2 Milford, ON K0K-2P0 (613)476-6929

A great web resource for the area: & it has links to many websites for places already mentioned & .

Other outings from past trips that I'd recomend hitting:

Black River Cheese Company
(Its something I usually pass on the way to/from Vikies. They have samples so you can try and take home... I recommend bringing a cooler. Also they usually have fresh curds in different varieties. If memory serves me correctly Sundays they have garlic curds. Yum! A soft serve ice cream is also great for cooling off while wandering the countryside.
The County Cider Company & Estate Winery
(Staff are usually knowlegable, always friendly, you can sample and I usually end up going home with a bunch of hard cidars. Didn't realize they had food... now that I know, I'd recommend getting a snackie type platter and sit outside under the arbour and have a glass of something.


South Bay Ostrich Ranch

Yes, Aug 19-20 there is The Picton Garlic Festival ( that same weekend is also the Prince Edward County Jazz Festival ( Aug 17-20. Might be worth going back. :)

Calling Ottawa chowhounds...

re: Algonquin College, International Restaurant

How do you go about eating there? Reservations? I thought about trying to find out if they had a student restaurant but somehow got sidetracked and appreciated the reminder. BTW, how was your experience there?

Ottawa -- House of Spring Rolls

Dunno if this helps but I thought I'd post it anyways.

Springroll House Cafe
Tel: (613) 728-3544
1093 Wellington St
Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y4

Ribs at the Bar-B-Barn

Thank you for the heads up on the Bar-B-Barn in Montreal ( I've moved to Ottawa from Toronto and havne't found a BBQ place out here. We'll definately be making a trip there. Mind you my guy bought a Green Egg and has been slow cooking BBQ and has gotten damned good at it because of my and now our cravings. Woo Hoo! Short BBQ roadtrip!

brazillian BBQ, HELP

There is also one north of the city.

Carnaval Brazilian Grill
160 York Blvd.
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 1J8

Real Texas barbecue in Toronto?

I agree, Phil's Original BBQ is it! However I did recently find another place thats also kinda neat. The place is a bit out of town and its called: Haugen's Chicken & Ribs Barbeque ( Though their chicken didn't necessacarily rock my world the ribs were pretty good and the atmosphere definately reminds me of the south. If you're into classic cars or bikes, I'd rcommend going at least twice. Once on a regular night for a typical feel and once on their "crazy busy nights" where they have a Cruise-In ie/ Wednesday night Cars & Thursday nights bikes.